Aaron Bertrand

Aaron (@AaronBertrand) is a Product Evangelist at SentryOne with industry experience dating back to Classic ASP and SQL Server 6.5.

Aaron Felton

Aaron Felton has over thirteen years of experience with the Microsoft BI suite. He specialises in reporting and data modelling, and has a background in analysis.

Abhiman Tiwari

Abhiman Tiwari is a Product Manager on the Azure SQL team at Microsoft, primarily focusing on developer experience with Azure SQL DB. In his previous roles, he has worked as a Web Developer/ Tech-lead, developed several software applications/ products majorly in .NET and related technologies, and done a lot of .NET debugging, reverse engineering, and web application performance tuning.

Adam Aspin

Adam Aspin is an independent Business Intelligence consultant based in the United Kingdom. He has worked with SQL Server for twenty years. During this time, he has developed several dozen reporting and analytical systems using the Microsoft BI Stack

Adam Jorgensen

Adam is an expert at building companies, guiding customers and creating impactful leaders who multiply their success. As a technology professional, leader & entrepreneur he is known for creating and growing products, companies and their leaders.

Adam Machanic

Adam Machanic focuses on large-scale data warehouse performance and development. He is author of sp_whoisactive, has written numerous books, and has been a SQL Server MVP since 2004.

Adam Mazouz

Adam Mazouz is a Tech Evangelist and a Solutions Engineer at Pure Storage focusing on Cloud and Virtualization. He is responsible for testing, documenting, and evangelizing the why and how Pure Cloud Block Store, constantly searching for new use cases and integration points. Adam has been working in the storage and data industry for almost a decade, and he has been designated as a VMware vExpert and an AWS Community Builder for storage category.

Adam Saxton

Adam Saxton is a Principal Program Manager focusing on the BI technologies, including Power BI

Adam Vero

Adam wrangles data so others don't have to, and believes that information (not the same as data) should be "free at the point of use". Previously an MVP for Dynamics CRM, using and teaching MS Excel since v2.0, Power Query evangelist, Power BI fan, passionate about highly effective data visualisation. Adam helps organisations reach their goals through smarter use of technology. He talks about himself in the third person because he thinks it makes him sound more important.

Adam Wolk

"OpenBSD developer interested in database engineering, distributed systems, information security & networking. Over a decade of experience with large and complex systems ranging from the corporate financial sector to the start-up landscape. Experienced team leader developed systems from the ground up from C on ARM devices, through back-end systems in Go, Python and Rails to web front ends in modern JavaScript frameworks - all continuously integrated, deployed and monitored. Currently pushing at the edge of distributed SQL as a Senior Program Manager for the Citus Database extension, a core component of the Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL managed service."

Adi Polak

Adi Polak is a Senior Software Engineer and Developer Advocate in the Azure Engineering organization at Microsoft. Her work focuses on OSS, distributed systems, real-time processing, big data analysis and machine learning at scale. Her advocacy work focuses on bringing her vast industry research & engineering experience to bear in helping teams design, architect and build cost-effective software and infrastructure solutions that emphasize scalability, team expertise and business market fit.

Aditya Badramraju

Aditya works as Senior Program manager for Azure Data focusing on SQL Server on Azure Virutal Machines. Before joiing Microsoft, he has over decade of SQL Server and distributed systems experience especially in designing and delivering mission critical solutions for big fintech companies.

Adrian Mee

A native of Melbourne, Australia - Adrian currently works for Falling Colors Technology in Santa Fe, NM. In this role, he is responsible for Database design and administration, data security, and data infrastructure. Adrian has been working with SQL Server since the Enterprise Manager days of SQL Server 2000. Adrian was an Idera ACE class of 2020/21, and in 2017 he founded the Santa Fe SQL Server User group. When out of the office, he loves biking and hiking the great outdoors.

Adriano da Silva

Adriano da Silva is a Principal Consultant at Bright International Corporation, a consulting and advisory company focused in addressing complex business problems with innovative, effective and robust solutions in the BI, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning & Power BI arena. He has several years of experience in partnering with businesses leaders to advise and implement technical and process oriented solutions at Global 100 companies. He is engaged in knowledge sharing initiatives by presenting at in-person and online conferences, user groups and authoring articles. He is also a lead organizer at the South Florida Power BI (SFPBI) and the Microsoft Data and AI South Florida (DataAISF) user groups.

Aidan Maloney

Aidan Maloney is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a flourishing career in data analytics and technology. Currently serving as a Senior BI Consultant at Forth Point, Aidan specialises in implementing BI tools like Power BI for data-driven decision-making. Aidan holds a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Electronics with Music from the University of Glasgow, reflecting his genuine passion for blending technical and creative skills. This combination is an asset in his career in Business Intelligence (BI), where he applies technical precision and creative thinking to analyse data and enhance operational excellence. Aidan's journey exemplifies that the fusion of technical and creative skills is more common and powerful than one might think, offering a unique perspective in the world of BI.

Ajay Jadoo

Ajay is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in SQL Server and works as a Senior SQL Server DBA and Engineer in Investment Banking. He is the global lead SQL Server Subject Matter Expert and has about 9 years of experience working with SQL Server.

Ajay Jagannathan

Ajay Jagannathan is a Principal Group Program Manager for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server Engine PM team, based in Redmond, USA.. He is currently responsible for leading Program Management for various aspects of Azure SQL Database service.

Ajinkya Soitkar

Ajinkya Soitkar is a Database Specialist Solutions Architect(SA) based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is passionate about helping customers modernise their data strategy. He has worked as a Technical Trainer, Subject Matter Expert and DBA. As a DB Specialist SA, Ajinkya helps customers design, evaluate, and optimize their workloads backed by multitude of AWS database services.

Ajith Ramanath

Ajith Ramanath works as a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect in Microsoft UK. After graduating with a computer science engineering degree, he worked in a number of technology areas such as Unix kernel programming, Java & Virtual machines and big data analytics. He is now a big data specialist and a Spark/Hadoop SME at Microsoft. Over the years, he has worked on a number of data projects across data engineering, machine learning & AI domains and has helped a number of customers & users become successful with their big data projects.

Akshai Mirchandani

Akshai is a long time developer with the Analysis Services team. He has worked in various engine areas like MOLAP/ROLAP processing/queries, Proactive Caching, Formula Engine, VertiPaq, XMLA, transactions, etc. He has also been heavily involved in building the content for the Maestros course (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlcat/archive/2011/01/31/what-is-the-ssas-maestros.aspx) and the Operations and Performance guides for Analysis Services.

Akshata Revankar

16+ Years of experience in data engineering and data reporting space. Have worked with Oracle database, SQL Server, SSIS, Informatica Power Center, Hadoop systems, Qlik and Power BI. Enjoy being in the data space and learning new things.

Akshay Dixit

As a product manager at Microsoft for nine years, I have extensive experience in cloud engineering, design, planning, product road mapping, and competitive analysis. I have successfully led teams of more than 15 people in various data platform technologies, with a focus on creating an Analytics Platform Service of Azure Cloud. Currently, I am responsible for managing the connector ecosystem developments as part of the Kusto /Azure Data Explorer Team.

Al Eardley

I am passionate about helping organisations to be productive, secure and compliant. I help them understand the potential benefits that Microsoft technologies can offer from an individual, team and organisational perspective. Having worked on many solutions based on Microsoft's products including Microsoft 365, Viva, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure and Data Platform, I love to combine diverse technologies to make them work better together. Hat - @GreyHatBeard - https://www.greyhatbeard.com/ Organiser - @M365SandCUG - https://m365sandcug.tech/home

Alastair Aitchison

Alastair Aitchison is an independent developer, trainer, author and consultant specialising in spatial data reporting and analysis. His work has been used by the House of Lords, the police, political parties and various media agencies.

Albert Van Biljon

Albert has been working with SQL Server since the year 2000, first in the ship broking industry as a software developer and then moving on to become a consultant for a company developing software for intellectual property law firms. He is now working for his second law firm, looking after the database and data in it as well as the niche software used by the firm and integrations with other systems.

Alberto Ferrari

Alberto started working with SQL Server in 2000 and immediately his interest focused on Business Intelligence. He and Marco Russo created sqlbi.com, where they publish extensive content about Business Intelligence.

Alex Dupler

Alex Dupler is a Power BI developer and architect at Microsoft. In his current role he is the lead Program Manager for a Data Warehouse Platform supporting Microsoft's Search Advertising Business. Along with Alex Powers of the PBICAT team, he is one half of "Two Alex", a YouTube channel that focuses on live discussions of Power BI topics with no right answer. Before starting his Power BI journey at Microsoft, he worked as a Chemist.

Alex Merced

Alex Merced is a developer advocate for Dremio and has worked as a developer and instructor for companies like GenEd Systems, Crossfield Digital, CampusGuard and General Assembly. Alex is passionate about technology and has put out tech content on outlets such as blogs, videos and his podcasts Datanation and Web Dev 101. Alex Merced has contributed a variety of libraries in the Javascript & Python worlds including SencilloDB, CoquitoJS, dremio-simple-query and more.

Alex Rostan

AI Solutions Especialist / Cognitives Services Integration / ChatBots / Virtual Agents / RPA Especialist / Power Platform Architect / M365 Solutions Principal

Alex Whittles

Alex is a Data Platform MVP, and is the owner and principle consultant at Purple Frog, a Microsoft Data Analytics consultancy in the UK with multinational clients in a variety of sectors. He specialises in all aspects of data warehousing, ETL, cubes, Machine Learning and Power BI using the Microsoft stack. Alex is also the creator of Power BI Sentinel, a governance and disaster recovery tool for Power BI. Alex has an MSc in Business Intelligence, is a chartered engineer, is on the organising committee for SQLBits, and leader of the Birmingham Data Platform Group. Alex is also a regular speaker at many Data events around the world including SQL Bits, Data Relay, Data Saturdays, Data Grillen, 24 HOP and the PASS Summit. In his spare time he's also a qualified pilot.

Alex Yates

Alex Yates has been helping organisations to apply DevOps principles to their data since 2010. He’s most proud of helping Skyscanner develop the ability to deploy 95 times a day. Originally for Redgate, later for DLM Consultants, Alex has worked with clients on every continent except Antarctica – so he’s keen to meet anyone who researches penguins. A keen community member, he co-organises Data Relay, is the founder of www.SpeakingMentors.com and has been recognised as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2017.

Alexander Arvidsson

Alexander works as a principal solutions architect in Sweden. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, frequent international speaker, podcaster, Pluralsight author, blogger and a Microsoft Certified Trainer, focusing on SQL Server, Azure and Power BI.

Alexander Billington

Alex is a senior data scientist at Advancing Analytics with a love for all things machine learning and MLOps. He has worked as a machine learning engineer for four years in fields ranging from wearable devices to agritech. Outside of the world of data science he is an avid fan of board games and TTRPGs, running a number of D&D campaigns and a small Lincoln based D&D community.

Alexander Klein

Alexander Klein is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant with more than 15 years of experience. His focus is on business intelligence and dwh projects with Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, Power BI, AI, Azure ML or Cognitive Services.

Alexander Korn

Helping businesses making better decisions through Actionable Reporting. Since 2016 I was fortunate enough to grow my Power BI experience in consulting, directly in the industry and last year also through the vendor perspective as Microsoft Support Engineer for Power BI. Now with the help of my current employer HICO-Group I am helping business exploit the full potential of BI and Power BI through optimized data models and reporting best practices. Some of my ideas and contributions are available for all, through my blog ActionableReporting.com

Alexandra Ciortea

Alexandra is a Data Architect at Microsoft. She leads the data modernization and transformation for Enterprise customers across different industries, leveraging the field experience to enhance and improve the Azure Data Platform

Alexei Khalyako

Alexei has been with Microsoft since 10+ years. He has started with SQL Server collecting globalization requirements from European countries during the version SQL Server 2005 development. Since about 2 years a member of European part of the SQL Customer Advisory team. He is focusing on large scale Data Warehouses such as well-known European Telecommunication Organizations, on architecture principles which are well reflected in the Fast Track reference Architecture guide. Has published articles on different database topics. Alexei has graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

Allan Hirt

SQL Server mission critical expert, dual Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert, and SQLHA LLC founder Allan Hirt is a consultant, published author, speaker, and trainer who travels all over the world to work with and train clients.

Allan Mitchell

Allan is the joint owner of Elastabytes. We specialise in Data Migrations to Azure and managed services.

Allen White

Allen is a Data Platform Consultant. Allen has spent over 40 years in IT and has been using SQL Server since 1992 and is certified MCITP in SQL Server and MCT. Allen has been a Data Platform MVP Award for twelve years.

Alpa Buddhabhatti

Alpa is an Azure Data Engineer with a passion for data and technology. She is Microsoft Certified Trainer and certified in Azure Data engineer and Azure Data Science. She is working on Azure services such as Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Azure Key Vault , Azure , Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage and Azure Data Lake .

Ami Levin

For the past 25 years Ami has been helping organizations derive value from data by teaching, consulting, and practicing data, databases, relational modeling and SQL.

Amit Banerjee

Senior Program Manager working for the SQL Server Product Group at Microsoft.

Amit Bansal

Amit R S Bansal (MCM, MVP), is Principal Consultant at SQLMaestros. Working with SQL since 1999, he leads a focused team of SQL practitioners. He has delivered more than 500 workshops and worked on countless SQL projects for 200+ customers globally.

Amit Khandelwal

I'm a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, where I lead the SQL Server on Linux and Containers technical strategy here at Microsoft. I have over a decade of experience with databases, including support, field, and engineering roles. I've worked on and architected many SQL solutions across various business segments for Tier 1 customers. I'm a frequent speaker and listener at conferences, and I enjoy using my learnings to create products that meet the needs of our customers.

Ana Maria Bisbe York

Business Intelligence Consultant and Trainer. Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Microsoft Partner in Power BI. LinkedIn Learning Trainer. Speaker at Power Platform and SQL Saturdays events in Europe, USA, and LATAM.

Anastasia Salari

Passionate about data, I help individuals and companies find and implement the right solutions corresponding to their needs. Solutions based on Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate that allow them to value and visualise data, optimize processes, as well as make use of the low-code/no-code platform to build specific tools. Understanding the business needs and proposing the right solutions is what motivates me! Moreover, I love sharing tips, facts and interesting examples with the community under the "Captain Platform" character.

Anders Pedersen

25+ years of experience with SQL Server, from version 6.0 to 2019. Certified on SQL 2012, a version I got my first experience with in 2021. Mostly worked at medium sized companies, by choice. Was a consultant for 6+ years, working on anything from facility security systems, background checks, retail PoS systems, to major financial systems. Passion for performance, and teaching people easy ways to better SQL performance.

Andre Kamman

André is a Data Platform MVP. He has done a lot of DBA work on 1000’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell, Azure DevOps, Python, Azure DW and Databricks. He loves to tinker with 100TB+ databases.

André Kamman

André is a So-Called Modern Data Engineer and architect mostly in Azure. He has done a lot of DBA work on 1000’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell, architecting SQL Server solutions, building and tuning ETL processes (with BIML), and even implementing PDW. Having to wrangle a lot of data he's using Python, SparkSQL in Azure Databricks, Data Factory, Synapse and Power BI as well these days. André is a Data Platform MPV since 2009, Dutch Microsoft Data Platform Meetup lead, organiser of Data Saturday Holland and Data & BI track volunteer for Techorama Holland

Andreas Bergstedt

Generalist Specialist in the IT sector with over 22 years experience. Efficiency focused in process, performance and product development for the MSP sector. Highly focused on the value and returns of performance management thru Business Intelligence, system integration and workflow automation.

Andreas Wolter

Andreas Wolter, MCM and MCSM) is a Program Manager for SQL Server- and Azure Security at Microsoft. He is currently focussing on “Separation of Duties”-concepts and RBAC-Integration.

Andreas Wolter

Andreas Wolter works as Program Manager on the SQL security team at Microsoft. In this role he is working on Security features of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance. He has 20 years of experience with SQL Server and has been a regular speaker at conferences worldwide for over a decade. Prior to Microsoft he was the lead-architect of a Germany-based company specialized on SQL Server HA, Performance and Security. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master for the Data Platform (MCSM). You can find him on Twitter: @AndreasWolter and his Blog at: http://andreas-wolter.com/en/blog

Andrew Baker

I am a BI consultant with over 30 years experience of using a variety of software, such as, SQL Server.

Andrew Blance

Andrew is a data scientist at Waterstons, an IT consultancy. He co-hosts a podcast called Brains on the Outside, where he pitches silly, wholesome and fun business ideas. Once, Durham University deemed him sensible enough to make him a Doctor of particle physics (and kinda machine learning and quantum computing). He can run 5km pretty fast and thinks modern Star Trek isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

Andrew Couch

Andrew has been developing with Access and SQL Server for over 14 years and specialises in Client-Server design applied in the manufacturing and banking sectors. Andrew is a director and one of the founding members of the Access User Group (www.ukaug.co.uk) and technical director of the Office User Group; having acted as magazine editor, running the web site and on many occasions as a guest speaker. Andrew is the author of the popular Migration Upsizing SQL Tool MUST; www.upsizing.co.uk (site features a number of detailed technical articles on upsizing Access databases to SQL Server) and is also a MVP for Office Access. Recently Andrew has been engaged by Microsoft Press as a technical reviewer on Access 2010 Inside Out, and has also entered into a buiness partnership with www.AccessHosting.com to deliver hosted Access Databases in SharePoint 2010 Server.

Andrew Fryer

I am a technical evangelsit at Microsoft specialising in business intelligecne and data management. I got interested in large databases while at HM Customs in the nineties as part of the move to intelligence led resourcing, but another inititive namely outsourcing meant that my last ten years have been in the private sector working for a number of gold partners, before joining Microsoft last July. I got into SQL Server in v6 and have used this platform almost exclusively since then for a wide variety of clients from tiny breweries to global banks.

Andrew Pruski

SQL Server DBA originally from Wales but now exploring Ireland. Blogging at dbafromthecold.com and has spoken at multiple events in Europe and the US.

Andrew Sadler

Andrew Sadler is a Principal BI consultant at Edenbrook. He has charted a varied course to get there - Psychology Academia >>> IRI >>> marchFIRST >>> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. >> IRI >>> marchFIRST >>> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. > IRI >>> marchFIRST >>> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. IRI >>> marchFIRST >>> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. >> marchFIRST >>> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. > marchFIRST >>> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. marchFIRST >>> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. >> Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. > Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. Cognos >>> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. >> ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. > ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. ProClarity >>> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. >> Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. > Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. Microsoft >>> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. >> Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. > Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process. Edenbrook, and has accrued 10+ years in all things BI during this process.

Andrew Whettam

Andrew Whettam is a Senior Consultant with Hitachi Consulting. He has previously led database and BI teams for 3M and Capital One. He works with both transactional and analytical systems and has worked in variety of industry sectors.

Andrew Wiles

I have been involved with Olap for too long..... I have developed Olap database technology, Olap applications and now develop Olap reporting tools. Maybe one day I will feel that I am done with Olap and move on...

Andy Cutler

I am an Azure Data Platform professional working predominantly with Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL Pools), Data Factory, SQL Server and Power BI. I hold an MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Mining. I am a current Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Andy Jones

Andy Jones is a Principal Consultant for Coeo. He has a passion for business intelligence, performance tuning SQL Server, and automated testing techniques to produce robust production-ready code.

Andy Leonard

Andy Leonard is a data engineer, Data Philosopher, SSIS Trainer, Consultant, software developer, Biml developer, database and data warehouse developer, engineer, author, blogger, podcaster, dad, grandfather, and farmer.

Andy Murphy

I'm a visualisation expert, recently focusing on PowerPlatform development. My main areas of interest are visualisation, data modelling, and solving complex challenges with PowerBI

Andy Yun

Andy Yun is a SentryOne Principal Solutions Engineer and a former Microsoft MVP, who has been working with SQL Server for nearly 20 years as both a DB Dev and Admin.

Angela Henry

Angela is a DBA/BI Developer, living in High Point, NC and loves what she does. She is a Data Platform MVP and is a US Masters Swimmer.

