Prathyusha(Prathy) Kamasani

Prathy is a director at Avanade who specialises in Power BI and Azure data solutions. She loves working with Microsoft Fabric, a cutting-edge technology that lets her create custom and high-quality BI systems with the Microsoft BI platform. She cares about design and user experience, which makes her BI solutions look great and easy to use. She works with clients from various sectors and industries, helping them to make smarter decisions based on data. Prathy is also a keen BI community member, writing regularly at about Power BI and other BI topics. She likes to share what she knows and learns with other BI fans through her participation in the London Fabric User Group, and her talks at events like SQLBits, Microsoft Business Applications Summit, SQL Saturdays and Local User groups. She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, a prestigious award that acknowledges her contributions to the BI field.

Prathyusha(Prathy) Kamasani's Sessions

One dataset and three use cases with Microsoft FabricSQLBits 2024

Are you curious about how to leverage Open Data with Fabric? In this demo filled session, I will show you how I import World Bank Open Data into Fabric using different methods: Pipelines, Data factory Gen-II, Notebooks and a mix of all three. Then I will demonstrate how I do modelling using Warehouse, Power BI Dataset model and Notebooks. Finally, I will create stunning reports using Power BI. By the end of the session, attendees will get an idea of how each artifact would work, why one would use one over other artifacts, and understand how to create an end-to-end solution with Microsoft Fabric

Powering Up Your Power BI Development Workflow with Microsoft Fabric NotebooksSQLBits 2024

Are you excited about Microsoft Fabric and its Notebooks feature, but also feel overwhelmed by the different languages it supports, this session is for you. You will learn the basics of Python and Spark, and how to use Notebooks to write and run code. You will also discover how to leverage tools like CoPilot to assist you with code suggestions and corrections. Moreover, you will see how to use libraries like SemPy to enrich your Power BI development with advanced analytics. Join Prathy in this session and get ready to explore the possibilities of Notebooks in Microsoft Fabric.

Ask the Expert - Group A (Thu 14:10 to 15:00)SQLBits 2024

Come and see to some of our amazing speakers on one of these topics: 1. SQL and Databases: 2. Microsoft Fabric and Related Technologies: 3. Power BI and Data Visualization: 4. Azure and Cloud Technologies:

London Fabric User Group - SQL Bits Special - Ask Me Anything PanelSQLBits 2024

Ask Me Anything session for a panel made up of special guests including Microsoft product group, CAT team and MVPs. Join us and ask any questions regarding Microsoft fabric and Power BI

Demystifying Power BI Slicers and filtersSQLBits 2023

When it comes to Power BI Reports design, both slicers and filters have their own space and use cases. However, Slicers and filters are probably among the most frequently misused terms in Power BI design. In this session, we will start with what are Power BI Slicers and filters. What are the differences between and when to use what? We will investigate the pros and cons of each and how to get the best of both filters and slicers in Power BI. By the end of the session, attendees will get an overall view of Power BI slicers and filters in Power BI designing.

Power BI bookmarks in 20 minutesSQLBits 2022

In this 20 minute session, you will learn everything you need to know about bookmarks. We will start with creating your first bookmark to multiple bookmarks by understanding advanced settings that usually get overlooked. We will also look at how we can ease the design and Maintainance of bookmarks by using features like grouping, renaming, selection pane, and naming conventions. By the end of the session, you will learn to apply bookmarks like a pro!

Power BI Report design Tips and TricksSQLBits 2020

A demo's filled session packed with tips and tricks to show how to transform usual Power BI reports to stunning reports

Introduction to PowerApps and Integration with Power BISQLBits 2019

In this session, attendees learn about how to create PowerApps solutions, how to use PowerApps as data entry application for Power BI. How to integrate PowerApps in Power BI and Power BI in PowerApps.

Power BI deployment strategy for publishing and maintenanceSQLBits 2018

It takes minutes to create and share Power BI reports and users who has relevant Power BI access can do many things in the PBI service. In this session, Prathy will show how having a deployment strategy helps maintaining Power BI service.

Deep Dive into SSIDB CatalogSQLBits 2017

A session to understand the available functionality of SSISDB Catalog