Mike is a SQL Server development specialist and holds all three MCITPs for SQL Server 2008 (plans are afoot to upgrade these in 2016!). His first book, Introducing SQL Server, was released by Apress in October 2015.

He doesn’t stick to SQL Server and has been known to develop .NET applications, Web sites, and even iOS apps. Mike specialises in simplifying development processes for large organisations, primarily so he can help developers avoid turning into Dilbert.


Since entering the working world in 1999 Mike has worked with companies large and small to develop and deliver all manner of systems, from tiny Web sites to enterprise class applications. He’s worked with Barclays, National Australian Bank, EE, Lloyds and Experian.

Mike runs his own consultancy, McQTech, and is currently working on a follow-up to Introducing SQL Server. He has had articles published on SQL Server Central and Mobiforge.