My name is Luis Leite and I am BI developer in Devscope and professor at Complutense University of Madrid. My passion is to transform large volume of data into useful information that improves decisions and have an important impact on people’s knowledge and business. In Devscope I work has data engineer mainly with SQL and several Microsoft tools from Azure environment ( Data Factory, Synapse, Purview). To be able to develop these works I also to use program languages that helps me to automate processes (python and powershell). As BI developer I also work with report tools like Power BI on desktop and server. My work is developed on an Agile environment and terms like, Sprints, dailies, Backlogs, Burncharts are used daily. To have version control of the work done I also use GIT. In addition of this full time job, I also have the chance to be a “Big Data for Business Analysis” professor at the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) where I introduce my students to the world of Big Data, Data Science and Visualization tools (with Tableau). Before working with DevScope I worked in Spain has Data Specialist at X by Orange, has a BI consultant in SDG Group and in the biggest telecommunications company Telefonica making validation of anomalous data. At the beginning of my career I worked with data analysis mainly related with oceanographic records, but my interest in the world of Big Data and its connection with business analytics, motivated me to get a deeper knowledge in this area. Therefore, the Master in Big Data and Business Analytics was the perfect chance to develop my skills and learn about new tools and technologies. Python, R, Machine Learning, Mongo DB, MySQL, Google Cloud Platform were just some of the subjects and skills that I learned throughout the master. I have a Bachelor and a master’s degree in physics applied to Oceanography, and I have participated in numerous research and development projects in different universities and national laboratories. I worked in 4 different countries(Portugal, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands) and improve my capability to work with different groups of people, cultures and ways of thinking.