Angela Kruger

I'm a SQL Developer-turned-DBA, with over 13 years experience on SQL Server. I work for the wonderful DBA team in Verizon Connect, Dublin

Angeliki Patsiavou

I am a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Prosci® certified, functional consultant with extensive experience in business applications, CRM operations and enterprise change. With a FTSE 100 client background in Financial Services, CRM and Marketing across Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce platforms, I manage global transformation and adoption programs with deep human impact. I am also a speaker in the Microsoft Community, advocating as a human evangelist about user-centered design and enabling governance.

Anna Hoffman

Anna is a Data and Applied Scientist on the Azure Data (SQL) product team at Microsoft. In her time at Microsoft, Anna has worked in Microsoft Consulting Services, AI Engineering, and now SQL Engineering. She spends most of her time working on Azure

Anna-Maria Wykes

A senior consultant with Advancing Analytics, helping shape & evolve their data engineering practice. I have a real passion for data and strives to bring the worlds of Software Development and Data Science closer together.

Annabel Hemingbrough

Annabel is a Marketing and Social Media manager at Purple Frog Systems and SQLBits combined. With a knack for marketing, a love for Crocs (you either love or hate them), and a passion for tattoos, Annabel brings a fun and colorful perspective to the world of marketing and social media.

Annette Allen

SQL Server DBA, Event Organiser, MVP

Annette Allen

I am a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and have been both a SQL Server developer and DBA and now my role encompasses both. I am join User Group Leader of SQL South West and UK PASS Regional Mentor. I also help organise various SQL Server related events including SQLBits. I currently work as a DBA for WellData, a UK-based market leader with over 20 years of experience in the provision of remote database, server and application support.

Anshul Sharma

Anshul is a Product Manager for Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric. He is passionate about all things data, AI and cloud. He enjoys building products that help businesses remain competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape. Outside work, he is a video game junkie and spends sleepless nights on caffeine competing online.

Anthony Brown

Anthony has been a sql server DBA since 1998. Since 2001 he has worked at John Lewis on their website infrastructure. He has experience in many areas of sql server including service broker, replication and database projects

Anthony Howcroft

Anthony has more than twenty-five years’ experience in IT. He was a co-founder of DATAllegro, the Data Warehouse appliance vendor acquired by Microsoft in 2008, where he established and ran the European operation. Prior to this he launched and managed the UK subsidiary for Business Process Management vendor Intalio. His background includes five years as an independent consultant helping technology vendors improve their sales processes and revenues, along with advising several successful start-ups on business planning and strategy - such as the prestigious UK based Chairman’s Network. Previous experience includes Sales Manager at Select Software Tools, and Product Manager for Texas Instruments, preceded by eight years in traditional application development roles in blue-chip organizations.

Anthony Mashford

With more than two decades working in large Enterprises, Corporations and within the Microsoft Partner network, Anthony has gained a wealth experience & knowledge in varying architectures. Now specialising in Azure, specifically Azure NetApp Files and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Anthony works to help clients envision and plan their journey to the cloud.

Anthony Nocentino

Anthony Nocentino is an Enterprise Architect, Founder and President of Centino Systems, Pluralsight Author and Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Anthony Norwood

A 2 year Cloud Architect, building modern infrastructure in Azure

Antonio Cobo

Antonio is a Delivery Manager with 20 years experience in the IT industry and specialises in Agile methodologies. He comes from a technical background, starting his career as a Java Developer in Spain in 2000, moving to different roles within IT in three different countries. Antonio is passionate about creating and implementing the best solution while continually seeking to improve work methodologies. He is convinced that most of the problems in IT are due to lack of communication! Antonio usually speaks about Agile, DevOps, Project Management and Team management at conferences across Europe and US, such as DevOps Days, JAX and Voxxed Days.

Antony Catella

I work as a BI Consultant for a consultancy based in the UK, developing Power BI reports for multiple clients, primarily Non-Profit Organisations. Power BI is a rapidly evolving technology which is what I love about it - constantly learning new things.

Anupama Natarajan

I am a Software Professional with 15+ years' experience in designing and developing Web, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Mobile solutions. I am a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP Data Platform) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

Aoife Turley

My name is Aoife and I am from Dublin, Ireland. After studying physics and working in a Machine Learning research lab I realised my passion for tech, specifically all things data related. I have been working in Microsoft since 2021 as a Cloud Solution architect for Data & AI helping organisations across the UK build out their data platforms in the Microsoft Cloud - Azure.

Argenis Fernandez

Argenis Fernandez is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Distinguished Architect with UKG.

Arne Bartels

Arne Bartels lives in Denmark and works for Vestas, earths leading wind-turbine manufacturer, and deals with data from 50000+ turbines on a daily basis. He presents occasionally on SQLSaturdays.

Arthur Graus

Overview presentations + slidedecks: http://www.arthurgraus.nl/presentaties.html Arthur Graus has been working as a consultant and trainer (MCT) since 1999 in the area of Data Science, (Power) BI and SQL Server. His strength? Years of experience combined with a great enthusiasm to share his knowledge. "Today we store more data than ever. Everything we do is recorded in databases. The question is how to convert all this data into useful insights? It is my passion to help you with this! I teach you how to use Machine Learning and Power BI so you can collect the right data and transform it into an attractive dashboard with the insights that you are looking for.”

Arun Kannan

Arun Kannan is a highly experienced product manager at ManageEngine. Arun joined ManageEngine in 2013 as a technical engineer. Since acquiring his MBA from the prestigious Bayes Business School(formerly known as Cass), London, Arun has been rigorously involved in the Application and Networking domains helping organizations across the globe with their implementation strategies. Today he serves as an important member of ManageEngine's IT Operations Management team overseeing product features and roadmap after working in customer support and implementation training activities for 5 years.

Asad Khan

As the Vice President of SQL Products and Services I lead all engineering and product management for SQL Server and all Azure SQL Services, including Data Migration Services and Microsoft investment in Hybrid, such as Arc Data Services. Previously, as the Director of Program Management in Azure Data engineering group I lead the Product and Program Management for all Azure Database Services. This included, Cosmos DB, SQL Server, SQL based PaaS services in Azure and Open-source Databases. Before that I ran the Big Data Services in Azure, which included Azure Databricks and the HDInsight service. I am passionate about building new businesses and leading organizations to build great products that impact people and organizations. I have a master’s degree from Stanford University.

Ásgeir Gunnarsson

I'm a Data Platform MVP and a Chief Consultant with Datheos in Iceland. I work with Business Intelligence solutions spanning the whole of the MS BI stack. I have been working in BI since 2007.

Ash Ward

Lead Consultant interested in data platforming and analytics

Ashley Graham-Brown

A dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic, queer data nerd and musician with a passion for accessibility and inclusion.

Ashwani Roy

I am SQL Server MVP and SQL Server Business Intelligence and C# consultant at CodePerfect Limited . I am also a regular speaker in SQL Server and BI conferences in UK. I have worked with SQL Server BI stack since 2003 and I am Microsoft Certified IT Professional. My main field of expertise are SQL Server Analysis Services, MDX, SQL Server Database Engine, T-SQL, and SSIS and C #.

Athulya Ramamoorthy

Sr. Solution Architect at Databricks with 16 years of experience, having previously worked as an analytics consultant and more recently as a Solution Architect at Microsoft. My expertise includes data platforms and related technologies including Power BI. Over the past 2-3 years, as many of my customers grappled with increasing volumes of data and effective management of both data as well as their costs, I’ve also been focusing on governance as a discipline.


Atul Thakor

<a href="http://mtaulty.com/bio.html">Mike's Bio</a>

Audrey Ayers

Audrey Ayers holds a Ph.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership, researching conflict resolution and has mediated small claims cases for the court system in Kansas. Audrey has led conflict resolution workshops for senior military spouses in the Command and Team Spouse Development Program, Women in Construction conference, the Safety Summit, women’s leadership teams, Kappa Delta sorority’s Confident Leader Experience, the Association of Talent Development, The Leavenworth Council for Child Abuse Prevention, and the Student Leadership Conference at the University of North Georgia. She is a military spouse of 24 years and is the mother of four children.

Augustin Dokoza Bukvic

Augustin is an Analytics Architect, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Power Platform User Group Stuttgart founder and leader. Working as a CoE lead and a Solution Architect with the main focus on the Power BI platform and Data Governance. Working with Power BI since the public preview version and delivered multiple large-scale enterprise analytics projects for Fortune 500 companies. Passionate about data culture and governance. Currently working as a Director Analytics Center of Enablement at Thrasio a next-generation consumer goods company reimagining how the world’s most-loved products become accessible to everyone.

Avanade Avanade

Leading provider of digital, cloud and advisory services, industry solutions and design-led experiences via Microsoft

Aviv Yaniv

Meet Aviv! From software for helping children with ADHD to finding cures for rare diseases, Aviv is passionate about effective altruism. Captivated by the magic language of computers at age 14, Aviv followed his aspirations in a high-school cryptography excellence program. He went on to complete Mamram training and serve in an elite IDF tech unit, later graduating from TAU with a BSc in Computer Science & Economics. Aviv approaches challenges like an Escape Room: leading with positivity and curiosity, finding clues and team brainstorming, then dividing the tasks for a holistic solution. Aviv owns a blog on riddles (about Google, Kusto, eBay…) and is an avid StackOverflow contributor (top 7% rank). You can find him bouldering, brewing beer, or at your closest Escape Room.

Barney Lawrence

Barney Lawrence has over a decade's experience on Microsoft data platforms working in social care, health and travel industries. He currently works as a Senior BI Developer for Jet2.com.

Barny Self

With over 10 years specialising in both the Microsoft SQL Server BI stack and more recently the Azure Data Platform, Barny has designed and implemented both internal and customer facing BI platforms, and has a specialisation in performance optimisation against large data sets in both SQL Server and the Tabular engine powering both Analysis Services and Power BI. More recently, Barny has been digging deep into finding common ETL patterns and implementing metadata driven Databricks pipelines to aid in onboarding new feeds into the delta lake in an efficient manner using tested code.

Barry Smart

Barry has spent over 25 years in the tech industry; from developer to solution architect, business transformation manager to IT Director, and CTO of a £100m FinTech company. In 2020 Barry's passion for data and analytics led him to gain an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Applications. He is happiest when he's at a whiteboard sketching out a process, architecture, roadmap or solving a problem. He's got a gift for taking complex ideas and presenting them in a way that technical and non-technical audiences can grok. He has a passion for simplifying the complex, and helping organisations use technology to transform and amplify their impact.

Ben DeBow

Ben DeBow is an experienced consultant who works with customers of all sizes on their mission critical applications and SQL Server deployments. An active member of the SQL Server community, Ben is also the CEO of Fortified Data, www.fortifieddata.com

Ben Fistein

Having worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Oracle, Ben has co-founded the Prague-based software development company iolevel in 2017. The company maintains and develops PeachPie, the PHP compiler to .NET.

Ben Hall

Ben Hall is a UK C# developer\tester with a strong passion for software development and loves writing code. Ben works at Red Gate Software as a Test Engineer and enjoys exploring different ways of testing software, including both manual and automated testing, focusing on the best ways to test different types of applications. Ben is a C# MVP and maintains a blog at Blog.BenHall.me.uk

Ben Jarvis

Ben is a Senior Consultant at Adatis - a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in building data analytics solutions. He works across the whole Azure stack, with a particular interest in Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and DevOps.

Ben Jarvis

An experienced technology professional with an extensive background in a range of IT disciplines combined with delivery and consulting experience spanning various industry verticals.  As Head of Technology, I am motivated by continuous learning and our work with cutting edge cloud solutions for AI and data analytics.  We build innovative technical frameworks, architectures, and solutions for our clients.  Committed to development and delivery of strategy through technology.

Ben Sack

I am a program manager at the Citizen Data Integration team, working on Power Platform Dataflows product: A self-service, low to no code, cloud data integration solution available in PowerApps and Power BI product protal.

Ben Somerville Roberts

Ben works as a Infrastructure and Security Operations Manager at Advancing Analytics. He began his career in the Pharmaceutical IT space, before moving into consultancy. He has a special interest in infrastructure, deployment and networking. Loves a certification!

Ben Watt

Data Platform MVP and Managing Director of Datalineo.

Ben Weissman (he/him)

Ben has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 6.5, mainly in the BI/Datawarehousing field. He is a Data Platform MVP, MCSE, MPP and a BimlHero Certified Expert. He is also a regular speaker at international events and an author.

Ben Wright-Jones

Ben has worked at Microsoft for over 13 years in various roles. He is now an architect in the Data Insights Centre of Excellence focusing on analytical solutions for enterprise customers.

Bence Arato

Bence Arato is a seasoned data professional with more than 2 decades of experience working in various sectors. He was responsible of the design and implementation of several BI and data warehouse systems, led data engineering and BI teams, and advised clients on data strategy, platform selection and BI delivery best practices. Besides his consulting work he is a visiting professor at the Central European University (CEU) where he teaches data visualization. He also organizes two yearly data conferences, the Budapest Data Forum and the Budapest BI Forum.

Benjamin Kettner

Dr. Benjamin Kettner is co-founder and CTO of ML!PA Consulting GmbH. Since 2020 he is Microsoft MVP and Friend of Red Gate. He received his doctorate in applied mathematics at the Free University of Berlin in 2012.

Benjamin Nevarez

Benjamin Nevarez is a SQL Server MVP and independent consultant and the author of “SQL Server 2014 Query Tuning & Optimization”. He has been a speaker at many SQL Server conferences, including the PASS Summit, SQL Server Connections and SQLBits.

Benni De Jagere

Benni is a Senior Program Manager in the Fabric Customer Advisory Team (Fabric CAT) at Microsoft. Aspiring to be top notch in his field, through continuous personal development, on both technical and soft skills. He strives for maximum results in his tasks using team play, communication, thinking outside of the box, and (endless) motivation. Benni is always ready to tackle the unknown, or pick up fresh ideas to broaden his range. Building on past experiences, he continuously tries to find new, more efficient ways of obtaining results, and improving the process along the way. Loving (almost) every day of it, he’s fascinated by the value of data, sometimes flabbergasted by the lack of awareness, and intrigued by the endless possibilities whilst discovering new ways of looking at data. He thrives on unfolding new insights for customers whilst using an open and transparent communication. On a daily basis he turns (large amounts of) coffee into insights for customers, and references witty British comedy, lame dad jokes, and obscure facts way too often. Overly enthusiastic about anything data related, he’s trying hard to keep up with all things new and shiny. When not working, blogging or reading, you’ll likely find him out and about being his weird self. Rumour has it that he’s also involved with a ragtag band of data enthusiasts, enjoying themselves whilst organising cool community things. They go by the name of .. dataMinds!

Benni De Jagere

Bernat Agulló

Passionate about Power BI in general and DAX and Calculation Groups in particular. Strong background in Excel, T-SQL and SSIS. Stints in Tableau and Qlik. Coming from Engineering background and working with consulting companies I like understanding the business problem working directly with the customer.

Bernhard Engleder

Working as a Teamlead and Data Consultant at ACP CUBIDO, a consulting company located in Austria. He has more than 10 years of experience in creating BI solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform tools, focused on data architectures, reporting and data governance. Member of the Data community Austria team (former SQLPASS Austria)

Bethany Hope Archer

I am an accomplished data analyst with a profound enthusiasm for psychology and sociology, seamlessly integrating my analytical prowess with a passion for understanding the intricate ways in which human behaviour is shaped by these disciplines. In my day-to-day career, I delve into the depths of data, decoding how psychological and sociological insights manifest in the numbers, and apply these findings to enhance decision-making processes and workplace dynamics. My mission is to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, empowering individuals to make informed choices and excel in their professional lives by utilising the power of data, psychology, and sociology.

Bim Adeniran

I'm Abimbola, a SQL Database Administrator with more than 5 years of experience at Adatis Consulting Limited. After three years of work in Nigeria, I relocated to the UK to pursue a degree in Data Science at Robert Gordon University, where I graduated with distinction. I'm known for my collaborative nature, and I'm a passionate Arsenal fan!

Bjørn D. Jensen

Background: Worked as a (PL/)SQL Developer from 2000 - 2006 at TDC, Stibo and IBM. Since 2006 worked as (T)SQL developer to support automation of data science related to analysis of sensor data streams. MCSE, M. Sc. & Six Sigma Green Belt.

Blesson John

Blesson works for Microsoft as Advanced Analytics and AI Architect.

Blythe Morrow

Blythe works with a team of people who love Data Platform and technology marketing. She started 10 years ago as the Community Manager for PASS and now spends her days helping companies that build products and services on the Microsoft Data Platform. She offers advice to CMOs and CEOs on how to competitively position their companies, create and manage their brands, enter the digital arena, and maximize marketing investments.

Bob Beauchemin

Bob Beauchemin is a database-centric application practitioner and architect, instructor, course author, writer, and Developer Skills Partner for SQLskills. Over the past few years he's been writing and teaching his SQL Server 2005-2012 courses to students worldwide through the Ascend program, the Metro (SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart) program, and other database developer-centric classes. He is lead author of the books "A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005" and "A First Look at SQL Server 2005 For Developers", author of "Essential ADO.NET" and has written articles on SQL Server and other databases, database security, ADO.NET, and OLE DB for MSDN, SQL Server Magazine, and others.

Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy is a SQL Server MVP, currently working as Database and Solution Architect in Dublin, Ireland. He has over 28 years experience in the database sector, with MCA, MCM and Maestro certification.

Bob Pusateri

Bob Pusateri is a Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft Data Platform MVP who has been working with SQL Server for over 15 years. His interests involve performance tuning, Very Large Databases, and cloud architecture.

Bob Ward

Bob Ward is a Principal Architect for the Microsoft Azure Data SQL Server team which owns the development and servicing for all SQL Server versions. Bob has worked for Microsoft for 26 years supporting and speaking on every version of SQL Server.

Bogdan Gavrilovic

Product Manager at Microsoft working on Azure Database Fleet Manager

Boris Hristov

SQL Server Consultant, Trainer and MVP

Brad McGehee

Brad M. McGehee is the Director of DBA Education for Red Gate Software and is an accomplished Microsoft SQL Server MVP with over 16 years SQL Server experience. Brad is a frequent speaker at SQL PASS, European PASS, SQL Server Connections, SQLTeach, devLINK, SQLBits, SQL Saturdays, TechFests, Code Camps, and SQL Server user groups, where he shares his 16 years&amp;rsquo; cumulative knowledge and experience.

Bradley Ball

Bradley Ball works for Microsoft on the PSfD team as a Sr. Consultant

Bradley Schacht

Bradley Schacht is a Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Fabric product team based in Jacksonville, FL. Bradley is a former consultant, trainer, and has authored 5 SQL Server and Power BI books, most recently the Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide. As a member of the Microsoft Fabric product team, Bradley works directly with customers to solve some of their most complex data problems and helps shape the future of Microsoft Fabric. Bradley gives back to the community through speaking at events such as the PASS Summit, SQL Saturdays, Code Camps, and user groups across the country including locally at the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG). He is a contributor on SQLServerCentral.com and blogs on his personal site, BradleySchacht.com.

Brandon Leach

Brandon Leach is a Vice President leading the database operations team at AQR and a regular speaker at various U.S. conferences. He has worked on large scale out and scale up environments with a focus on automation.

Brandon Tucker

Brandon Tucker is a data geek and has engaged SQL Server as an architect, developer, data engineer, and administrator over the last 18 years. He loves solving complex, real-world data problems, applying them in business situations, then sharing the knowledge to benefit the community. Brandon has served on the board for the Denver SQL Server User Group and presented at PASS Summit and numerous SQL Saturdays, User Groups, and Code Camps. Brandon is a Principal Solutions Architect for database products at SolarWinds, where he dives deep into technical challenges and drives product innovation. When not wrangling data, Brandon can be found cycling/backpacking/skiing in his home state of Colorado, cheering on the Avalanche, or talking world travel over drinks.

Brent Ozar

Brent Ozar loves to make SQL Server faster. He created sp_Blitz and the SQL Server First Responder Kit, and he loves sharing knowledge at BrentOzar.com.

Brett Roux

Brett is a senior DBA, working for a marketing and media company operating in the fast paced online gaming sector. He's interest and talent lies in bringing databases to life through performance optimization and selecting the best storage options.

Brian Bønk

Brian has worked with SQL Server for more than two decades - varying projects on both size and complexity. Now he's working to support the Data & Analytics team at Fellowmind. Honored with MVP on Data Platform from 2023. Currently given the honor of being Microsoft Recognized Fasttrack Solution Architect since 2022. Brian loves data and is always trying to glue the business and tech together using his knowledge and experience. He is always open to meet new people and help them get better at their job or task.

