Chris Unwin is a pre-sales engineer at Redgate Software, specialising in data protection with a keen focus on masking information in pre-production. He has been with Redgate since November 2015 and has most recently been working with a variety of companies to help them put in place a compliant DevOps pipeline for database development. He also records the Redgate ‘DBAle’ podcast with his colleague Chris Kerswell and has presented at IPExpo London, Manchester Agile Dev/Ops and PASS Summit.
Christopher Unwin has submitted 3 sessions for SQLBits 2020, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

In this session you will learn all about branching approaches with Database code, best practices and things to consider with each step you take towards robust version controlling of your database code.
In this session we will go through what hurdles you will need to jump to create a data masking strategy, as well as how to use Azure and PowerShell to create a rudimentary masking set for non-production.
In this session you'll learn some of the key data privacy problems facing database developers and DBAs and 10 steps to help your database team build a "defensible position" through development.