Aitor Murguzur

Aitor is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, working on Synapse Spark - Fabric. Before joining the Fabric CAT team, he had different roles outside/inside Microsoft all related to data analytics engineering/product management and expertise in the industry. He did his PhD in Computer Science related to dynamic context-aware workflows. Now, his research interests span a broad range of topics in the space of data-intensive and distributed systems, behavioral science, and AI. He also teach data systems in schools like MU or UPV/EHU.

Aitor Murguzur's Sessions

Flying High with Data Engineering in Microsoft FabricSQLBits 2024

In this session demo centric session we will walk through Data Engineering in Microsoft including: Getting started with Notebooks, Learning how Fabric Lakehouse's provides flexibility to use the tools you prefer, The flexibility of data engineering in Spark - including Cluster Configuration, Environments and Library Management and finally, How Copilot enables all developers to be more efficient with Spark.

Harnessing Data Science and AI in FabricSQLBits 2024

In this session you will learn about all the latest data science developments in Microsoft Fabric. We will show you how Fabric supports the end-to-end data science workflow and how we plan to evolve these capabilities. We will also look at exciting new AI capabilities including Copilot experiences and more!