Brian Knight

Brian Knight, SQL Server MVP is the co-founder of SQLServerCentral.com, BIDN.com and SQLShare.com. He works as President and has written more than a dozen books on SQL Server over his fifteen year database career.

Brian Mather brian@action-bi.uk

Brian has been helping major international organisations transform their business using Power BI since 2015 including financial performance, asset management as well as driving new technologies for airport maintenance

Britt Johnston

Group Manager, SQL Server Appliance Engineering

Bruno Mairos

Bruno Mairos Ferreira is a BI Specialist (Data & BI Solutions), currently lives in Porto, Portugal and has been working @DevScope, a Gold Data Analytics Microsoft Partner, for the last 8 years. His main focus are Power BI, Data Warehousing with Azure Data Lake or SQL Server and other tools from the Microsoft BI stack. He loves spending time with his family, solving strange but challenging problems and playing soccer.

Brynn Borton

As the Avanade UKI Data Platform Director, Brynn stands at the forefront of Azure Data Platforms, boasting over 20 years of experience. Originally starting his journey as an Enterprise Architect, he shifted his focus to Data and AI about 13 years ago. He's closely observed the growth and transformation of Azure Data Platforms right from its infancy, even before the advent of Data Factory V1 and Azure Data Warehouse Gen1. Brynn’s expertise is evident in the reference architectures he's been instrumental in developing at both Altius and Avanade over the past decade. Through his partnerships with Microsoft and Databricks, Brynn has consistently been at the cutting edge of technology, underscoring his deep-seated passion for innovation. Recently, he's become slightly unhealthily obsessed with two new toys; Microsoft Fabric, and OpenAI. With a firm conviction that these technologies are set to revolutionise the way organisations approach data, his enthusiasm is both infectious and evident. Brynn's commitment to sharing knowledge isn't new; he's graced platforms like SQLBits in the past, shedding light on topics like CosmosDB and Databricks. Though he took a brief sabbatical due to the demands that come with young children, Brynn feels he's earned his wings once more. Having spent recent months deeply entrenched in Fabric and GenAI discussions with clients, he's poised and ready to impart his knowledge and fresh perspectives to the SQLBits community. Join him for a session where profound expertise intertwines with real-world application.

Buck Woody

BIO Buck Woody works as an Applied Data Scientist at Microsoft on the Azure Data Team, and uses data and technology to solve business and science problems. With over 35 years of professional and practical experience in computer technology, he is also a popular speaker at many conferences around the world; the author of over 700 articles and eight books on databases, machine learning, and R; teaches and sits on the Data Science Board at the University of Washington, and specializes in data analysis techniques. Specialties: Data, Data Science, Databases, Communication, Teaching, Speaking, Writing, Cloud Computing, Security

Buck Woody

Buck Woody is an Applied Data Scientist working on the Azure Data Services team at Microsoft, and uses data and technology to solve business and science problems. With over 39 years of professional and practical experience in computer technology, he is also a popular speaker at conferences around the world; author of over 700 articles and nine books on databases, machine learning, and R, he also sits on various Data Science Boards at two US Universities and specializes in advanced data analysis techniques. He is passionate about mentoring and growing the next generation of data professionals. Specialties: Data, Data Science, Databases, Communication, Teaching, Speaking, Writing, Cloud Computing, Security Clifton's Strengths: Individualization, Learner, Connectedness, Positivity, Achiever, Ideation

Cameron Cyr

Cameron is a data fanatic who has spent his career developing data systems enabling valuable use cases such as analytics and machine learning. During this time, he has placed a focus on building reliable and scalable data systems with an emphasis on data quality. Cameron currently serves as a Staff Data Engineer for a vacation rental tech startup. He also is one of the organizers of the Nashville Data Engineering Group meetup. Most recently, he published his first book Unlocking dbt.

Carey Payette

Carey Payette is a Senior Software Engineer with Trillium Innovations (a Solliance partner), an ASPInsider, Progress Developer Expert, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a Microsoft Azure MVP. Her primary focus is Cloud integration and deployment for the web, mobile, big data, AI, machine learning, and IoT spaces. Always eager to learn, you will find her tinkering regularly with various sensors, microcontrollers, programming languages, and frameworks. Carey is also a wife and Mom to three fabulous boys.

Carlos Carreño

I have been working with Spark since 1.6 version, 4 years ago. I have worked for Everis, OpenSistemas, Addison Global, Metricell and Elastacloud in these last 5/6 years. Always focusing in Scala and Spark.

Carlos Lopez

I have over 30 years of experience in the data space, all the way from the Sybase and MS SQL 4.2 days to the latest Microsoft Azure Data platforms. For the last 10 years, I have worked at Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer and as a Content Developer.

Carmel Gunn

Carmel is the Managing Director of the Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence in Dublin, Ireland, where she is a data management specialist, working in the areas of analytics and visualisations.

Carole McNally

I'm an autistic female Integration Manager at Biomni and the proud founder of TechWitch. A deep passion for autism advocacy, technology integration, and a relentless commitment to equality and diversity has driven my journey. Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to fostering inclusion and harnessing the power of technology for positive change.

Carsten Forstner

As an enterprise architect Carsten is working in the field of holistic enterprise IT design, with focus on infrastructure, enterprise data management and strategy. He has also some experience with SQL Server since version 6.5.

Catherine Brown

Catherine is a thought leader on B2B sales. She's an author, speaker, and sales trainer with over 25 years' experience selling technical products and solutions to companies. An experienced entrepreneur, she launched her first sales consulting firm in 2003, consulting startup technology through mid-market technology firms on building a sales team and lead generation. She now runs the sales training firm, ExtraBold Sales, where she coaches business owners and sales teams to sell with confidence. Her sales system includes psychology research that gets at the heart of why people don’t sell effectively. In her best-selling book released in June 2021, How Good Humans Sell ™: The Proven Path to B2B Sales Success, she combines best sales practices with social psychology principles. Her training can be used in combination with other sales training programs to help sales professionals overcome the hesitation that keeps them from closing more business. To learn more about Catherine, check her site, extraboldsales.com .

Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Cathrine loves teaching and sharing knowledge. She specializes in data integration, ETL, ADF, SSIS, Biml, and T-SQL development. Outside of work she's active in the community as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author, speaker, blogger and volunteer.

Cathy Dumas

Cathy Dumas is a BI consultant in Vancouver, BC. She was previously a Program Manager on the SQL Server Analysis Services team, where she built features for the new tabular model/BI semantic model in SQL Server 2012.

Chantal Matthews

Chantal Matthews is a highly sought after Finance Director originally from South Africa but now residing in the UK. After selling her accounting practice, Chantal now focuses on helping companies and individuals manage their financial future with intention and focus. She has years of experience in various financial and management roles in a range of industries. She loves to explain financial fundamentals in an easy-to-understand manner and empower people to take control of their finances. She is also an international author and affectionately known as ‘Hippy Mother’ by her two children. When she’s not number crunching she enjoys time in nature walking her dog or potting in the garden all while devouring books through audible or the latest podcasts episodes.

Charles Feddersen

Distributed OLTP databases enable developers to easily scale their application workloads beyond a single node whilst maintaiing the relational databases features you kow, love and depend on. In this session we will explore Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL which enables developers to build and scale distributed aplications optimized for throughput AND scalability.

Charles Wright

Charles leads Columbus’s UK Data & Analytics Practice. Charles has significant experience in data strategy and the delivery of data products and programmes, with a focus in public cloud technology and artificial intelligence. His typical roles include leadership and quality assurance across advisory and implementation. Formers roles have been hands on in Machine Learning and Data Architecture.

Charley Hanania

Based in Zurich, Charley Hanania currently works as a Senior Database Management Specialist at UBS Investment Bank. Prior to this, he provided support and consulting in database development, architecture and administration related areas to numerous organisations throughout Europe and Australasia With over 13 years experience, Charley has focussed on MS SQL Server since version 4.21 and became active in the SQL Server community in the mid 90's, participating in SQL Server user groups in Australia. He continues to lead an active role in the SQL Server space through community events, the SwissITPro User group, and the Swiss PASS Chapter.

Chirag Roy

Chirag is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server 2008 and works as Senior SQL Server DBA at UBS. He specializes in delivering and maintaining mission and business critical SQL Server solutions.

Chris Adkin

Chris has been using SQL Server for over fifteen years, his main area of expertise is pushing the database engine to its limits and making it scale. Currently Chris works at Pure Storage as the EMEA SQL Server solutions architect.

Chris Hawkins

Chris is an experienced Solutions Engineer, who joined Redgate in 2021 with a strong background in IT. Having spent time in both support and sales, he has a well-rounded appreciation of the different stages of the customer buying process. When Chris isn’t engineering solutions, he enjoys spending time walking his energetic spaniel with his family, friends and newborn baby girl.

Chris Hay

Chris is regularly caught by his wife browsing internet sites at 2.00am in the morning. Sadly he is always looking at .NET sites rather than the haunts frequented by his peers. Chris has worked on various large projects and is specialised in C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, SQL and various other acronymns. Having always tried to keep at the front of the technology curve, i guess it is time to share that knowledge around a little. Simple tip, never mention Silverlight infront of him (if you are in a hurry). You can catch him on his blog http://silverlightuk.blogspot.com

Chris Johnson

I started working with SQL Server in 2006 as a junior analyst, and never really looked back. Since then I've worked at a variety of companies, usually involved in ETL solutions of one form or another. Over the last 5 years I've explored the different DevOps options within SQL Server, and found myself taking more of an architect role. I've seen many different approaches taken to different problems at various companies, and I've come to the conclusion that while there is never only one right way to do something, there are usually a number of wrong ways. My big hope for my speaking career is that I can inform people about the different options available to them, and help them make the best decisions for their situations (while avoiding some of the traps I've seen so many people fall into).

Chris Murray

Chris Murray is the Chief Information Security Officer at Simpsons Associates, The Data Analytics Company. He is responsible for internal security as well as the delivery of Infrastructure & Security consulting and services across a broad range of customers. Chris is an experienced security professional and co-founded Bleam Cyber Security, a Yorkshire-based security consultancy that was acquired by Simpsons Associates in August 2021.

Chris Testa-O'Neill

Chris Testa-O'Neill works in the Artificial Intelligence team at Microsoft working with the AI technologies including Cognitive Services, Bot Framework and Machine Learning

Chris Webb

Chris Webb is a member of the Power BI Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft.

Chris Woolderink

Chris is an independent Power BI consultant who is specialized in DAX. As a Power BI User Group Leader in The Netherlands he likes to give back to the community by organizing or speaking at local and international Power BI events.

Christian Bolton

Christian Bolton is a Microsoft Certified Architect, Microsoft Certified Master and former MVP for SQL Server with a penchant for Amazon Web Services. He leads the business at Cloud Rede.

Christian Henrik Reich

Currently work @ Kapacity’s department for Technologies and architecture, and is a part of Mugato as a senior developer and AI developer. Started programming as kid, and still do. Have made everything from embedded programming to data warehouses. Last decade, focus has mainly been on data. From optimizing and infrastructure to designing and building data solutions in cloud and on-premise.

Christian Wade

As program management lead in the Power BI engineering group, Christian is responsible for enterprise modeling features across Microsoft's BI product portfolio including Power BI, Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis Services. Christian is a regular keynote speaker at the largest Power BI conferences and coined the term "clicky clicky draggy droppy" data analysis. Creator of the BISM Normalizer, a diff & merge tool for Analysis Services tabular models.

Christina E. Leo

Christina Leo is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft specialising in the Data and AI Platform. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2016, she worked as an independent consultant focusing on T-SQL and BI development, as well as performance tuning.

Christophe Laporte

Christophe, freelance consultant and trainer, has worked with SQL Server since 1997, starting with SQL Server 6.5. In addition to his MCM certification, Christophe is also a DataPlatform MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2000.

Chuck Heinzelman

Chuck is a Principal PM Manager on the Azure SQL Database team responsible for Data Platform Analytics. He has been with Microsoft for 12 years, having been a part of SQLCAT, AzureCAT, and the Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) teams - all the while focusing on data and analytics.

Cindy Sousa

Born in Paris and now making Portugal her home, Cindy has more than seven years of experience in data analysis and corporate strategy. Currently sharing her passion with a wonderful team awarded as a Gold Data Analytics Microsoft Partner.

Claire Edgson

Microsoft Fast Track Recognised Architect. 2020-2023. I have 30+ years experience in Data Analytics, Infrastructure and Integration Architecture. 20+ years of Microsoft Business Applications and Azure, including SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365CE, FO & HR. Business experience as IT Manager and IT Director allows Claire to work closely with customer IT teams and understand their pain through transformation programs. 6 years experience with Power platform architecture and design, with Dataverse (CDS), SharePoint, SQL , Azure cognitive services, Azure Blob and Azure datalakes. I am passionate about Learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others as well as being incredibly passionate about the outcomes we give our customers. My prime focus is on Security, Governance and Integrations with the PowerPlatform.

Clarissa Rodrigues

Clarissa Rodrigues is specialist in Software Engineering by Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), MsC in Applied Computing and PhD Candidate by UNISINOS . With more than 13 years of IT experience, she has been working in quality and delivery area in different companies, such as ADP, SAP and most current Technical Quality & Program Manager at Uber. On her journey, she has experienced different situations of the impostor syndrome and overcome them.

Cláudio Silva

SQL Server DBA and PowerShell lover to automate any process that needs to be done more than a couple of times.


Colin Angus Mackay

Colin Angus Mackay is a software developer specialising in Microsoft technologies located in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a Member of the British Computer Society, a Microsoft MVP (C#) for three years running, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, the Chairman of Scottish Developers, Code Project MVP for five years running, and has organised two DDD Scotland events (with a third in the making). While not involved in software related pursuits is an amateur photographer (which generally involves wondering why his camera's autofocus mechanism chooses the potted plant off to the side rather than the main subject).

Colin Hardie

Colin Hardie is a Senior BI Consultant with Information Management Group (IMGROUP), winners of the Microsoft Global Business Intelligence Partner of the Year award for the past four years. Previously Colin worked as a Technical Architect for a large pharmaceutical Information Services provider. Colin has worked with the SQL Server BI stack since 2001 and is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional Business Intelligence Developer. His main fields of expertise are SSIS and SSAS. Colin lives in London with his wife and two children.

Conor Cunningham

Conor serves as an architect for the SQL core database engine at Microsoft. He has worked for Microsoft for over 20 years building database engines and has worked on a variety of features over numerous product releases.

Corey Brune

Experienced Technical Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in DevOps, Python development, automation, Databases, System Deployment, and Pre-sales

Corrinna Peters

I'm a Senior Data Engineer here at Adatis Data Analytics Consultancy, working across the full Azure stack to develop and maintain Azure solutions for multiple clients across multiple industries, specialising in Data Engineering in order to be able to feed Data insights. I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years, moving from outsourcing into Data spanning across multiple tools and areas. I am motivated and driven by learning and troubleshooting different issues, I enjoy being able to bring data driven insights to businesses.

Craig Ottley-Thistlethwaite

Craig works on large volume data warehouses (Big Data). Primarily focused on performance optimization and has an unhealthy obsession with the internals of database engines. Technologies include, SQL Server, Vertica, and VoltDB.

Craig Ottley-Thistlethwaite

Will fill in later, I’m on my mobile

Craig Porteous

Craig is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP working with Incremental Group as a Senior Data Engineer. He has more than 10 years working with data and related technologies. Craig is actively involved in the data community as creator of DATA:Scotland

Craig Ryan

I make your SQL Server go faster! 20 years SQL Server Consulting Christchurch based

Cristian Angyal

Cristian is a “Project Management Professional turned into a Data Guy” working as a link between two worlds: Business and IT. Having worked for the last 18+ years with data in different roles he was fascinated when he discovered Power Query and Power Pivot back in 2014 and then, Power BI in 2015. Ever since he learned about the POWER tools he realized that these tools, with the ability to “learn them once and used them in multiple places”, could make a huge difference in the way Data is managed inside organizations. He’s holding several Microsoft Certifications (MCSE Data Management and Analytics, MCSA BI Reporting, MOS Master, Excel Expert, Trainer (MCT), Power BI Certified Data Analyst, etc) and he loves getting insights from data and then, using these insight solving real business problems.

Cristian Prifti

Working with data and analytics for the past 9 years, out of which my work for the past almost 4 years has been around Power BI and leading a Power BI development team.

Crux Conception, M. Psych

Crux resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has over 20 years of Law Enforcement (Now-Retired), Criminal Profiling and teaching experience (Adjunct Professor). Crux has now taken his years of experience, education research and training; to incorporate novel methods of teaching/learning. Crux has utilized his background in Psychology, Team Building and Behavioral Profiling to implement said methods to take out the law-enforcement aspect and make these skills people/civilian practical. Law Enforcement experience: •Homicide Detective •Criminal Profiler •Gang Unit Specialist Detective •Hostage Negotiator •Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer •School Resources Officer (SRO) •Five years as a Special Agent with the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND (DHS) Crux, now retired, worked as a Homicide Detective, Criminal Profiler and Hostage Negotiator with the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Police Dept. Teaching experience: Currently, Crux is an Adjunct Professor: •Psychology •Business Psychology •Social Media Psychology •Criminal Profiling •Criminal Behavior •Computer Psychology •Sociology (Group Dynamics) Education: •Bachelor of Science degree; Criminology (Ball State University, 1994). •Master’s degree; Forensic Psychology (Walden University, 2012). •Currently, a Ph.D. Candidate (Forensic Psychology), at Walden University

Csom Gergely

Data and AI expert with 15+ years of experience in various data warehousing, BI and AI projects in FSI, Oil&Gas, Energy and Transportation. Experienced trainer, mentor, regular public speaker in various events.

Dan Jackson

Dan is an analytics consultant at Coeo, engaging with clients to help enable them on their journey to better understand and interpret their data. Dan has experience in a wide range of technologies to achieve this including Power Bi, Synapse and Databricks.

Dan Mallott

Dan Mallott is a Chicago-based consultant for West Monroe in their Technology Practice. His passion is for distributed architecture, designing and building high performing service layers from the API down to the database.

Dan Stillwell

I'm a SQL Server architect and consultant with 10 yrs of experience working with some of the largest and most innovative SQL deployments in the world, specializing in HA/DR , Performance, Best practice, support, VLDB, Modernization and consolidation

Daniel Crawford

Daniel Crawford is a Senior Program Manager on the Fabric Customer Advisory Team (CAT) at Microsoft. Daniel has over 20 years of experience working with data solution architectures, database designs, and performance tuning for both large and small businesses. His focus has lately been primarily on distributed data platforms such as Microsoft's Analytics Platform System (APS), Azure Synapse Analytics, and now Microsoft Fabric. Daniel previously started and led the Northwest Ohio SQL Server Users Group to help foster local discussion, learning, and awareness of SQL platforms.

Daniel Harrington

Having graduated from the University of Bath in 2019 with an MEng in Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, I soon ended up in the world of Data at Mars Petcare. I have worked here for 2 years and have enjoyed taking ideas from inception to productionisation,

Daniel Hutmacher

SQL Server developer for 25-odd years, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, organizer of SQL Saturday Stockholm, volunteer/co-organizer of GroupBy.org. I still occasionally blog at sqlsunday.com.

Daniel Taylor

I have presented a pre-con on Azure Dedicated Pools at SQL Saturday Jacksonville and was a speaker at many SQL Saturday events. My consulting role at Pragmatic Works provided me an opportunity to present the Airlift Dedicated Pool workshop to a large audience. Outside of public speaking engagements, my role within Microsoft has provided me with the opportunity to speak with large groups about the benefits of migrating to Azure, as well as, the capabilities of SQL Server on-premises and in the cloud. My passion these days is helping folks modernize within Azure utilizing one of our many PaaS solutions, as well as, the out of the box SQL Server product.

