Tejas Shah

Tejas is a principal program manager in Azure Data Platform team. He leads SQL Server on Linux and containers strategy across all versions. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering and 21 years of industry experience. He has been part of Microsoft for nearly 18 years. He works with several Tier 1 SQL Server customers and partners in the field to ensure successful implementation of the SQL Server database platform. He also works with many resources including support, field, MVPs and community to understand the product usage and get feedback from the engagements to drive improvements in the product. He has in-depth technical knowledge and experience of the SQL Server product spanning 10 versions of SQL Server including the latest release.

Tejas Shah's Sessions

Zero to Hero with SQL Server on Linux - DBA & DevelopersSQLBits 2024

This is a demo filled session where we talk about SQL Server on Linux. We start with basics like using Ansible scripts to deploy SQL Server on Linux, configure best practices to run SQL Server on Linux and also talk about advanced options like configuring performance best practices and HA/DR solutions for SQL Server. Finally, we will discuss the latest news about SQL Server on Linux coming hot from the Microsoft product team.

SQL Server Containers & Kubernetes - Going to Production!SQLBits 2024

Are you a Database Administrator, DevOps engineer, Cloud Architect or a Developer looking to modernize your data estate and build a true hybrid data estate that does not restrict your choice of deployment? Then this session is for you, learn how you can crawl, walk and run with SQL Server containers in Kubernetes!!

Meet the PG: SQL LeadershipSQLBits 2024

Come meet the leadership team for all things SQL Server & Azure SQL. Introduce yourself and ask questions - including Asad Khan, Sanjay Mishra, Muazma Zahid, Ajay Jagannathan, Joe Sack, Tejas Shah, Dhananjay Mahajan, Buck Woody, and more.

Meet the PG : SQL Server on Linux/ContainersSQLBits 2024

We are here to answer any questions that you might have about SQL Server on Linux/Containers or Kubernetes. If you have questions or you are inquisitive to know what's happening in the SQL on Linux side of the world we will be here to take your questions and try answering them.

Meet the PG: SQL Migration SQLBits 2024

Bring your migration challenges for a personalized discussion. Join us to share your thoughts and gain insights into the future of tech migrations. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and shape what's coming next. See you there