Anthony Nocentino

Anthony Nocentino is an accomplished technology professional, author, and speaker with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He is now a Principal Field Solution Architect at Pure Storage. He is a Microsoft Data Platform and is recognized globally for his SQL Server, Kubernetes, and Public cloud infrastructure expertise. He is the author of several technical books and dozens of Pluralsight courses, including "SQL Server on Kubernetes" and "Azure Arc-enabled Data Services Revealed." Anthony has a Masters degree in Computer Science with research publications in high-performance/low-latency data access algorithms and spatial database systems. Anthony's passion for technology and ability to deliver engaging and informative presentations make him a sought-after conference speaker internationally at leading data and cloud conferences. Attendees can expect to leave their sessions with a deep understanding of the technology and practical tips for implementing those in their environments.

Anthony Nocentino's Sessions

Architecting for High Performance SQL Server on Virtual MachinesSQLBits 2023

Misconfigurations and default settings in your virtual machine base SQL Server environment can be causing you the performance issues you are having. Learn what you need to build to design and build a high performance virtual machine environment for your SQL Server.

Why is understanding Kubernetes important for your career as a Data Professional?SQLBits 2022

A panel discussion on why both - admins and developers - should understand the impacts and benefits of containerized applications.

Let's Talk Storage!SQLBits 2022

In this session, you will learn where data lives in a computer system, and the key performance metrics used to understand the health and performance of your storage subsystem.

The Cloud Never Goes Down, Right?SQLBits 2022

In this session, we'll set you on the right path towards high availability and disaster recovery for common data architectures in the cloud by the end of this session.

Deploying SQL Server in KubernetesSQLBits 2020

Are you thinking about running SQL Server in Kubernetes and don’t know where to start…are you wondering what you really need to know? Then this is the session for you.

Practical Container Scenarios in AzureSQLBits 2020

You’ve heard the buzz about containers and Kubernetes, now let’s start your journey towards rapidly deploying and scaling your container-based applications in Azure

Container questions that Andrew and Anthony DM each otherSQLBits 2020

A Q&A panel session with Andrew Pruski and Anthony Nocentino talking about all things containers! Hosted by Rob Sewell