Danielle D Pollard

With an Industrial and Systems engineering background and more than two decades of training, executive coaching, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches leadership experience, Danielle believes that we are all connected and that success only happens with the cooperation of others. Danielle, referred to as “the transformer” for her innate ability to quickly turn-around underperforming organizations that consistently deliver more value: faster, better, cheaper. Founder of 7 Wolves Consulting, LLC. and author of the upcoming book “How to Win with Agile in a Waterfall World”, Pollard is passionate about making work fun and cultivating peak performance for teams and companies across the globe. . Danielle has delivered unprecedented bottom-line results as an IT management consultant and Lean/Agile transformation coach for best in class companies within multiple industries including Transportation, eCommerce, Food & Beverage, and Banking. When she is not hard at work Danielle can be found serving her community by impacting the lives of hundreds of inner city youth and aspiring women entrepreneurs through her nonprofit performing arts and empowerment programs, being “the cool mom” to her two scholar-athlete sons, or serving long term clients as a personal barber.

Danilo Dominici

Danilo Dominici is a senior consultant, speaker, and author specializing in SQL Server since version 6.5, mostly in the design, implementation, monitoring, and performance tuning of SQL Server-based solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud (Azure/AWS). Danilo is a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2000, a former Data Platform MVP (2014-2020) - now MVP Alumni, an active member of UGISS (the Italian SQL Server User Group), and has been the co-leader of the PASS Global Italian Virtual Chapter. He wrote some of the chapters of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2014 Upgrade Guides and co-authored the book "Azure Data Solutions: an Introduction" published by Microsoft Press.

Danny Kruge

Danny is a Mission Critical Engineer for Schuberg Philis, He is currently living in a beautiful place called Laren in the Netherlands. He is an English Expat originally from Leicester UK. He worked as a First Line Support Engineer for Next for 7 years before becoming a Junior SQL DBA. After 2 year he left the UK for Amsterdam and worked as a Senior SQL DBA for Albelli. He continued to grow in his career and Schuberg Philis then became a perfect opportunity for him to grow, After now working there for 4 years and becoming an expert in Azure/SQL and all kinds of automation for windows engineering.

Darren Freimuth

Darren is a Senior Solutions Architect and a 27-year veteran at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon. He is currently responsible for designing SQL Server solutions that showcase the best of what Microsoft and Intel have to offer with SQL Server. He started with SQL in 1994 with SQL Server version 4.21a. Since then, he has utilized all versions of SQL and serving in many capacities including designing, implementing, and supporting Microsoft SQL Server solutions. Prior to joining “Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Group” in his current role, he was responsible for a multi-terabyte SQL Server based infrastructure supporting Intel manufacturing utilizing a cross-site availability clustering for maximum uptime and performance. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with home automation, building things, and rooting on the Timbers.

Darren Green

Darren is an independent consultant specialising in data architecture and data migration solutions with a variety of technologies but with a passion for the Microsoft stack.

Darren Green

My bio goes here.

Darren Phillips

Change later

Dave Ballantyne

Dave is a freelance SQL Server database architect / designer / developer / consultant and lives near London, England. He is a regular speaker at UK and European events and user groups.

Dave McMahon

McMahon, Dave Dave works as Chief Architect for .NET Development at Ridgian Limited, a privately owned software house based in Central Birmingham. Ridgian are a Microsoft Certified Partner and specialise in Business Intelligence Solutions and Custom Software Solutions. He is very active in the Microsoft community speaking at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper conferences, and at numerous User Group meetings around the country on such topics as SQL XML, SQL 2005 Security, Regular Expressions and his

Dave Ruijter

Dave is a solution architect and engineer, specializing in crafting top-notch data and analytics solutions that navigate through the clouds of complexity with grace and precision. Propelled by an unyielding passion for empowering others, he tackles challenges head-on, piloting projects with creativity, determination, and ingenuity. Skilled in maneuvering the vast expanse of the Azure Data Platform and Microsoft Fabric, including mastering the cockpit of Power BI, he ensures every data journey is smooth and efficient. With an extensive logbook filled with consultancy flights, Dave is always ready to push the throttle, aiming to elevate each mission to stratospheric success. A two-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award, he is celebrated in the tech community for his deep knowledge of Microsoft’s arsenal and his unwavering commitment to leading others through the skies of innovation.

David Alzamendi

David Alzamendi is an Independent Data Architect and Data Consultant at Actionable Data Analytics. An acknowledged DAMA Master and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, David has been delivering data analytics solutions with both on-premises and cloud technologies since 2011. A Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Change Practitioner, and sought-after event speaker, David addresses complex challenges using best practice procedures and cutting-edge technology. David's expertise also extends to designing and implementing data strategies and data governance programs, ensuring businesses harness their data responsibly and effectively. With a deep passion for the transformative impact that data can have on our lives, businesses, economy, and environment, David combines his creativity and optimism to solve problems that others thought impossible. He takes pride in leveraging data in innovative ways, always aiming for solutions that yield actionable insights while respecting data governance and strategic considerations. My Company: https://actionabledataanalytics.com/ Blog: https://davidalzamendi.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dalzamendi/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/techtalkcorner Brisbane DAMA Branch Deputy President Azure Data Services User Group Organiser Brisbane Data, Power BI and AI Bootcamp Co-organiser

David Barbarin

David Barbarin is Consultat at dbi services with more than 10 years in SQL Server. David Barbarin is SQL Server MVP (since 2010), Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) for SQL Server, and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

David Elliott

David works in the Architecture team at Betfair dealing with Information Management and Analytics. He has worked with the Microsoft BI stack since SQL Server 2000.

David Faibish

David Faibish has over 25 years of experience in software development and product management, mostly in database, data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) applications. David is an 11-year veteran of the BI space, leading BI projects at enterprise software companies like Convergys and Siebel (acquired by Oracle), and presenting at professional conferences on the subject. David headed product management and new technology strategy in the BI space at Hyperroll (acquired by Oracle), and continued to fulfill similar functions as Chief Technology Officer at Zoomix, that was acquired by Microsoft and became Data Quality Services (DQS). David is a graduate of the IDF Computer Science Academy in Israel and headed the Computer Information Department in the IDF Civil Defense Unit.

David Klee

David Klee is a Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert with a passion for the convergence of infrastructure, cloud, and database technologies. David spends his days handling performance and HA/DR architecture of mission-critical SQL Servers as the Founder

David Levy

David is a business-focused Program Manager working closely with our sales and customer success leaders, marketing leaders, and engineering product leaders, to drive a high-quality end-to-end experience for the customer, from the idea to migrate their estate to cloud, to happily running their apps in Azure. This includes engaging with other Azure teams and external partners, to make sure we holistically address application and database aspects of migrations.

David Mitchell

David is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, specializing in Data & AI, mainly focussing on the following areas: • Power BI • Microsoft Fabric • Azure DevOps / DataOps • Azure SQL David has worked in data and analytics since 2009 and previously worked at a Microsoft Gold Partner prior to joining Microsoft. LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmitchell85/

David Morrison

Dave Morrison is a Principle Consultant for Coeo. Having worked in the IT industry for around 16 years his main area of expertise is SQL Server, BI and analytics technologies

David Ong

David is one of Redgate’s Solution Engineers enabling their customers to achieve their DevOps goals. Working across all four pillars of our Compliant Database DevOps approach, David works on both implementation and enablement workflows to ensure the latest developments are communicated to both Redgate's teams and customers across a variety of use cases.

David Pless

David Pless is a Principal Program Manager in Azure Data, based in Titusville, Florida with over twenty years of experience in data technologies. David has been with Microsoft since 2006 and is currently responsible for the SQL Server storage engine. David has a background in SQL Server performance tuning and optimization, Azure Data technologies, SQL Server on Azure SQL Virtual Machines, Power BI and High Availability solutions. At Microsoft David has worked as a Technology Specialist as well as a Premier Field Engineer in Customer Support Services. Before Microsoft, David Pless was a MCS partner consultant and a Database Administrator in Norcross, Georgia. David is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and has spoken a SQLSaturdays, SQLPASS, SQLintersection, Tech Ready, and regularly speaks at the local user groups in the Southeast.

David Postlethwaite

David Postlethwaite works as a SQL and Oracle DBA, Azure admin and DevOps engineer for Banking Circle in Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously he was a SQL Server and Oracle DBA for Liverpool Victoria in Bournemouth, England.

David Suson

David studies the root causes or keystones for success and achievement in the areas of Leadership, Personal Performance, Sales and Communication. He studied over 3,000 top performers to find what the best performing employees do, what the best leaders do, what the best communicators do, and what the best salespeople do. And more importantly, he discovered the roadblocks that hold people back. His analytical skills come from his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and his work at IBM, other tech companies, and working with clients in technology, banking, communications, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution and others. He is an expert in leadership, sales and personal development and brings his insights to you to create breakthrough solutions. David presents over 140 times/year, has spoken to over 200,000 people in 49 states and internationally. He delivers engaging, inspiring and energetic presentations.

David Trigano

Program Manager at Microsoft Haifa Cybersecurity Engineering, working on Azure Security Center team, and more specifically in Data Security.

David Wiseman

SQL Server DBA. Passionate about performance. Dabble in C#.

Davide Mauri

Azure Data Platform MVP for 12 years in a row, now Product Manager in Azure SQL team, focusing on developer experience. Developer at heart, heavy metal lover; once a biker, now waiting for kids to grow old to start to travel the world again.

Deborah Melkin

Deborah Melkin has been working as a database professional with SQL Server for over 20 years. She spends her days helping coworkers with all aspects of database design, queries, performance, documentation, and deployment. In 2016, she began her blog, Deb the DBA. Soon after that, she began speaking at SQL Saturdays and user groups. Deborah is a board member of the New England SQL Server User group (NESQL) and a member of the Azure Data Community Advisory Council. She was named "One To Watch" as part of the #Redgate100 and won Speaker Idol at PASS Summit 2019. Deborah is also a Microsoft MVP for the Data Platform. In her spare time, Deborah can usually be found doing something musical or doing something geeky with her husband, Andy, and dog, Sebastian.

Deepthi Goguri

Deepthi is a SQL Server Database Administrator with several years of experience in Administering SQL Servers. She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft certified trainer and Microsoft certified professional with an Associate and Expert level Certification on Data Management and Analytics. Deepthi blogs for DBANuggets.com. Deepthi is an Co-Organizer for Microsoft Data and AI South Florida user group and Data Platform Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Virtual Group. She is a Volunteer for Data platform Women in Technology user group. She is a Friend of Redgate. Along with this, Deepthi loves arts and crafts. You can contact her on Twitter @dbanuggets.

Dejan Sarka

Dejan Sarka, MCT and SQL Server MVP, is an independent trainer and consultant that focuses on development of database and business intelligence applications. Besides projects, he spends about half of the time on training and mentoring. He is the founder of the Slovenian SQL Server and .NET Users Group. Dejan Sarka is the main author or co-author of nineteen books about databases and SQL Server. Dejan Sarka has also developed many courses and seminars for Radacad, Microsoft, SolidQ, and Pluralsight.

Dell Software

Dell Software makes it easy to securely manage and protect applications, systems, devices and data to help organizations of all sizes fully deliver on the promise of technology. For SQL Server, our Quest IT management solutions ensure database quality, performance and availability to maintain productivity, control costs and protect data.

Denis Reznik

Ukrainian Database geek and SQL community enthusiast.

Denis Selimovic

My name is Denis Selimovic, I am an enthusiastic Power BI user, Speaker, Power BI Super User and co-organizer of the Power BI User Group Switzerland. I work as principal consultant, trainer and mentor in the area of Microsoft Business Intelligence in Switzerland. I have been lucky enough to work with Power BI since its release in 2015 and gain experience in many interesting projects since the beginning. In my blog WhatTheFact.bi I write about everything related to Power BI, best practices, share tips and look forward to exchange with you!

Dennes Torres

Dennes is a DBA and Data Platform MVP living in Malta who loves SQL Server and software development and has more than 20 years of experience. He moved to Malta after more than 10 years leading devSQL PASS Chapter in Rio de Janeiro and now is a member of the leadership team of MMDPUG PASS Chapter in Malta organizing meetings, events, and webcasts about SQL Server. He is an MCT, MCSE in Data Platforms and BI, with more titles in software development. He can be found working for DTower Software and speaking in SQL Saturdays around Europe

Dennis Lloyd Jr

Dennis teaches SQL Server developers about Agile practices such as test driven development and continuous integration. When not teaching, you can find Dennis dancing Argentine Tango.

Denny Cherry

Denny Cherry is the owner and principal consultant for Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting and has over a decade of experience working with platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, Hyper-V, vSphere, and Enterprise Storage solutions. Denny’s areas of technical expertise include system architecture, performance tuning, security, replication, and troubleshooting. Denny currently holds several Microsoft Certifications related to SQL Server 2000 through 2017, including the MCM and MVP.

Denzil Ribeiro

Denzil Ribeiro is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure SQL Database team. He is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and has 20+ years of experience architecting and implementing large SQL Server implementations.

Devang Shah

Devang is a Principal Program Manager specializing in working on terabyte to petabyte-scale big data analytics projects in the EMEA region. He specializes in product innovation, product evangelization, community building, and product adoption strategies. With a strong educational and professional background in technology, software development, cloud adoption, and data analytics, he has spent the last decade advising clients on implementing large-scale and complex software systems, and data analytics solutions. Devang has been involved in producing training content, and tutorials for Microsoft Fabric experiences.

Dian Germishuizen

Cloud Data Engineer that has worked in the industry since 2016. Creating innovative Modern Data Analytics solutions in the cloud.

Diego Freniche Brito

Using computers since '88. In 2010 I quit my job to start freelancing as a Mobile Developer. Done Android, iOS, Appcelerator Titanium and a bit of webOS. Love everything that heats silicon, specially old 80s computers.

Dinakar Nethi

Dinakar Nethi is a Senior Program Manager in the Azure Data team, based in Redmond, WA, USA.

Diogo Martins

I'm Diogo Martins, and my journey has been a dynamic fusion of industrial engineering, technology, sports, and a passion for watches. Studying Industrial Engineering and Management laid the foundation for my analytical mindset and knack for process optimization. I've always been drawn to the tech side of life, constantly exploring new technologies and trends. When I'm not immersed in the professional world, you'll often find me on the Padel court. I'm passionate about the game and strive to bring my A-game every time I play. In addition to my professional and athletic pursuits, I have a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the watch industry. The craftsmanship and timeless elegance of watches have always fascinated me.

Djordje Jeremic

Djordje joined the SQL Managed Instance PM team after 2.5 years in the SQL Managed Instance engineering team specializing in high availability and disaster recovery. Prior to Microsoft, Djordje has 10+ years of experience in developing telecommunication and automotive technologies.

Djordje Marinkovic

Djordje Marinković, Dr.-Ing. Dr. Marinković is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. His focus revolves around building and productizing service components within Azure Data cloud division. He is an experienced professional with a successful track record within the Semiconductor, Electronics and IT industries, where he demonstrated building new business streams from bottom up. Prior to holding multiple business roles, Dr. Marinković was engaged in research in the field of electronics, semiconductors and physics during which period he published multiple papers and chaired IEEE EDERC conference. Dr. Marinković holds a Dr.-Ing. (summa cum laude) from Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, Germany.

Dmytro Andriychenko

Freelance BI Developer/Architect, SQL Server BI MCSE. Have been living and breathing SQL Server and data processing for the last 17 years.

Donald Farmer

What do medieval archaeology, fish farming, Southwestern University of Chongqing and Microsoft Business Intelligence have in common? If you know, you should tell Donald Farmer, because he has been deeply involved in all of them at various times. Donald has worked in the Microsoft Business Intelligence team for 8 years covering many subject areas: data integration, information quality, metadata intelligence, master data management, OLAP, predictive analytics and self-service BI. He is a well-known speaker at Microsoft and other industry events, and the author of several books and articles.

Doug Leal

Enterprise Architect with 20+ years of experience executing key data-centric solutions, big data, cloud, analytics, and data engineering strategies and implementations in both enterprise and consulting capacities. Trusted advisor of enterprise data architecture for existing and new platforms. Machine Learning enthusiast.

Dr András Belokosztolszki

András Belokosztolszki is a software architect at Red Gate Software Ltd. He is a frequent speaker at many UK user groups. He is primarily interested in database internals and change management. At Red Gate he has designed and led the development of many database tools that compare schemata and enable source control for databases (SQL Compare versions 4 to 8), refactor databases (SQL Refactor) and show the history of databases by analyzing the transaction log (SQL Log Rescue). András has a PhD from Cambridge and an MSc and BSc from ELTE, Hungary.

Dr John Tunnicliffe

Dr. John Tunnicliffe is a hands-on architect of BI solutions for the modern enterprise. He inspires development teams to deliver best-in-class systems to meet the most demanding business requirements.

Dr. Dani Ljepava

Dani is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft responsible for product development and business growth of flagship Azure SQL Managed Instance PaaS service. His areas of expertise in Azure SQL domain include high availability, hybrid links, backup and restore, intelligence, monitoring, automatic tuning and user\human interfaces. His experience brings in more than 15+ years of product innovation worldwide starting from Silicon Valley start-ups innovating Internet technologies to enterprise innovation in the intelligent cloud space.

Dr. Joe Perez

Having received advanced degrees in secondary education, Joe began a ten-year career as a high school teacher providing instruction in economics, Spanish, Bible, and computers. While in his teaching career, he furthered his graduate education, earning a doctorate in education with a double-minor in computers and theology. His career focus changed to IT in the early 1990’s when he started as a Computer Consultant at NC State University. Three promotions later, Dr. Perez ended his successful 25-year career at NC State as Business Intelligence Specialist when he took another promotion to become Senior Business Analyst at the NC Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) in the fall of 2017 and has since been promoted to Senior Systems Analyst and Team Lead. In addition to his full-time analytics/BI leadership role at DHHS, Joe was named Chief Technology Officer at a North Carolina corporation in October 2020. A published author with more than 12,000 followers on LinkedIn and several professional certifications, Perez has stayed active in the IT, HHS, and higher education communities as a much sought-after resource, highly-recommended international keynote speaker, data analytics & visualization expert, and specialist in efficiency and process improvement. In 2020 alone, Perez spoke at more than two dozen conferences, and continues to be in high demand in 2021 with more than 40 speaking engagements, expanding his reach into sixteen countries on every inhabited continent on earth, impacting thousands. Through the years, Dr. Perez has never lost his love for teaching, having been a guest speaker for many organizations and internationally-recognized podcasts. When he takes a break from work and speaking, he enjoys spending time with his wife of more than 30 years and their children, whom he says are the "best things that ever happened to me." He also sings, plays the piano, composes songs, and has performed PSA's and voice-overs for schools and other organizations. He also serves as speaker, interpreter, and music director to his church’s Hispanic ministry. If there's any spare time left, he enjoys publishing a monthly military newsletter (as Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot News), working out in the gym, and catching up on Star Trek reruns. "It's a busy life indeed, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I’m a firm believer that if I’m not innovating, then I’m stagnating," says Joe. If you need an experienced, dynamic speaker, Dr. Joe Perez is the right choice.

Dr. Subramani Paramasivam

Dr.SubraMANI Paramasivam is a MVP, Owner of Global AI Meetup & 3 Power BI Groups, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Head of AI, Data Science, ML & BI at DAGEOP Ltd, having 21+ years of AI, Data & BI experience.

Dr. Victoria Holt

Victoria is Data Architect who recently completed a research PhD looking at best practice and database systems management. Received the AOUG Will Swann Award for Innovation and Knowledge Development for Research, and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Dr. Vishal Pawar, Ph.D.

Dr. Vishal Pawar, a 15+ year Data and Analytics visionary who continues to excel in Cloud Analytics as a Principal Architect at Lunavi, shines as a 5-time Microsoft Data Platform MVP and an esteemed member of the Microsoft MVP Reconnect program, alongside being a Microsoft MVP Alumni, while also holding the distinguished title of a 6-time MCT, and has inspired and educated over 130,000 students as an Udemy instructor; as the co-founder of MyCloud.Guide and boasting over 10 professional certificates, Vishal serves as a beacon of excellence, his journey, which began in engineering, led him to achieve a Ph.D. in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Systems, epitomizing the relentless pursuit of knowledge, and beyond his professional accomplishments, he's a devoted family man and mentor, illuminating the path for 130,000+ aspiring professionals worldwide on Udemy and earning a reputation as an international speaker at Microsoft conferences such as Inspire, Build, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Data Conference, where he has shared his expertise on a wide range of topics, from Power Platform to Azure Synapse, and delving into unique areas like the Power BI Report Server; his passion and dedication to empower end-users have even led him to write a book, making complex subjects accessible and easing the journey of those who seek knowledge and mastery.

