Steph Locke

Steph heads up a team of digital and app innovation architects in Microsoft, helping some of the UK’s biggest organisations use the cloud to deliver more value faster. She has a broad technology background in data, AI, and software and has experience running consultancies and startups. Steph loves open source, and the impact accessible tech can have on empowering people, so she dedicates her spare time to helping others improve their use of tech. She was a Microsoft Most Valued Professional for five years in a row, she sits on the board of the SQL Saturday Foundation, and she is a co-chair for the EU SME Digital Alliance AI Focus Group.

Steph Locke's Sessions

How to build brilliant managers (including yourself)SQLBits 2023

Don't just chuck great techies into management as a "promotion" and expect them to be fine! Learn how (and how not to) build a solid management track that helps you and managers in your org be a better manager.

Working with data using Azure FunctionsSQLBits 2023

Azure Functions are great for a wide range of scenarios, including working with data on a transactional or event-driven basis. In this session, we'll look at how you can interact with Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Event Hubs, and more so you can see how you can take a lightweight but code-first approach to building APIs, integrations, ETL, and maintenance routines.

No-code BotsSQLBits 2020

Learn how to build bots that can reduce ticket volumes, help people get answers quickly, and reduce manual processes with no and low code bots with Microsoft Bot Framework and Power Virtual Agents

Build or buy AI?SQLBits 2020

If AI is on the cards in your business you might need to make a recommendation as to whether your company should Buy or Build. Come to this session to work out the moving parts to turn "It Depends!" into an answer.

Preparing your business for data scienceSQLBits 2018

So you're thinking about doing implementing data science project in your business? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so come to this session to help you construct your data science plan to help you succeed!

data.table power hourSQLBits 2017

Learn how to use this fantastic package in R for high-speed, low-code table wrangling.

Shiny: dashboards in RSQLBits 2015

Need a snazzy dashboarding tool, and want it free or cheap? With a modicum of R and Linux knowledge, you can make interactive realtime dashboards for free that can be used in any web browser. Learn how in this session.

Intro to RSQLBits 2014

R was originally for doing stats, but it now does database CRUD, reporting, documentation, and even websites. It can be awkward to know where to start, so this session fast tracks you to the sections you need to know about.