Professor Mark Whitehorn specialises in Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning. He splits his time between the commercial and academic worlds. On the commercial side he works as a consultant for national and international organisations (such as the Bank of England, Standard Life and Sainsbury’s) designing analytical systems and Data Science solutions. He also works with the companies that develop analytical software (such as Microsoft, Teradata, Oracle and IBM). Mark also has worked as an expert witness in criminal and civil cases on both sides of the Atlantic. On the academic side he is the Emeritus Professor of Analytics at the University of Dundee where he wrote and taught a Masters course in Data Science. Mark’s research interests include the development of analytical systems and the application of analytical processes to the field of proteomics. He only wears a tie under duress, doesn't possess a suit that fits and unashamedly belongs to the beard-and-sandals school of computing.