Drew Skwiers-Koballa

Drew Skwiers-Koballa is a Program Manager at Microsoft in the Azure Data SQL Tools and Experiences team.

Duncan Sutcliffe

I'm a senior architect for Microsoft BI solutions at Hitachi Consulting with over twelve years of designing BI solutions under my belt. I am keen on architecture design, development frameworks and very high quality code.

Dustin Dorsey

Director of Data Management at Lifepoint Health, SQL/Azure cost management specialist, active blogger and speaker, user group leader and co-organizer of SQLSat Nashville.

Dustin Vannoy

Dustin Vannoy is a Data Engineering Consultant with 15 years experience solving business problems with analytics and big data solutions. He is passionate about all aspects of data engineering, especially building data platforms and streaming data pipelines. He currently focuses on building data lakes and data pipelines in Azure with Apache Spark, Kafka, Python, and Scala. Dustin is a technical leader in San Diego and the co-founder of Data Engineering San Diego group. He encourages others to grow their data skills by making tutorials and speaking, particularly around Southern California and Baja California.

Ed Freeman

Ed is an Engineer working at endjin, after graduating from a Mathematics degree 6 years ago. Throughout his tenure at endjin, he has been implementing intelligent cloud & data platforms built on Azure for clients of all sizes and industries. Ed is particularly passionate about Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, and heads-up Power BI Weekly, a free weekly newsletter to help the community keep up with the latest and greatest developments from the Power BI ecosystem.

Ed Oldham

10 Years Experience in Data roles

Ed Yau

Over a 20 year career, Ed has spent his time working on many datacentric challenges. Although I tend to think of myself as more engineer than a data person! These days, I spend my time working with clients to make the most of their data with technologies such Power BI, Azure Synapse and Power Platform.

Eddie Druce

Eddie is an experienced consultant who has worked in the BI industry for over 20 years, delivering solutions for large, global blue chip organisations.

Eduard Erwee

I am SQL Server contractor, doing specialized SQL Server development work in the finance and investment banking industry in London. My employment history include KPMG, JPMorgan , Collins Stewart, Microsoft & T-Systems

Edward Pollack

Ed Pollack has 20+ years of experience in database and systems administration, which has developed his passion for performance optimization, database design, and security. He has spoken at many SQLSaturdays, 24 Hours of PASS, and PASS Summit. This led him to organize SQLSaturday Albany, which has become an annual event for New York’s Capital Region. In his free time, Ed enjoys video games, traveling, cooking exceptionally spicy foods, and hanging out with his amazing wife and sons.

Edwin M Sarmiento

Edwin M Sarmiento is the Managing Director of 15C and specializes in high availability, disaster recovery and containerizing SQL Server

Edwin Sarmiento

Edwin Sarmiento is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP from Ottawa, Canada specializing in high availability, disaster recovery and system infrastructures running on the Microsoft server technology stack.

Eitan Blumin

Eitan Blumin is a SQL Server Database Expert with more than 14 years of experience in all fields relating to Microsoft SQL Server databases. Currently working as a Senior SQL Server Consultant and DBA Team Leader at Madeira Data Solutions in Israel.

Eivind Halmøy Wolden

Eivind is based in the scenic city of Trondheim, Norway. As a dedicated data platform consultant, he advises organizations on optimizing their data strategies. Eivind has a genuine interest in technology, which drives him to continuously explore the intricacies of data management.

Elayne Jones

Elayne Jones is a Data Engineer at 3Cloud. She specializes in data visualization and data modeling using Power BI. She has expertise in developing Power Apps and creating Power Platform solutions that drive efficiency within organizations. Elayne is skilled at querying data using the DAX and SQL languages. Elayne is an experienced Microsoft technology trainer and has authored numerous blog posts expressing her passion for Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Elena Drakulevska

Meet me, a BI Consultant with a Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. With a couple of years of experience in different industries, I bring a unique perspective to the intersection of tech, business, and design. Passionate about both Power BI and UX Design, I find immense joy in combining the two to create impactful data visualizations. When I’m not working magic with data, I can be found exploring the world, picking up new languages, doing yoga, and immersing myself in great books.

Elizabeth Noble

Elizabeth Noble is a Director of Database Development. and the author of "Pro T-SQL 2019". She is also a frequent speaker at SQL Saturdays across the United States and PASS Summit. When she was introduced to her first database over 10 years ago, her whole world changed. Her passion is to help others improve the quality and speed of deploying database changes through automation. When she is not trying to automate all things, she can be found spending time with her dogs, playing disc golf, or taking a walk.

Els van Vessem

Els van Vessem (they/them) works as a BI Consultant/Data Engineer for a national government organization in The Netherlands, after 5 years working in data for organizations in healthcare. They focus on topics of diversity, non-data skills needed for data jobs, compassion and mental health. Outside of work they hang out on bluesky (@geekingthething), help events with their code of conducts and harassment/abuse policies, read a whole lot of books, and spoil their two kitties.

Emanuele Meazzo

I’m passionate about technology since childhood, from consumer electronics to enterprise hardware/software and everything in between. Following this passion, I pursued an education focused on scientific and technical fields, becoming an IT Engineer at the end of my academic career in Milan. I often spend my free time trying to learn something new and be up to date on the topics in my interest, allowing me to maintain and develop my skillset. In these years focused my interests on the Microsoft Data Platform and had the opportunity to attend to a great number of courses and webinars from SQL Server experts from all around the world. During the years, through studies and international experiences with customers (in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc..) and mentors, I’ve developed a transversal knowledge that involves both the elements of an architecture (from the application need, the queries, to the configuration down until the hardware/cloud architecture itself) and how to exploit it in order to give to the business the value that needs. On the job I usually nd myself being the go-to guy that both senior and junior employees approach to tackle particularly tricky issues or asking for advice; I appreciate whenever this happens as I’m stimulated by new problems to solve and I enjoy sharing my knowledge to empower others: In fact, I own a blog dedicated to the Data World, with a special attention to the technical and performance aspects of SQL Server and PowerBI (https://tsql.dev)

Emil Glownia

My name is Emil and love BI and I love teaching BI. Together with my wife Katie, we run a website and a User Group where you can learn more about BI :)

Emilie Rønning

Emilie Rønning, a data girl in an Azure world. She is a senior data engineer, based in Oslo, Norway. In addition to creating well-functioning insights and analysis data platforms, Emilie loves creating and implementing structure and solutions automating manual processes for her clients. When not geeking out, she enjoys a long hike and a night or two in her hammock.

Emily Lisa

Emily is a Program Manager for Azure SQL Database at Microsoft working on High Availability offerings for Azure SQL Database and guaranteeing that customers have the best experience possible. From studying Computer Science and Statistics in college to obsessing over collecting and analyzing data at work, she is passionate about making data driven decisions.

Emma Dolling

Senior consultant at Simpsons Associates focusing on data on the Microsoft platform

Emma Humphrey

Emma thrives on teamwork, self-improvement, and a broad tech horizon. Her career began in Microsoft technologies, but she has since ventured into a diverse range of interests. Her heart lies in the Entertainment industry, where she initiated her career at a game developer. Today, Emma serves as a Solutions Architect on Databricks' Communication, Media, and Entertainment team. With a wealth of certifications, from Microsoft Certified Master, and Databricks Professional to ISO 27001 Auditor and Prosci Change Manager, Emma's dedication to personal growth is undeniable. Her professional journey has featured pivotal roles at Meta, Microsoft, and Coeo, where she excelled in data engineering, architecture, and team leadership. One of her passions is inspiring young people, especially those from diverse backgrounds, to explore careers in the tech world. Emma has actively participated in graduate and intern programs and provided mentorship to 16-18-year-olds. Feel free to reach out and engage in conversation on any of these topics!

Eric Allsop

Eric has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5. He is currently working for IMGroup the MS Worldwide BI Partner for the last 3 years. Prior to this he managed development effort for a number of dotcoms and another consultancy. Eric has presented multiple sessions for UK SQL Server User Group events and written for a number of magazines including Enterprise Server Magazine.

Erik Darling

Is a combination of House of Pain and Bobby Brown

Erik Svensen

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Leader of Power BI Usergroup Denmark - Huge Power BI fan and :-)

Erika Bakse

Erika Bakse began her business intelligence career three years ago when she joined the Data Inspirations team. She has helped develop training curricula for use of the various SQL Server business intelligence technologies and is a contributing author of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Step by Step (Microsoft Press, 2006). Her blog is available at erikasblog.datainspirations.com, and she tweets as @BakseDoesBI

Erin Dempster

Erin is currently the Data Operations Team Lead at Trean Corporation in Wayzata, MN, USA. In 2023, Erin was honored as a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform community activity. She has been working with SQL Server for nearly 20 years, both as a developer and a database administrator. Over the past several years, PowerShell and Azure have become areas of interest.

Erin Stellato

Erin Stellato is a Principal Consultant with SQLskills and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. She has worked with SQL Server since 2003. Her areas of interest include internals, performance tuning, and high and high availability and disaster recovery.

Erland Sommarskog

Erland Sommarskog is an independent consultant from Stockholm. He has been working with SQL Server since 1991. He was first awarded SQL Server MVP in 2001, and has held the award since.

Erwin de Kreuk

Erwin de Kreuk is a passionate Data Platform / Sql Server enthusiast. Working as a Lead Data and AI for InSpark, #1 Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Netherlands. Speaking on different National and International Events.

Erwin Staal

Erwin Staal is an Azure Architect and DevOps Consultant at Xpirit (The Netherlands). He has over more than 10 years of experience with both small and large organizations. He likes to immerse himself in the latest technologies. Currently, he is working a lot with ASP.NET Core, Docker, and Kubernetes. As a DevOps Consultant, he helps companies with the implementation of DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Esther Voituron

My name is Esther and I live in Belgium. With a background in communication, I have been in the data sector for 6 years, using mainly Power BI. I created the Data Organisation agency, focusing on data culture, to help companies better understand, analyze and communicate with data. I am passionate about my job and about building bridges between analytical profiles and business and creative profiles. That's why I offer training and consulting in data visualization, dashboard design, data storytelling, data analysis and data literacy.

Eugene Meidinger

Eugene Meidinger works as a BI consultant and Pluralsight author, specializing in Power BI and Azure. He has been working with data for 10 years and is a Microsoft MVP.

Evan Chomer

A self taught Willy Wonka (Used to work at the HARIBO factory) turned SQL and BI Professional who has set up two BI departments from scratch.

Evangeline White

Evangeline is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft with 10 years of experience spanning data governance, data privacy, data management, and analytics.

Ewan Fairweather

Ewan has worked for Microsoft for seven years. He currently works as a program manager in the Business Platform Division on the SQL Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) working on large scale OLTP SQL applications based in the UK.

Fabiano Neves Amorim

Fabiano loves to conquer complex, challenging problems, especially the ones that others aren’t able to solve. Data Platform MVP since 2011, with over a decade of experience, he is well known in the DB community for his performance tuning skills.

Faisal Hussain

Data Analytics Consultant at Adatis, I have a deep passion for data and a strong commitment to advocating for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Despite my relative youth and fitness, I've come to appreciate the importance of embracing healthy habits from an early stage, and I'm dedicated to continually learning and adopting these positive habits

Falek Miah

Microsoft, Databricks (Spark) and Terraform (HashiCorp) certified consultant with over 15+ years’ technical experience. Specialising in Business Intelligence, Azure Cloud and Power Platform, with extensive experience on delivering end-to-end cloud solutions across a wide range of industries. I am a data, cloud & DevOps enthusiast with a passionate for automation and like sharing knowledge with the data community. I enjoy running, swimming, football and learning new technologies.

Felipe Ferreira

Felipe is a Data Platform Architect at SolidQ based in Brazil and working with customers all over the world in BI and DW projects, being one of the few SQL Server FastTrack specialists and delivering training on this subject to both Microsoft and HP worldwide. He is the president of the Brazil Virtual PASS Chapter (www.virtualpass.com.br) wich has over 600 SQL Server articles and is actively helping the community in presencial and live meeting events. He is also one of the organizers and speaker of the SQL Saturday #100 and frequent speaker in the 24 Hours of PASS Latam, Teched Brazil and other community events.

Felix Möller

Felix has been working as a consultant in the area of Microsoft Analytics for the last decade. After five years of building onPrem Data Warehouses with SSIS and often based on SAP data. The last five years have been with a focus on Azure: Building up data platforms with lots of automation based on Azure DevOps for the components Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure ML, Azure Analysis Services, Azure SQL Database, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake gen2 and with bicep and Terraform.

Florian Eiden

Senior Program Manager for Azure Data. Product Management for Azure Stream Analytics

Francesco Pizzolon

Francesco is a gifted Solutions Architect with an extensive experience in liaising with C-level business executives in the energy, retail, transportation, banking and public sector industry verticals. With a decade of experience in Data Engineering, Francesco is passionate about architecting, delivering, and supporting Data Platform projects.

Francesco Quaratino

Francesco Quaratino is Senior SQL Server DB Administrator & Developer. He has been working with MS-SQL Server for more than 10 years now and he really enjoys his job. He is a MCDBA, MCTS 2005 and 2008, former MCT.

Francisco Gutierrez Gonzalez

A natural data-driven human and passionate about Power BI. I love finding solutions to business problems. Co-organiser of the Power BI Malaga User Group. Owner of the blog www.powerbistyle.com.

Frank Geisler

Frank Geisler is owner and CEO of GDS Business Intelligence GmbH. He is Data Platform MVP, MCT, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Azure Security Engineer Associate, Azure Data Engineer Assoicate and DevOps Engineer Expert In his Job he is building Business Intelligence Systems based on Microsoft Technology, mainly on SQL Server and Power BI and he is also building Azure Infrastructures and Architectures with PowerShell. Besides this he is author of several books including Power BI für Dummies, Azure für Dummies, Docker für Dummies and Pro Serverless Data Handling with Microsoft Azure. He is also a frequent speaker at national and international Conferences including PASS Summit, SQL BITS and SQL Server Konferenz. In 2004 he was Co-Founder of PASS Deutschland e.V. where he is at the board of directors for many years and he runs the Microsoft Data Community Regional Chapter Münsterland.

Frank Gill

Frank Gill is a Senior Consultant at Fortified. With 24 years of IT experience, the first 8 as a mainframe programmer, he has developed a love of all things internal. Over the past several years, he has worked extensively with SQL Server solution in Azure, including Managed Instance. When not administering databases or geeking out on internals, Frank volunteers at the Art Institute of Chicago and reads voraciously.

Freddie Santos

With over 23 years of experience on IT and Data Platform, Freddie had the opportunity to work in different big IT players, supporting and implementing a wide range of Data products. At Microsoft, Freddie worked on different segments and industries with products such as SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Azure SQLDW, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure MySQL and Azure Postgres SQL. With experience working with different stakeholders, Feddie helped to implement, support and optimization of customer workloads, along with architecture and system designs on Data Platform. More recently, Freddie joined the Microsoft Fabric Product group as member of Fabric CAT Team.


Gabi Münster

Gabi Münster (she / her) started working with SQL Server technologies in 2005. After some short excursions into Web Application development and a long and inspiring time as a BI consultant / Data architect at oh22data AG (including experiencing being a Data Platform MVP), she joined Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager at the Fabric CAT team in March 2022. She speaks at regional chapter meetings, national and international conferences. Since 2016 she also supports a regional chapter as co-lead. Apart from BI topics she also supports Diversity topics.

Gail Shaw

Gail is a database specialist from Johannesburg, South Africa, working for Entelect Software.

Gareth Huggins

To be completed

Gary Crawford

Gary is COO at XLCubed. Much of his time is spent liaising with customers and our partner network on their needs within BI, their usage of the XLCubed suite, and ensuring that future development plans incorporate their feedback.

Gary Short

Gary Short works for Developer Express as the Technical Evangelist on the frameworks team. He has a deep interest in technical architecture, especially in the areas of technical debt and refactoring. Gary is a C# MVP and gives presentations at events throughout the UK.

Gary Short

Gary Short is the founder of Darach.ai an AI/ML modelling company that allows you to make better business decisions by predicting the future.

Gaston Cruz

- Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Data Platform. - Member of the Global Microsoft Azure Data Communities Advisory Board - Architected scalable analytics platforms using Snowflake, Synapse, Azure Analysis Services, SSAS, SSRS, Azure Data Factory, SSIS, Matilion to automate ETL workflow. Produced reports and dashboards using Power BI Desktop, Service and Power BI Report Services - Defined governance layer at enterprise level covering Power BI version control, roles and activities, lifecycle management for reporting, RLS management, Azure DevOps integration for data & analytics solutions, and Power BI Premium implementations - Optimized and performance tuned complex Power BI data models using aggregate tables to reduce the model size and increase the performance of the reports. Composite models combining Power BI, AAS, Power BI Premium - Designed and developed Power BI applications integrating other technologies including PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Azure SQL Database and Smartsheet to deliver actionable solutions - Facilitated requirement sessions with business users, provided analytics strategy, and created BI roadmaps - Managed the migration of the entire on-premise IT infrastructure to Azure platform and O365 - Delivered end-to-end BI solutions to Enterprise companies in US and LATAM Industry expertise – Retail, Financial, Minery, Forestal, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing Thought leadership – Speaker at international conferences including MS Build, MS Ignite, MSFT Business Application Summit, SQL Saturdays, Power Platform World Tour, and .NET conference tour. Served as Managing Director for Spain Data Analytics Publication

Gaurav Malhotra

Gaurav Malhotra is a Principal Group Program Manager in the Azure Data Governance team at Microsoft. Gaurav has 10+ years of experience in IT industry shipping scalable, distributed governance, big data services on cloud. Gaurav specializes in data governance, big data integration, helping customers solve data governance, big data analytics challenges by providing patterns, best practices, and solution architecture guidance. He works as a Group Product Manager for Azure Purview, a geo-distributed, unified data governance service in azure to maximize business value of data. Gaurav is passionate about delighting customers, and fostering customer focus culture in teams. Gaurav is a regular speaker at several Microsoft and external conferences related to data governance, big data analytics, enterprise information management, and other data, governance related topics.

Gavin Campbell

After many years working with SQL Server and the Microsoft BI stack my work now revolves around software delivery and infrastructure automation across a range of platforms and tools. I’m also interested in the human aspects of software delivery and the application of systems thinking to the nebulously defined field of “DevOps”.

Gavin Payne

Gavin Payne is a specialist at helping businesses of all sizes grow faster by evolving their analytics, data and cloud capabilities.

Gavita Regunath

Gavita Regunath is a passionate data scientist with Advancing Analytics, a mother, wife, mentor, and addicted to learning new things. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and enjoys fulfilling her STEM role, where she delivers AI and machine learning lessons to primary school children.

geert vanhove

I started my career in IT three decades ago. Since 1994 I chose to focus on databases, first on Sybase, later (1997) fulltime on Microsoft SQL Server. In 2005 I decided to go freelance, mainly focusing on performance tuning of SQL Server OLTP and BI platforms. Between 2005 and 2008 I was fortunate to speak at several events (Open World in Denmark, European PASS conference in Dusseldorf, ...). Since the past few years, I decided to move my focus from on-prem/DBA to cloud/Data engineer-architect. This combination gives me more than enough material to reassure DBA’s who fear from extinctions.

Geoff Clark

Geoff has worked on SQL Server since the original OS/2 Version and the first SQL Beta on Windows NT 3.1. He is an MCM SQL Server 2008

Geovanny Hernandez

Geovanny Hernandez is a Database Engineer and has worked with SQL Server since 2005, he has been working in projects in America and UE for different industries as games online, publishing and banks. He holds MCP/ MCSA / MCTS and MCT certifications

Gerhard Brueckl

Gerhard has been implementing traditional BI and data warehouse solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform for over 15 years and has been sharing his knowledge with the community ever since. With the rise of "Big Data" over the last years he also shifted his interests towards new technologies, mainly related to the Hadoop eco system to fight the masses of data he frequently encounters at his customers. Having this strong background with the Microsoft Data Platform, he always tries to combine this "old" and the "new" world which still have a lot of things in common!

Gert Drapers

Gert Drapers is the Principal Group Program Manager for Project Juneau, the next version of SQL Server developer tooling shipping as part of SQL Server “Denali”.

