Jessica Jolly

Jessica Jolly is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who helps businesses, non-profits and individuals improve their business intelligence skills, bit by byte. She runs her own business, ALT-Enter, LLC. Before her reinvention as an entrepreneur (after 50!), she worked for Unilever, a global consumer products company, for 27 years, in a variety of managerial roles. Her business practice focuses on data visualization tools, specifically Microsoft's Power BI platform. She is living proof that you can cry through every math class you ever had, and still fashion a career that focuses on data, charts, visuals, and code. When she is not training other adults, she is volunteering at her local public library, knitting and quilting (a refuge from all of the technology!), reading about the Civil War, swimming, gardening, biking and hiking. She blogs (sporadically) at, tweets very occasionally at @JBJ2110. You can connect with her on Facebook at or on LinkedIn at .