Jerry Nixon

Jerry Nixon, an Engineer based in Colorado, is a Product Manager at Microsoft on the Azure Data Platform, focusing on SQL Developer Experiences. With more than two decades of experience, he excels in developing, designing, and delivering software. He's spoken at tiny venues and giant launch events. He's trained thousands of developers. Jerry is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Colorado Christian University in Denver. As a seasoned author and creator, he hosts shows like Open at Microsoft, DevRadio, and SQL Tips for Developers. He also trains in public speaking. Advocating for users and clean, maintainable code, Jerry's core passions lie in accessible design, data engineering, and plain-ole software development. Throughout his tenure at Microsoft, Jerry has collaborated closely with flagship product teams. He has a deep history of field engineering for Microsoft's largest customers and craziest products. While most of his days revolve around Outlook, Visual Studio, and online Docs, what he enjoys most is teaching his three beautiful daughters Star Trek character backstories and episode plots.

Jerry Nixon's Sessions

Workflows of Highly Functional App & Data Engineering TeamsSQLBits 2024

Explore best practices in enterprise data engineering, focusing on Schema Management, Standards Enforcement, Database Testing, & Automated Deployment. Navigate Microsoft's complex options to achieve change management, observability, & quality at scale. Goals: Master schema control, ensure engineering quality, & streamline delivery through automation.

SQL DB: a developer's catalystSQLBits 2024

Let's discuss the new feature added for support developers in their day-to-day work: we'll go over what we released recently, what is in the work and what is planned. From the new JSON Data Type, T-SQL string operations, Data API builder, External REST calls, Change Data Capture, AI capabilities and more. We'll discuss where the development space is going and what we should to do support the evolution of development and developers into whatever the future holds. If you are a data developer, make sure to come to this session!

A Deep Dive into DevOps Practices with Azure SQLSQLBits 2024

Explore the intricacies of DevOps practices tailored for Azure SQL in this demo-heavy session, highlighting both the inner and outer development loops. Embark on a journey through the essential principles of Database version control, Immutable Database Infrastructure, Schema Management, Testing, and Seamless CI/CD. Bid farewell to the notorious "But it worked on my computer!" dilemma by embracing robust DevOps practices, fostering trust and efficiency across your development cycles—from local environments to the expansive cloud. Navigate the array of Azure SQL tools for DevOps practices with potent command-line tools, and uncover seamless integration with industry-leading third-party tools such as GitHub Actions, Codespaces, Terraform, and extensions for popular IDEs like VS Code and Azure Data Studio.

A Deep Dive into Microsoft Fabric Data WarehouseSQLBits 2024

Deep Dive into Data Warehousing in Microsoft Fabric. Explore the intricacies of Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouse, unraveling its capabilities and demonstrating effective strategies for its utilization.

Meet the PG: DevelopersSQLBits 2024

Come meet some of the team for all things SQL Developers. Questions and comments welcome, please stop by and let us know what has and hasn't worked well for you recently.