Gethyn Ellis

Gethyn is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, SQL Server consultant and trainer specialising in the Microsoft Data Platform. Gethyn runs a small consultancy practice in the UK with clients across Europe and North America. The consultancy practice specialises in SQL Server upgrades, migrations to Azure, database security, architecture of highly available data platforms and database performance. Gethyn has published two books relating to SQL Server, one on SQL Server 2014 new features, and another on the Azure IaaS offering. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer for a number of years and has delivered approximately 200 training courses. He maintains a data platform themed blog on his website www.gethynellis.com

Gianluca Sartori

Gianluca Sartori is a SQL Server MVP, independent consultant and performance tuning specialist. He has been working with SQL Server since 1999. He is currently working as lead DBA at a famous Formula 1 team.

Gilbert Quevauvilliers

Co-Organiser of Queensland Power BI User Group, spoken at multiple SQL Saturdays, Difinity in New Zealand, Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Seattle 2018

Ginger Grant

Ginger is a Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer who shares what she has learned working with data technology at clients by providing speaking to people around the world. She maintains an blog at desertisleql.com on these topics.

Giulia Iannucci

Founder of KnowThyBrand Women, Giulia is a social entrepreneur dedicated to helping women in business to build sustainable ventures and career paths. Giulia leverages over 19 years of experience in branding and a proven experience in working with female talent and entrepreneurs to deliver effective gender inclusion solutions. In addition, Giulia is a speaker, a moderator, and the host of the podcast “KnowThyBrand, a podcast to champion gender inclusion”. Always curious and inquisitive, Giulia worked and lived in Spain, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, the UK and Luxembourg.

Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic runs Neuri Ltd, a UK-based consultancy that helps companies build better software by introducing agile practices and tools and improving communication between software teams, stakeholders and clients. His programming story so far includes equity and energy trading, mobile positioning, e-commerce, betting and gaming and complex configuration management. &#x0A; Gojko is the author of several popular printed and online guides on acceptance testing, including Bridging the Communication Gap, Test Driven .NET Development with Fitnesse and Getting Fit with .NET, and more than 200 articles about programming, operating systems, the Internet and new technologies published in various online and print magazines. He is the primary contributor to the DbFIT database testing library which is used by banks, insurance companies and bookmakers worldwide.

Gonzalo Bissio

A truly passionate about SQL Server on all of its editions (that include express as well (?)). I’m speaker of the PASS Argentina chapter, father of Pedro, Fan of Club atletico Independiente from Argentina (Soccer or futbol fan 😛😛) and Rocky Balboa’s Soldier💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻. I have the following certifications -> Microsoft certified trainer, Azure Database administrator, Azure data engineer and Azure administrator but the most important one is that I LOVE AZURE SQL! On all of the versions :P

Gosia Borzęcka

Gosia Borzecka is a Microsoft AI MVP and AI Engineer at Avanade. She is a full-stack .NET and React developer with Office 365 experience. For the last two years, she has been interested in AI and Machine Learning (and Python!), and during her day job, she helped customers bring AI and ML models into the Modern Workplace. Gosia is also an international speaker, co-leader of NottsDevWorksop, and co-leader of AI 42, where she organized a few AI/Office 365 Bootcamps and AI/ML-focused meetings. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GosiaBorzecka Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gosia.ai/ Blog: www.gosiaborzecka.net

Grace O'Halloran

I am a senior Azure data engineering consultant with a passion for infrastructure, networking and security. I also co-founded DevUp, a social mobility initiative for removing barriers to technology.

Grant Fitchey

Grant Fritchey is a Data Platform MVP and AWS Community Builder with over 30 years’ experience in IT, including time spent in support and development. He has worked with SQL Server since 6.0 back in 1995. He has also developed in VB, VB.NET, C#, and Java. Grant has written books for Apress and Simple-Talk. Grant presents at conferences and user groups, large and small, all over the world. He joined Redgate Software as a product advocate in January 2011.

Grant Fritchey

Grant Fritchey, SQL Server MVP, works for Redgate Software as a Product Advocate. He is the author of the books SQL Server Execution Plans (Simple-Talk) and SQL Server Query Performance Tuning (Apress).

Greg Moore

Greg Moore is a graduate of RPI. There, he majored in CompSci, but probably spent as much time hiking, canoeing, caving and rock-climbing as he did studying. He started working with SQL Server 4.21a in 1995 and has survived numerous upgrades. He's been a Director and later VP of IT at several startups including PowerOne Media, TownNews and Traffiq and now consults. These days, when he's not busy with playing with SQL Server or spending time with his family, he can often be found underground caving or teaching cave rescue with the NCRC. While his focus is on the operations side of DBA, his interests include DR, performance and general IT problem solving. He is the author of: IT Disaster Response: Lessons Learned in the Field. In addition he has written a number of articles for Redgate on PowerShell and recently was on a panel for PowerShell at the 2020 Virtual Pass Summit. He is also a 2021 Friend of Redgate.

Gregor Brunner

Working with Power BI for over 7 years Power BI External Tool "Measure Killer"

Gregor Suttie

Azure MVP and an MCT from Glasgow, Scotland, I have a developer and DevOps background in IT spanning 20+ years, I help run the Glasgow Azure User group and I organize the Azure Global BootCamp Glasgow edition. I blog at https://gregorsuttie.com and you can see I am very active in the Azure community on Twitter I'm @gregor_suttie. Awarded the Outstanding contribution to the Microsoft Community UK Winner for 2023.

Grumpy Old DBA

aka GrumpyOldDBA www.grumpyolddba.co.uk. Worked with SQL Server since 6.0 Production DBA who tends to specialise in server and application performance tuning.

Günter Richter

Günter has over 25 years of consulting experience in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, and Management Consulting industries. He has consulted on many projects in the United Kingdom, European Union, Africa, and the USA, delivering solutions to mainly corporate and medium sized organisations. In his consulting career, Günter has gained invaluable experience and insight in many industries including retail, property management, financial services, government and telecommunications. Günter’s strength lies in his deep understanding of both the business and technology fields. He is able to use the synergy of these two closely related subjects to provide creative solutions to the problems that organisations face today.

Guy Glantser

Guy Glantser, Data Platform MVP, is the leader of the Israeli PASS group and also the CEO and founder of Madeira Data Solutions. His career has been focused on the Microsoft Data Platform for the past 20 years.

Haider Raza

Haider has over 25 years of experience pre-dominantly in data. He has designed and implemented multiple greenfield business intelligence applications, data lake and data warehouses. He has worked across industries, across geographies and across customer segments. He is currently working with Microsoft and participate actively in various forums and events talking on topics such as Data strategy, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data modernisation and Open source database technologies

Hamish Watson

Hamish Watson is passionate about community, devops, data and making a difference. Educating and helping others is a driver for Hamish and he speaks both locally and internationally and is a repeat guest lecturer at a local university.

Hasan Savran

Hasan Savran is Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BI Architect and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. He has a unique 13 years background in Information Technology and Business Intelligence systems.

Haydn Durrant

Haydn is a Client Delivery Director for Adatis. He has a track record of successfully shaping, planning, managing, delivering and realising value from corporate business intelligence, CRM and analytics systems over a career that has spanned more than

Heidi Hasting

Heidi Hasting is a Business Intelligence professional and former software developer with over seven years experience in Microsoft products. She is an ALM/DLM enthusiast and Azure DevOps fan and co-founder and organiser of the Adelaide Power BI User Group. Heidi is a regular attendee at tech events including Azure Bootcamps, DevOps days, SQLSaturdays, Difinity and PASS Summit.

Heini Ilmarinen

Heini is a math teacher turned Azure expert. With her background in mathematics and teaching, she has a great passion for problem solving, simplifying complex things and a unique approach to architectures. She is a DevOps Consultant at Polar Squad and a Data Platform MVP, specializing in Azure infrastructure and the data platform. She has been working with customers large and small for the past several years to help them sort out their path to the cloud and make sense of their architecture - both hybrid and cloud. She has worked extensively with both Azure infrastructure and analytics solutions, and makes the most of this skillset in her projects, as well as while speaking. On her free time Heini spends time in the nature, either snowboarding or mountain biking, depending on the season.

Henk van der Valk

Since the introduction of SSIS/SQL2005 Henk has been an international and frequent presenter, who loves to talk & demo about his favorite topic: how to make data perform! Since this year also into Azure GreenOps: how to run your cloud efficient and sustainable!

Henk Vlootman

With a career as an Excel and Power BI consultant and trainer, Henk Vlootman has ample experience in helping organizations get the most out of their data. Being the face of Microsoft’s launch campaign for Power Pivot for Excel in the Netherlands, Henk was one of the first to work with the technology now known as Power BI. Henk has been awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award since 2013. He is founder and former chairman of the Dutch Power BI User Group and a regular speaker at many Power BI-related conferences around the world. He is owner of Quanto, collective analytics together with his compagnon Michiel Rozema. The knowledge of Michiel and Henk are combined in the books they wrote. Their last book "Extreme DAX" - publiced by Packt - is on sale since begin 2022.

Henning Rauch

Henning is a computer scientist and part of the Azure Data Explorer product group.

Henrik Staun Poulsen

Henrik Staun Poulsen has been working with databases for the past 30 years, from early SQL Server 7 to the the best database; Azure SQL Database.

Hollie Whittles

Hollie Whittles is an award winning TEDx speaker and Director of two digital companies – FraggleWorks and Purple Frog Systems. Her passion is to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and ENGAGE. Spending more than 7000 hours speaking to audiences across the UK, she has helped hundreds of business owners to grow their businesses. Hollie is in constant demand. Her charismatic and knowledgeable approach empowers people to get the results they want through adoption of the right technology, strategic planning and digital marketing. Hollie is also the national skills policy champion for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). In 2021, Hollie was awarded in the UK Spotlight Awards for her work in the UK Business Technology Community by CompTIA. In 2020, she was named as one of the top 40 Women in Tech by Digital Women and won the national WomanWho awards in the business networking category. She was presented with a certificate from the British Computer Society for her work in the UK digital industry in 2018. In 2014, Hollie was voted one of the Top 50 Women in Tech by PCR Online and was Woman of the Year finalist.

Hubert Kobierzewski

Hubert works at Cogit as BI Practice Lead (since 2007). He helps customers to gather their data and convert it into valuable information using Microsoft Data Platform technologies. Hubert manages two UG's: Data Community Poland (Warsaw Chapter) and Warsaw Power BI User Group. In his spare time, he teaches DataViz on two universities

Hue Holleran

Hue Holleran specialises in Enterprise and hyperscale cloud solutions as a 25-year veteran professional consultant to 100+ of the largest global brands in various industries .

Hugo Kornelis

Hugo Kornelis is an established SQL Server communiity expert who spends a lot of time at various conferences. He is also a blogger, technical editor of a variety of books, and Pluralsight author. He was awarded SQL Server MVP and Data Platform MVP 12 times (2006 - 2016 / 2019 - now). When not working for the community, he is busy at his day job: freelance database developer/consultant. Hugo has over 20 years of SQL Server experience in various roles. He has a strong database design background, but also loves to write and tune complex queries.

Hylke Peek

Hylke is a BI and Data Analytics consultant. He delivers data and BI solutions for various organizations for more than 10 years. His focus is SQL Server, Azure, Power Platform and Python. But he founds everything interesting, as long as it involves data. Hylke also provides training on these topics and speaks regularly on national and international events. The biggest fun of all this? Gaining new knowledge!

Ian Archibald

Ian Griffiths

Ian has worked in various aspects of computing, including computer networking, embedded real-time systems, broadcast television systems, medical imaging, and all forms of cloud computing. He is a Technical Fellow at endjin

Ian Marritt

I am a Principal Consultant with&nbsp;IMGROUP - a leading Microsoft Information Management consultancy. I've worked as a consultant specialising in information management on the Microsoft platform&nbsp;for over ten years.

Ian Pike

A Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect (Data & AI) working in the Customer Success Unit looking at Databases, Data, AI and Cloud. I enjoy helping customers implement and understand the technologies and solutions available. Currently working on Power BI projects and SQL Migration to Azure for UK and Global customers North West based, involved in local user group activities to promote Microsoft tools and support events.


Inês Portela

Inês Portela is a dynamic and fun-loving portuguese girl who thrives on the challenge of analyzing data and drawing meaningful conclusions from it. She has a knack for uncovering insights, turning numbers into actionable strategies, and has a strong enthusiasm for problem-solving. With a natural curiosity, she is constantly seeking new opportunities to apply her analytical skills and make a positive impact through data-driven decision-making. In addition to her enthusiasm for data analysis, she has a deep love for traveling and immersing herself in diverse cultures

Injae Park

A Swedish-Korean Microsoft MVP in Poland, Injae is a Business Intelligence Technical Lead specializing in Power BI and Azure. He posts Power BI content actively on Youtube and LinkedIn.

Ioana Bouariu

AI, BI and everything data geek. Power BI accidental admin. Programming & automation enthusiast. Co-pilot in a crew of 5.

Ioannis Philippides

Results-driven and highly analytical professional with a proven track record of success in data analysis across various industries including consulting, marketing, insurance, sales, and product development. Adept at identifying key insights and trends within complex datasets, utilizing advanced analytical techniques to inform strategic decision-making and drive business growth. Strong communicator who can effectively present findings to technical and non-technical stakeholders. Skilled in data visualization and the use of various analytical tools and software. Committed to continuous learning and staying current with the latest industry trends and technologies. Ioannis holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from Agricultural University, GR and an M.Sc. in Business Analytics from Essex University, UK, and a Data Science BootCamp Certificate with Le Wagon Berlin - Batch 954.

Isaac Kunen

Isaac Kunen is a senior program manager for StreamInsight, where his most recent work has been on high-availability. Before joining the StreamInsight team, Isaac spent several years on the SQL Server engine team working on contained databases, spatial database support, SQL CLR, and many other aspects of database programmability. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2005, Isaac was a developer at BEA Systems.

Isi Turner

Isi is a Marketing Executive at Advancing Analytics. They've working in marketing in the data space for 3 years, with a keen interest in social media and videography. Outside of marketing, they can be found hiking in the countryside, or curled up with a book.

Itay Braun

2009 - now CTO of Twingo

Itzik Ben-Gan

Itzik Ben-Gan is a T-SQL trainer at and co-founder of Lucient. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author of many T-SQL books, and a regular speaker at SQL Server related conferences.

Iuliana Tuhasu

*Speaker at SQLBITS 2023 *8+ years of experience in Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Big Data Analytics using Microsoft Stack: SQL Server 2008/2012/2016/2019, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Storage, Azure DevOps, C#. *Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

Ivan Donev

Ivan Donev is a Data Platform Architect at the World Bank Group and a MVP Alumni. He is a certified Microsoft Expert and Trainer since 2015. Ivan is passionate about data, knowledge sharing and has experience in setting up large enterprise data solutions, ranging from on-prem Application and Datawarehouse databases, to modern, cloud-native analytics platforms to manage the wealth of data every organization has.

Ivanna Jurkiv Ditlevsen

I am a data engineer that really likes processes and cares way too too much about data quality and documentation. Having began my career as a data analyst in a decentralized self-service setup, I experienced first-hand the pitfalls of bad data and poor governance. Pretty dashboards and large quantities of data equal mean very little if data is of poor quality, documentation is non-existent and roles and responsibilities are not properly defined. And so now in my role of a Data Engineer, I make it a priority to not only understand the new fancy tools but to also make sure that pipelines I build are robust and sufficiently documented and that processes are in place to support them. What keeps me up at night, you ask? Data quality, data catalogues, data governance and all things related to Microsoft data products

Jacek Nosal

Passionate about maps, data and technology with extensive experience in working with BI class systems as well as ERP, BPM and CRM. He started his adventure with Excel from version 7 (it's been 25 years of this acquaintance). Connected with Krakow - always and rather forever. Born with the option of analyzing data and topographical space. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience, he helps to save hundreds of hours needed to successfully implement the planned project within the given time and budget. He loves demanding implementations, if there is such a need, he trains and broadens horizons - his own and clients', obtaining their satisfaction and contentment. By the way, he enjoys observing and disseminating IT knowledge. Seasonally, in his free time, he rides a bike and skis, and throughout the year he plays football and raises three of his children.

Jacqui Read

Jacqui Read (https://jacquiread.com) is an internationally recognised software and enterprise architect with over 13 years of industry experience, and author of Communication Patterns: A Guide for Developers and Architects. She specialises in assisting businesses to create and enhance architecture practices, construct evolutionary architectures, and untangle and extract value from data and knowledge. Alongside consulting, Jacqui teaches public and private workshops and speaks at international conferences on topics such as architecture decisions, technical communication, and architecture practices. She also runs software architecture katas for teams and companies. Her professional interests include collaborative modelling, knowledge management, DDD, and sociotechnical architecture. Outside of work she enjoys gardening and attempting to strum her ukulele and sing at the same time.

Jakub Szymaszek

Jakub Szymaszek is a Program Manager working on security technologies for the Azure data platform. He has shipped multiple features in Azure SQL and SQL Server, including Azure Active Directory authentication, Transparent Database Encryption, Always Encrypted, and ledger. Jakub has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences, including Ignite, PASS Summit, SQL Bits, and Tech Summit.

Jakub Szymaszek

Jakub Szymaszek is a Program Manager in the SQL Team at Microsoft. He has worked on multiple SQL technologies, including Azure Active Directory authentication, Database and Always Encrypted and confidential computing. Before joining Microsoft, Jakub was a consultant and a technology instructor at Salesforce and Boland Software, and prior to that, he was a researcher at the Institute of Computer Science at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. Jakub holds MSc and PhD in Computer Science from UST.

Jakub Szymaszek

Jakub Szymaszek is a Program Manager working on security technologies for the Azure data platform. He has shipped multiple features in Azure SQL and SQL Server, including Azure Active Directory authentication, Transparent Database Encryption, Always Encrypted, and ledger. Jakub has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences, including Ignite, PASS Summit, SQL Bits, and Tech Summit.

James Boother

James Boother is a Principal Consultant and Microsoft Certified Master working for Coeo following 15 years experience within the software industry. James helps Coeo's clients scope, design, deploy and performance tune their Microsoft SQL Servers

James Broome

James has spent nearly 20 years delivering high quality software solutions addressing global business problems, with teams and clients across 3 continents. As Director of Engineering at endjin, he provides technology strategy, data insights and engineering support to organizations of all sizes - from disruptive B2C start-ups, to global financial institutions - to enable them to deliver on the vision of a modern, data-driven, cloud-first organization.

James Dales

James is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Azure Data Platform and Visualisation Practice Director at Altius Consulting. Author of the Icon Map Power BI custom visual.

James Hutton

James is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

James McGillivray

James McGillivray, Data Management and Analytics MCSE, has been working in Business Intelligence for over a decade. He spends his working hours building solutions that allow people to make informed decisions. quickly and accurately. He is a Director at South African Data Consultancy, Cobalt Analytics. Before his career in data, James was an avid musical theatre student and musician. This love for performance has developed into a passion for developing and delivering presentations that are informative and enjoyable. James speaks frequently at Data Community Events, and has presented at some of the most well-known Data Events around the globe, including PASS Summit, SQL Bits and the Power BI World Tour.

James Reeves

Having worked in the data world for over 15 years I am passionate about solving challenges and helping people to jump over their own hurdles. Data discovery is like being a detective!

James Reeves

Allow us to introduce James Reeves, the data enthusiast who's on a mission to turn data chaos into architectural awesomeness, all while navigating the whims of an ADHD-powered mind – it's a bit like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle, but he makes it work! 🏢 Armed with an in-depth understanding of Microsoft's Data Platform, James works his magic to transform raw data into valuable insights. He's like a data architect with a superhero cape, bringing order to the digital universe. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Juggling his technological expertise with his responsibilities as a father, James is a skilled multitasker. Whether he's troubleshooting code or keeping up with his young children, he's well-equipped to handle it all. 🧭 Taking the lead at the Microsoft Data User Group, James fosters a community of data enthusiasts who share knowledge and ideas. He's the data guru you can count on for thoughtful insights and a friendly chat. 🔌 SQL is James's playground. He talks about structured query language with such enthusiasm that you might just find yourself wanting to join the SQL fan club – no secret handshake required. 🎅 Beyond the tech, James has a heart of gold. He's your annual charity Santa, spreading joy and warmth during the holiday season. It's his way of giving back and making the world a better place. In short, James Reeves is your go-to data maestro, combining technical expertise with a warm heart. He's all about turning data challenges into opportunities, with a sprinkle of ADHD-powered focus, and bringing people together in the process.

James Rowland-Jones

James is the Product Management Lead for SQL Server Big Data Clusters. He is passionate about delivering highly scalable solutions that are creative, simple and elegant. You can find him on twitter @jrowlandjones.

James Serra

James is a Microsoft data platform solution architect in the New York Metro area. He specializes in the use and application of big data and advanced analytics on-prem, in the cloud, and hybrid.

James Skipwith

James is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server, developer, and automation junkie He loves nothing more than making things that are large, fast, and low maintenance.

James Ward

James is a Sr. IT Architect at Protective Life where he focuses on master data management and Power BI. Before Protective, he worked for a decade in healthcare analytics and has an early educational and professional background in Finance and Accounting. Outside of work he enjoys adventures outdoors, especially in his home of Colorado, USA.

James Yarrow

Passionate about database engines and sharing some of my learnings on our journey

Jamey Johnston

Jamey Johnston is a Senior Data Scientist/Engineer for a large independent oil and gas company. He currently works on data gathering, cleansing, and statistical/predictive modeling using R, Python, and SAS. He has worked with data for over 25 years!

Jamie Thomson

Jamie has been a SQL Server MVP since January 2006 due largely to his contributions to the SSIS user community. He is a freelance SQL Server developer based in London.

Jan Pieter Posthuma

Jan Pieter Posthuma is a Microsoft Data Consultant at DataScenarios (The Netherlands) and speaks frequently about different subject related to Power BI and the Azure Data platform .

Jan Rokicki

Microsoft data platform expert and Azure solutions architect with passion for secure, high-performance, maintainable data-driven applications that can be deployed with confidence on-premises and in the cloud. Blogger and frequent speaker.

Janus Yde Søndergaard

Independent BI consultant with extensive experience in all phases of the BI development on Microsoft SQL Server, Azure and Power BI.

Jared Poche

Jared Poche began working with SQL Server as an instructor for certification classes and has a passion for teaching and performance troubleshooting. Jared spent 10 years providing customer support at Microsoft, most recently as a Sr. Support Escalation Engineer. Jared is currently a database engineer working as a Database Engineer for ChannelAdvisor, blogs about his recent experiences, and is developing online SQL Server courses.

Jason Bonello

A Data Analytics/BI Consultant at Adatis with 10 years experience, working in different roles with data. He has been part of SQL-based, information systems and data solution projects in various industries using both on-premises and on-cloud solutions

Jason Horner

Hi, my name is Jason I'm a Independent consultant and trainer focused on the Azure Data Platform. I spend most of my day helping clients solve business problems mostly in the Data and Advanced Analytics spaces. Sometimes this involves various and sundry cloud technologies including Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Databricks, HDInsight and Azure SQL Database. I'm fluent in several languages including: SQL, C#, Python, and PowerShell. I'm a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server (MCM) and have been recognized for my technical excellence and evangelism efforts by Microsoft by being previously awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the 6 years. I'd love to speak at your upcoming event or user group don't hesitate to email me or reach out on linkedIn or twitter. In my off hours I like to snowboard, karaoke, ride roller coasters and play arcade games

Jason Romans

Jason Romans is a Business Intelligence engineer in Nashville, TN working with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. Jason started his career as a DBA and over the years moved to working in his passion of Business Intelligence and data modeling. His first computer was a Commodore 64 and he's been hooked ever since.

Jason Thomas

Jason is a BI consultant since the past 5 years and is enthusiastic about anything remotely related to SSAS and SSRS. He is often to be found tweeting on these topics at @de_unparagoned or blogging at http://road-blogs.blogspot.com

Jasper Smith

Jasper is a member of the Database Services team at Nationwide Building Society focussed on High Availability, Scalability, Performance Tuning and Monitoring. He has been a SQL Server MVP since 2003 and runs www.sqldbatips.com with a focus on providing free tools for the SQL Server community including ExpressMaint, SQL 2005 Service Manager and Reporting Services Scripter.

Javier Villegas

Javier Villegas is IT Director (DBA & BI Services) at Mediterranean Shipping Company with more than 20 years of experience working with SQL Server, Including Azure SQL. His specialization is Administration, Performance Tuning, High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Javier is a Microsoft MVP Data Platform since 2016 and MCT He is a frequent speaker in technical conferences and events such as SQL Saturdays, PASS Virtual Groups, PASS Marathons, 24 Hours SQL PASS , vOpen , GroupBy , Data Saturdays and Azure Global Bootcamps. He is one of the group leaders of SQL Argentina Community and Microsoft Azure Data Advisory Board Member

Jayesh Pawar

17 + years of hands on experience on data analytics across variety of tools ranging from Oracle BI , SAP BW , Teradata to Microsoft suite . I have tailored my career now on Microsoft Azure Data platform and have more than 8 years of experience in Azure . previously having worked with large FMCGs and Utility organisations for most of my career now I am currently leading multiple data solution projects in Government healthcare and Local councils. I am based in South Croydon and married with 2 children 9 and 3 who have spurred by data awareness beyond imagination. I look forward to this opportunity

Jean Joseph

Highly experienced in Big Data and traditional data technologies with a history of successes in designing, implementing complex technical projects for diverse businesses in various stages of their development. Acknowledged as a leader capable of mentoring teams of different backgrounds and talents and inspiring individual efforts to deliver. Organized and detail-oriented, with a positive pro-active and hardworking attitude. Performance history reflects a highly analytical strategic thinker with strengths in defining solutions and executing programs that have been invaluable to an all-encompassing range of projects and positions.

Jean-Pierre Riehl

Obsessed by Data, Power BI Fan, Innovation-driven, Business-oriented, Artificially-Intelligent, Community leader, I drive innovation and tech-passion at Avanade (after doing the same thing at Azeo for 10 years before being acquired by Avanade). I work for more than 20 years on challenging projects, from web to IoT including a lots of Data and AI. I am awarded as Data Platform MVP since 2008 and I’m intensively involved in French Communities.

Jeff Iannucci

Jeff Iannucci is a Senior Consultant with Straight Path Solutions. With over 20 years of experience with SQL Server development and administration, he enjoys sharing what he's learned by speaking, blogging, and creating video content. He has been a speaker at PASS Data Community Summit, is a content author for Pluralsight, and is also author of the upcoming book "Learn SQL in a Month of Lunches".

Jeffin Mathew

I am a data analytics consultant working at Adatis Consulting, studied BSc Business Information Systems at the University of Portsmouth.

Jennifer McCown

Jen McCown is an MCM in SQL Server, and co-owner of MidnightSQL Consulting, LLC and MinionWare, LLC. She produces IT training material for MidnightDBA.com, including training videos, the DBAs@Midnight webshow, blogs, reviews, and podcasts.

Jennifer Stirrup

Jen Stirrup, recently named as one of the top 9 female Business Intelligence experts globally, is a well-known Business Intelligence & Data Visualization expert, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, author & worldwide technical community leader.

Jennifer Stirrup (She/Hers)

Jen Stirrup is a #1 Amazon bestselling author and recognized leading authority in AI and Business Intelligence Leadership, a Fortune 100 global speaker, and has been named as one of the Top 50 Global Data Visionaries, one of the Top Data Scientists to follow on Twitter and one of the most influential Top 50 Women in Technology worldwide. Jennifer Stirrup is the Founder and CEO of Data Relish, a UK-based AI and Business Intelligence leadership boutique consultancy delivering data strategy and business-focused solutions. Jen has clients in 24 countries in 5 continents, and her client list includes Microsoft, the NHS, the UK and Northern Ireland Governments, The Ashridge Hult Business School, CBS Interactive, O’Reilly, and Virgin Atlantic. Jen contributed to the Winning Mindset book which made the Number 1 bestseller slot in Organizational Change on the Amazon US booklists. She holds postgraduate degrees in AI and Cognitive Science. Jen has authored books in data and artificial intelligence has been featured on CBS Interactive and the BBC as well as other well-known podcasts, such as Digital Disrupted, Run As Radio and her own Make Your Data Work webinar series. Jen has also given keynotes for colleges, universities, as well as donating her expertise to charities and non-profits as a Non-Executive Director. Jen’s keynotes are about AI Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion in Technology 3. Digital Transformation 4. Business Intelligence. All of Jen’s keynotes are based on her two decades plus of global experience, dedication, and hard work.

Jens Vestergaard

Jens has been working with Microsoft Business Intelligence for more than a decade, with particular interest to Analysis Services. Jens is also currently managing Azure for the CatMan Solution application.

Jeremy Kashel

Jeremy is a Principal Consultant with Adatis, where he specialises in delivering BI and Data Warehousing projects using the Microsoft BI stack. He blogs at http://blogs.adatis.co.uk/blogs/ and is currently writing a book on Master Data Services.

Jerry Nixon

Jerry Nixon, an Engineer based in Colorado, is a Product Manager at Microsoft on the Azure Data Platform, focusing on SQL Developer Experiences. With more than two decades of experience, he excels in developing, designing, and delivering software. He's spoken at tiny venues and giant launch events. He's trained thousands of developers. Jerry is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Colorado Christian University in Denver. As a seasoned author and creator, he hosts shows like Open at Microsoft, DevRadio, and SQL Tips for Developers. He also trains in public speaking. Advocating for users and clean, maintainable code, Jerry's core passions lie in accessible design, data engineering, and plain-ole software development. Throughout his tenure at Microsoft, Jerry has collaborated closely with flagship product teams. He has a deep history of field engineering for Microsoft's largest customers and craziest products. While most of his days revolve around Outlook, Visual Studio, and online Docs, what he enjoys most is teaching his three beautiful daughters Star Trek character backstories and episode plots.

Jes Borland

Jes Borland is a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft who has experience with wide range of SQL Server features from version 2005 through 2017, and is on the cutting edge with Azure technologies.

Jes Schultz

Jes Schultz is a Program Manager for Azure Arc-enabled Data Services at Microsoft who has experience with a wide range of SQL Server features from version 2005 through 2019, and is on the cutting edge with Azure technologies. Since graduating Fox Valley Technical College with an IT-Programmer/Analyst degree, Jes has worked as an SSRS developer, DBA, and consultant. Before joining Microsoft, Jes was a six-time Data Platform MVP, recognized for her community work. Jes tackles every project and problem with tenacity and her enthusiasm is unmatched in the SQL Server community. In her free time, Jes never stops moving, and counts fitness, coffee, cooking, and travel as essentials in life.

Jese Navaranjan

Currently working for Avanade as a Power Platform Technical Architect. I am a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and also have the MCSE qualifications. I have also done all the PL exams! My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jwxUwf9RPVWmZplgutj4A?view_as=subscriber

Jess Meats

Jess Meats got a Masters in Maths and Computer Science at York. She then went straight to Microsoft as a SharePoint specialist, now a Partner Technology Advisor for SharePoint and BI. In her spare time, she juggles, studies kung fu and writes novels.

Jess Pomfret

Jess Pomfret, started working with SQL Server in 2011 and enjoys the problem-solving aspects of performance tuning and automating processes with PowerShell. She's originally from Wiltshire but spent the last 14 years living in Ohio, USA.

Jessica Benedecti

Jessica is qualified professional with more than 15 years of experience in Project Management in several areas as Financial Services, Shared Services, Civil Engineering, Controlling and Planning Strategies, Merger & Acquisition, IT Technology, while occupy positions in regional and multinational organizations, vision oriented to business needs.

Jessica Jolly

Jessica Jolly is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who helps businesses, non-profits and individuals improve their business intelligence skills, bit by byte. She runs her own business, ALT-Enter, LLC. Before her reinvention as an entrepreneur (after 50!), she worked for Unilever, a global consumer products company, for 27 years, in a variety of managerial roles. Her business practice focuses on data visualization tools, specifically Microsoft's Power BI platform. She is living proof that you can cry through every math class you ever had, and still fashion a career that focuses on data, charts, visuals, and code. When she is not training other adults, she is volunteering at her local public library, knitting and quilting (a refuge from all of the technology!), reading about the Civil War, swimming, gardening, biking and hiking. She blogs (sporadically) at www.altentertraining.com, tweets very occasionally at @JBJ2110. You can connect with her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ALTEnter/ or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicabjolly/ .

Jessica Stevens-Taylor

Jess is not currently presenting

Joana Barbosa

Joana works at Devscope, where she has been knocking data out using BI data tools, mostly focused on the Microsoft stack. Whatever the architecture the goal is to build solutions that not only provide value to its users but are also clear enough so that everyone in the target business can explore with ease.

João Marcelino

I began my career in the business and financial world. Now I live and breathe IT and data: modelling, analysis, dashboards and visualizations. I am passionate about knocking down data with Microsoft tools and the way Power BI helps us problem-solving and improve inefficiencies. I love spreading the word about Power BI and recently became Super User in the Power BI community.

Joe Billingham

Data aficionado with experience in SQL Server, SSIS, Azure Data Factory, Synapse, Power BI, Data Warehousing and much more. I also like to think I can play the guitar.

Joe Chan

Software engineering and data engineering solution architecture experience.

Joe Chang

Joe is a freelance consultant specializing in SQL Server scalability. The common approach to database performance tuning seems to be a laundry list of techniques with no unifying theme. Try random items until something works. Over time, one might develop a feel for what is likely to work in a given situation. This is art. Science is about knowledge. This starts with reverse engineering the details of the SQL Server cost based optimizer, and then developing a quantitative model for the true cost of SQL operations, until one can predict performance characteristics in advance. Joe has also develop several free tools (www.qdpma.com) for SQL Server performance troubleshooting.

Joe Pollock

Joe Pollock manages the Dedicated Support Team at Coeo, and has been working with SQL Server for over 20 years.

Joel Gagnon

Joel Gagnon is the CEO of Premium Analytics, a business intelligence consulting company based in Montreal, Canada. He has supported managers of large organizations with the deployment of Microsoft BI solutions since 2013. He is also a regular speaker in various Power BI User groups.

Joelle Mason

Joelle is the HR Generalist for Iteration Insights, a Microsoft Solutions Partner in Data and AI located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary with a Major in English Literature and a Minor in Sociology. She is also a graduate of Bow Valley College with a Business Administration Diploma specializing in Human Resource Management and is in the final phase of her Validation of Experience towards receiving her CPHR designation from the Chartered Professionals of Human Resources Management Association of Alberta. Joelle knows when done at the strategic level Human Resources drives organizational and societal change through individual connections. Her passion is to create win/win solutions for both people and the business.

Joey D'Antoni

Joseph D'Antoni is a Principal Consultant at Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting, and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 20 years of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He is a frequent speaker at major tech events like Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit and Enterprise Data World. He blogs about all topics technology at joeydantoni.com. He believes that no single platform is the answer to all technology problems. He lives in Malvern, PA and holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from North Carolina State University, and is the co-author of the Microsoft book "Introducing SQL Server 2016"

Johan Ludvig Brattås

Johan Ludvig is a managing consultant at Capgemini. He has worked With MS SQL Server since late 1999, but these days finds himself mostly in the cloud.

John Kerski

John leverages his 10+ years of technical and government leadership experience to help Federal Agencies, and private sector clients utilize Microsoft products to their fullest potential. His certifications with Microsoft products offers customers a high rate of return when looking to invest in Microsoft solutions.

John Martin

John Martin is a Data Platform Engineer working in the financial sector as well as Director-at-Large for the PASS organisation and currently a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

John Martin

John is an experienced data platform professional having spent over a decade working with various data and cloud platform technologies, specialising in Microsoft SQL Server wherever it is deployed. In this time John has learned how to get the most out of these platforms as well as the key pitfalls that should be avoided.

John Mccormack

I'm John McCormack. I've been working with SQL Server since 2012. I also work with Azure & AWS cloud solutions. I hold the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics and I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

John Morehouse

John is a Consultant with Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting helping clients all over the world achieve top performance with their Microsoft SQL Server environment. He is a frequent speaker at SQL Saturday events as well as other IT conferences.

John Sterrett

John's experience leading large technical teams in complex environments has made him a global expert in performance and scalability. John speaks at conferences around the world on database strategy and topics related to performance tuning, development, and cloud computing. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and former Microsoft MVP. He is the principal consultant and founder at Procure SQL.

John Welch

John Welch works at SentryOne, where he leads the development of a suite of products that empower the Microsoft data professional to achieve breakthrough performance in their solutions.

Johnny Winter

Johnny currently works as a consultant for Advancing Analytics. He’s been working with Business Intelligence software since 2007, specialising in the Microsoft data platform since 2016. He’s a self-confessed Business Intelligence geek and in his spare time runs the website and YouTube channel Greyskull Analytics, where he likes to nerd out about all things Power BI.

Jon Lunn

I'm a Pie Chart hating, Business Intelligence Consultant focused on the Microsoft SQL Server Platform and the Azure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS stack of tools, such as Azure SQL Database, Data Factory and other Azure services. Most of my work is in the architecture, design and implementation of Data Warehouses/Marts and other analytical databases. As well as implementing the technology, I do Technical Pre-Sales, helping the client understand the technology and matching it with their business requirements.

Jon Reade

A SQL server DBA for over 15 years, SQL Server 2008 MCITP &amp; MCTS, Jon has spoken at SQLBits8 in Brighton and at the SQLRelay event in 2011.

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan has been working with SQL Server since 1999. He enjoys performance tuning, development and using SQL Server to provide appropriate business solutions. He is the founder and leader of the Data South West http://www.datasouthwest.co.uk

Jonathan D'Aloia

I have been working with the Azure BI stack for over 4 years now and specifically have a passion for DevOps within the data space. My particular focus now is automating Infrastructure deployments through Azure DevOps pipelines, to streamline and simplify on going deployments which improve stability withing cloud data platforms. I started working on Data Warehouses and designing and improve existing data models but as the Azure BI stack evolved over the years, my interest turned more into the underlying Infrastructure that was hosting the Data Platforms, which is when I turned my attention to Azure DevOps and automation processes such as CI/CD. I have experience in working with Infrastructure as code languages such as BICEP, Terraform and ARM templates, I also write and design YAML templates to automate the deployment of the Infrastructure as well as pipelines to deploy the code base to these resources. Automation is key!

Jonathan Kehayias

Jonathan Kehayias is a SQL Server MVP and Principal Consultant with SQLskills.

Jordan Witcombe

Jordan Witcombe is a data engineer, gym goer, surfer and meditator. Let's be honest, navigating the data labyrinth can be mentally exhausting. That's where mindfulness comes in. Jordan understands the unique challenges faced by data professionals and advocates for a holistic approach to career success. Blending technical expertise with practical tips for mental well-being. At SQLBits he will offer you not just a break from data's daily grind but the mental toolkit you need for a smoother professional journey.

José Barbosa

More than 20 years in the SQL Server world, using the Microsoft BI stack

José Calheiros

José Calheiros is a dynamic IT professional with a diverse background that uniquely equips him for the world of SQL and data analytics. With a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a specialization in Automation and Robotics, he possesses a solid foundation in engineering. His journey continued with a Master's in Engineering and Industrial Management, providing him with a strong understanding of business processes and strategies. José's commitment to excellence is underscored by his Microsoft certifications in Data Engineering and Data Analytics, showcasing his dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry. Moreover, he leverages his technical expertise not only through his role as a BI and Data Consultant at Devscope but also by creating informative technical videos and blog articles for the company. José's career has been a progression from Process Engineer to Automation and Robotics Engineer, followed by roles as an ERP Consultant, culminating in his current position as a BI and Data Consultant at Devscope. With his knowledge and career experience, José Calheiros aspires to drive further automation and innovation in the IT domain, creating a more streamlined and efficient future.

Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz

José Manuel Jurado currently works as Escalation Engineer and SME in Azure SQL Database at Microsoft Spain. With over 20+ years of experience in SQL Server environments he is a speaker for internal events at Microsoft and for public events.

José Mendes

A Principal Data Analytics Consultant working for Adatis Consulting with experience in delivering Microsoft Azure/ SQL Data Analytics solutions across a range of industries.

Joseph Sirosh

Joseph Sirosh is the Corporate Vice President of the Data Group, leading Microsoft’s Database, Big Data and Machine Learning products.

Josephine Bush

Josephine Bush has over 10 years of experience as a Database Administrator. Her experience is extensive and broad-based, including in financial, business, and energy data systems using SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. She is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics. She holds a BS in Information Technology, an MBA in IT Management, and an MS in Data Analytics. She is the author of Learn SQL Database Programming published by Packt in May 2020. She blogs on sqlkitty.com and you can reach her on Twitter @hellosqlkitty.

Josh Luedeman

Josh is a Principal Engineer with Azure Engineering's CXP team at Microsoft, focusing on Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud Architecture. He is a regular speaker at Professional Association of SQL Server(PASS) events, Code on the Beach, the PASS Summit, Microsoft Ignite, and other IT conferences. He has worked in IT for over 10 years and currently works with customers in industries like Higher Education, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Software Development to help them migrate their workloads to the Azure cloud.

Juan Moreno Romo

I have been working for more than 20 years in developing and data base technologies. Currently I am happily working in Microsoft, based in Madrid (Spain), focused in SQL Server Business as Support Escalation Engineer for SQL Server Core EMEA

Juho Innanen

Juho has been working with data for over 10 years. He began his journey in customer-facing roles as a data analyst and trainer, and today, he serves as the Lead Power BI consultant in a digital agency.

Just Blindbæk

BI architect with extensive experience in all phases of BI development on Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Fabric and Power BI. Founder and coordinator of Microsoft Business Intelligence Professionals Denmark (MsBIP.dk) and Power BI UG Denmark (PowerBI.dk). Is a Microsoft Certified Trainer at Orange Man.

Justin Bird

Justin is a Data Professional, STEM Ambassador and a Microsoft Certified Professional & Trainer. He organises Data South Wales User Group and oneline conference #DataWeekender. He volunteers at a handful of other data community events. He's also a Friend of Redgate. A passionate Welshman, loves his football, should have been a Jedi...

Justin Langford

I am Chief Executive and co-founder at Coeo, a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server and Data Platform MVP. I have co-authored three books on SQL Server and I regularly present at industry and community events. At Coeo we help customers get more from their data and their investment in the Microsoft platform, and my role involves helping our customers with strategic technology choices and roadmap. I work with our customers to ensure we provide expertise to reduce risk and accelerate project delivery and ensure true business value is realised early and maximised through operational capability. I live in London with my wife where we enjoy long river walks, I love travelling and sailing on the south coast of England and in warmer climates too.

Kagan Arca

I am Premier Field Engineer for BI &amp; SQL Server. I am based in UK. I specialize Business Intelligence solutions based on Analysis Services mainly investment bank market. I have been working with BI technologies for 10 years.I am currently working with Investment bank for considerably big project with 4TB cube size with 1 billion rows per day. Other than BI, I do snowboarding &amp; I like travelling.

Kalen Delaney

Kalen Delaney has been working with SQL Server for over 32 years, providing advanced SQL Server training to clients around the world. She SQL Server MVP for 25 years before joining Microsoft where she writes and delivers SQL Server training.

Kamil Nowinski

Blogger, Speaker, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, MCSE. Principal Microsoft Consultant at Altius Data.

Karel Coenye

Karel Coenye a senior SQL Server trainer and Consultant at Kohera, has been working with SQL Server in different roles since 1999. Currently working on different database projects as SQL architect while coaching and training other DBAs and developers. Experienced in both full development-environments as in production environments with large server with multiple large databases specialized in tuning, tweaking and monitoring. His IT passion drives him towards the physical and virtual bottlenecks while seeking ways to push systems towards their limits.

Karen Lopez

Karen Lopez is a Sr. Project Manager and Architect at InfoAdvisors and Microsoft MVP, specializing in the practical application of data management principles.

Karim Ourtani

Karim Ourtani works as a developer for the Flemish Department of Care and is a member of the board at dataMinds, the Belgian Data Platform User group. He is also track owner at Techorama for Data, Power BI, SQL Server, AI and Fabric He has been working with SQL Server Since 1998 (version 6.5). After working in the Banking Sector in London he moved onto various web projects where SQL Server was at the core of all his undertakings. Upon his return to Belgium he initially focused on the BI capabilities of SQL Server as well as Database Programming, but since joining the Flemish Government in 2012 he has been focused on web and application development with C#.

Karl Grambow

20+ years experience working with SQL Server and building high-performing teams

Kasper de Jonge

Kasper de Jonge is a Principal Program Manager on the Power BI team at Microsoft.

Katherine Bean

Dr Katherine Bean specializes in building exceptional businesses. She is a storage expert and developer, from her days developing SAN storage at IBM. She now works as a consultant internationally, bringing advanced technology into businesses.

Kathi Kellenberger

Kathi Kellenberger is the editor of Simple Talk at Redgate and a Data Platform MVP. She has worked with SQL Server since 1998 and has authored, co-authored, or tech edited over twenty technical books. Kathi is the co-leader of the Data Platform Women in Technology Virtual Group and a volunteer at LaunchCode. When Kathi isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cycling, singing, and climbing the stairs of tall buildings.

Kay Sauter

Kay Sauter has been working with SQL Server since 2013. His expertise covers SQL Server, Azure, Data Visualization, and Power BI. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Kay blogs on kayondata.com and is actively involved in various community projects like Data TGIF, databash.live and Data Platform Data Platform DEI Virtual Group. He is based in Zurich, Switzerland and in his free time, together with his wife, he loves to travel to discover new cultures and perspectives.

Keith Atherton

Published LinkedIn Learning instructor, Power Apps Super User, public speaker, blogger, and mentor. Versatile Microsoft certified full stack senior software developer and architect with over 20 years' international experience of leading and developing software solutions in permanent and contract roles for sectors including finance, manufacturing, retail, and game development. Trained and experienced in project management, leading teams, coaching, and mentoring. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, extensive experience liaising with business stakeholders and clients of all levels on small- and large-scale projects at every stage of the software development lifecycle. You can find me on Twitter at @MrKeithAtherton

Keith Burns

Keith began his career at Dec as a database consultant for Rdb/VMS. For the past 15 year he’s worked for Microsoft supporting SQL Server in a variety of roles. His experience goes back to V4.2 on OS/2 (before Windows NT was released). For a number of years he work with large Enterprises installing large scale OLTP systems and Data Warehouses. Currently he works with ISV’s who are looking to become early adopters of SQL Server 2008.

Kellyn Gorman

A talented and accomplished technical evangelist and professional geek- Azure Data Platform Architect in Oracle On Azure, Power BI and AI for EdTech at Microsoft. A proud member of Oak Table and Oracle ACE Director Alumnus and former Idera ACE.

Ken Van Hyning

Principal Group Engineering Manager for the SQL Client Tools (Azure Data Studio, SSMS, SQLPS, etc.) 20+ years at Microsoft and joined SQL Server in 2007.

Kendal Van Dyke

Kendal is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft leading the Early Adoption Program for the next version of SQL Server. He also helps document, share, and evangelize new SQL Server features with the customer community, Microsoft field, Microsoft CSS, partners, and the overall Microsoft eco-system.

Kerry Kolosko

Kerry is a Data Visualization consultant hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in psychology and the social sciences and over ten years reporting experience across a range of industries, Kerry brings a considered and creative edge to BI and data visualization.

Kevin Chant

Established SQL Server DBA with over 23 years experience in the IT sector. originally from the UK and now living in the Netherlands.

Kevin Feasel

Kevin Feasel is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CTO at Envizage.

Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline, a longtime Microsoft SQL Server MVP, is a founder and former president of PASS and the author of "SQL in a Nutshell". He tweets at @kekline and blogs at https://www.sentryone.com/blog/author/kevin-kline.

Kevin Kline


Klaus Aschenbrenner

Klaus Aschenbrenner provides SQL Server Consulting services across Europe and the US. He helps people around the world to understand, use, and run SQL Server installations in their environments. In the years 2004 - 2005 Klaus was honored with MVP awards from Microsoft for his tremendous support of the .NET Community. Klaus is also the author of the book Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker (ISBN 1590599993) published by Apress in August 2008.

Koen Verbeeck

Koen Verbeeck is a data professional working at AE. He helps organizations to get insight in their data and to improve their analytics solutions. Koen has over a decade of experience in developing data warehouses, models and reports using the Microsoft data platform. Since 2017 Koen is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He has a blog at http://www.sqlkover.com, writes articles for MSSQLTips.com and is a frequent speaker at SQL Server events.

Konstantin Korobkov

Konstantin Korobkov is an experienced data architect with a deep knowledge in RDBMS technology (Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata and others) and a wide range of successful OLTP and Data Warehousing projects.

Kristina Mishra

Senior Microsoft SQL Server Professional with a masters in business analytics. Providing Leadership and Data Solutions for over 20 years for domestic and global organizations with a special passion in health informatics.

Kristoffer Absalonsen

Passionate about simplifying business and transforming data into actionable insight. I share thoughts and pie charts from the borderlands of data, business and technology. I mostly cover experiences and solutions working with Azure data platform and Microsoft tools containing the word power!

Kristoffer West

As Head of the Academy at twoday Kapacity, I spend most of my time teaching and demoing new Power BI features. I primarily work with the front end, which means I spend most of my time creating measures and model features, to accommodate the report readers requests.

Kristyna Ferris (Hughes)

Kristyna Hughes is a senior data & analytics consultant at 3Cloud. Her experience includes implementing and managing enterprise-level Power BI instance, training teams on reporting best practices, and building templates for scalable analytics. Passionate about participating and growing the data community, she enjoys co-writing on Data on Wheels (dataonwheels.com) and has recently co-founded Data on Rails (dataonrailsblog.com). She also is on the board of directors for PASS MN and is a co-organizer for Lexington Data Technology Group.

Kun Cheng

Kun is currently a Program Manager of Microsoft based in Redmond, WA working in SQLCAT (Customer Advisory Team). He has more than 15 years of experience as a developer and architect helping large SQL Server and Azure SQL DB design and implementations

Kurt Buhler

Data Goblin

Laerte Junior

Laerte Junior is a Windows PowerShell MVP , ,Database Consultant at Pythian Group, and, through his technology blog and simple-talk articles, an active member of the Microsoft Community around the world.

Lars Andersen

Lars is Program Manager on Fabric Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft. His passion is helping organizations getting insights out of data. He joined Microsoft in 2014 and has been working with BI solutions since 1999.

Lars Hammer

Loves working with architecture and teams and enabling people using IT Technology Working with BI & Data for more than 10 years using Microsoft stack. Hands-on experience on Azure since 2017 Presentations done for multiple audiences and invited as guest speaker for partner companies - up to 300 people in audience.

Laura Graham-Brown

Passionate energetic speaker who has been enjoying playing with data for many years. Freelance trainer, speaker and agony aunt. Microsoft MVP

Laura Grob

Laura has worked hands-on with SQL Server for over 25 years with a focus on architecture, administration, performance, and business continuity. The last 6 years have been focused on helping customers architect and implement the proper Azure SQL solution in their environments.

Lauren Faber (SHE/HER)

Lauren Faber is a Program Manger on the Power BI Customer Advisory Team. She received her masters in Information Systems from Brigham Young University in 2018. Prior to joining Microsoft she interned at Walmart Labs and a Utah start-up as a software engineer. Since joining Microsoft she has worked with customers to showcase their journeys with Power BI, lead customer Power BI events to gather information on customer needs, and worked closely with various Power BI stakeholders to meet the needs of customers around the globe.

Lazaros Viastikopoulos

Laz loves working in the ocean of data that we call home today. He has 8 years of experience working in various backgrounds whilst using a variety of different Business Intelligence vendor applications. For the last 5 years, he has been dedicated to Power BI for converting data into insight, creating interactive and visually appealing reporting solutions, promoting and assisting the adoption of Power BI, and improving the overall decision-making process in various organisations. Currently, he is the Senior Power BI Consultant at Adatis whereby he gets to do what he loves, which is to help people get the most out of their data, whilst staying up to date and using Power BI, as well as other technologies. He is very keen to stay in touch with the community so very active in attending the Power BI User Group in London and staying in touch through Twitter and LinkedIn.

Leonard Lobel

Leonard Lobel is a SQL Server MVP and cofounder/CTO of Sleek Technologies, Inc. based in New York City. He is also a consultant, trainer, frequent speaker, and lead author of three MS Press books on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.

Lewis Baybutt

Hey! I'm Lewis I'm a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Power Platform Consultant at ANS Group. I've only been around 'working' in the industry for not long over a year, but I've been developing and sharing things in community a little longer whilst I was side hustling alongside my school studies.

Lewis Prince

Started his data journey through his masters degree in Statistics and Computational Biology, which lead him to spending 4 years in various roles in the Life and Insurance sector where before he joined Purple Frog Systems he was working as a Quantitative Analyst.

Liam Doyle

Liam Doyle is a Principal BI Consultant at Adatis with multiple years of experience designing data science solutions on Azure for clients, as well as developing the data architecture to support and manage these solutions in productions and integrate these solutions with the wider data platforms. He has delivered multiple sessions around ML and data science at SQL Bits and other user groups in the past.

Liam Westley

Liam Westley is Head Of Engineering at Criteria Media Exchange, a digital media start up based in West London. In the past he has run his own company Tiger Computer Services Ltd, which specialises in software for Broadcast Television although it recently diversified into software for the NHS. His Niagara SMS moderation system has been used by QVC UK for the last four years to display SMS messages from viewers, live, on screen. In 2009 Liam completed a new ticketing system for Hat Trick Productions which is now providing e-tickets to shows such as Have I Got New For You, The Armstrong and Miller Show and It's Only A Theory. Liam has worked for chellomedia, GMTV, BSkyB, SmashedAtom and Original Thinking Group. In his time he created the first in house weather system for Sky News using Visual Basic 1.0, acted as architect for two general election systems, project managed the launch of the GMTV web site, was key to delivering the first interactive television chat service in the UK for BSkyB and helped launch the first live shopping channels in the Netherlands.

Linda Torrång

With a diverse background in journalism and retail, Linda brings both business insight and attention to storytelling to the table as a data warehouse developer. Coupled with her passion for learning new tech and trying new things.

Lior Asta

20+ years experience researching and developing 3rd party product for the Microsoft Data Platforms. Most recently Azure SQL and Cosmos DB

Liping Huang

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, specialised in Big Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics, AI integration with data platform, Visualization.

Liping Huang

Senior Solution Architect @ Databricks, ex-Microsoft, I specialize in Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. In addition to helping customers building out data platforms and solving real world problems using data, I also write about Data & AI, make demos and tutorials on YouTube and do public speaking occasionally.

Lisa Hoving

Your friendly neighbourhood Data Engineer. My background is in Finance, but I have had the pleasure to be working in IT for the past 5 or so years. In my daily life, I design and build scalable data solutions in the Azure cloud.

Liz Hardy

I work as a Data Platform Engineer at DataMasterminds. I have a passion for working with people, data, learning new things and sharing knowledge. I have worked with IT for the last 10 years working in a range of industries as a DBA and Team Lead and now specialise in SQL Server. Find me at: www.linkedin.com/in/lizhardyuk

Lonny Bastien

Principal Program Manager in SQL Server


LSI Corporation (NASDAQ: LSI) designs semiconductors and software that accelerate storage and networking in datacentres, mobile networks and client computing. Our technology is the intelligence critical to enhanced application performance, and is applied in solutions created in collaboration with our partners.

Lubor Kollar

Lubor is in SQL Server development group since the 6.5 release in 1996. He is currently responsible for development of Query Optimization and Execution, Data Warehousing and Scale-Out.Before joining Microsoft he was developing DB2 engines in IBM

lucrecia krause

Lucrecia Krause is a project manager business analyst and improvement professional with 15+ Years experience with Hewlett Packard , Visa International and UCF Lucrecia Has CS,MBA y postgraduate in strategic quality management, PMP and Lean SixSigma Black Belt certified. Current Lucrecia works at UCF and manages the Business analysis team at the UCF IT PMO. Lucrecia likes to innovate and improve processes, is mentor and international speaker in the topics of data analytics for strategy and decision making.

Luis Leite

My name is Luis Leite and I am BI developer in Devscope and professor at Complutense University of Madrid. My passion is to transform large volume of data into useful information that improves decisions and have an important impact on people’s knowledge and business. In Devscope I work has data engineer mainly with SQL and several Microsoft tools from Azure environment ( Data Factory, Synapse, Purview). To be able to develop these works I also to use program languages that helps me to automate processes (python and powershell). As BI developer I also work with report tools like Power BI on desktop and server. My work is developed on an Agile environment and terms like, Sprints, dailies, Backlogs, Burncharts are used daily. To have version control of the work done I also use GIT. In addition of this full time job, I also have the chance to be a “Big Data for Business Analysis” professor at the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) where I introduce my students to the world of Big Data, Data Science and Visualization tools (with Tableau). Before working with DevScope I worked in Spain has Data Specialist at X by Orange, has a BI consultant in SDG Group and in the biggest telecommunications company Telefonica making validation of anomalous data. At the beginning of my career I worked with data analysis mainly related with oceanographic records, but my interest in the world of Big Data and its connection with business analytics, motivated me to get a deeper knowledge in this area. Therefore, the Master in Big Data and Business Analytics was the perfect chance to develop my skills and learn about new tools and technologies. Python, R, Machine Learning, Mongo DB, MySQL, Google Cloud Platform were just some of the subjects and skills that I learned throughout the master. I have a Bachelor and a master’s degree in physics applied to Oceanography, and I have participated in numerous research and development projects in different universities and national laboratories. I worked in 4 different countries(Portugal, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands) and improve my capability to work with different groups of people, cultures and ways of thinking.

Luke Menzies

I am a data scientist at Advancing Analytics that has been in the field for over four years. Before entering the data science world, I completed a PhD in computational materials modelling for applications in nuclear fusion. I have always taken an interest in using the language of mathematics to deliver tangible solutions to the world around me.

Luke Moloney

Luke works as Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft in Dublin. Previous to Microsoft, he worked for Aginic - an Analytics consultancy in Australia implementing Azure oriented data solutions. Outside of technology you can find him watching F1 or Rugby

Luke Young

Luke Young is an up and coming data visualisation learner with a passion for making data speak through the art of design. With a relatively new background in data analytics and a love for all things creative, Luke Young has made it their mission to bridge the gap between data analysis and effective communication. With a contagious enthusiasm for the subject, Luke Young is not just a speaker but a data design advocate. They've delivered engaging presentations, workshops, and training sessions to diverse audiences as a part of their employment, empowering them to become more proficient in interpreting data and crafting compelling data visualizations.

Maciej Pilecki

Maciej Pilecki is a SQL Server Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Senior Consultant with Project Botticelli. He has many years of international experience in Microsoft SQL Server database development, optimization and troubleshooting. He spends most of his time travelling around the world either advising his many customers on how to improve performance and reliability of their databases, or sharing the lessons learned with conference and user group audiences worldwide, where he is a popular and highly rated speaker. His favourite topics are the internals of the SQL Server database engine, including SQLOS, Storage Engine and Query Optimizer and Performance Tuning.

Madzy Stikkelorum

My name is Madzy Stikkelorum and I’m from the Netherlands, currently living in Utrecht. I work as a Data Analytics Consultant at Quanto, where I focus on Power BI solutions and related services. I’m also the Secretary for the Dutch Power BI User Group, organizing the yearly Power BI event in the Netherlands. Before that, I worked at the Finance Department of KPMG as a Manager BI Specialist, where I mainly focused on Financial Reporting and Budgeting and Forecasting in Board.

Magali Milbergue

After a decade in social work, Magali decided to change course and became a web developper. She tries to find a delicate balance between the technical aspects of the job (fun !), the creativity (fun too !) and trying to follow her ethics and change the culture of the industry (the less fun aspects of it anyway) by being an advocate and an activist.

Magnus Ahlkvist

20 year SQL Server professional with a need for speed.

Magnus Johannesson

Solution Architect and data engineer specializing in BI solutions using Microsoft's Azure cloud. Has been working with various Java, .NET and BI solutions for over 25 years, in roles such as developer, application architect, integration architect and enterprise architect.

Mala Mahadevan

Mala Mahadevan is a senior database professional with over 20 years of experience working with data, primarily in SQL Server and related technologies. She has been volunteering with SQL Server community for the past 15 years and is also a recipient of the PASSion award for being an outstanding volunteer. She is a featured blogger on sqlservercentral.com and also blogs frequently at curiousaboutdata.com. She is active on twitter as @sqlmal.

Malcolm Smith

Data professional from Northern England, working with MS SQL Server 2000 to 2019. From February 2018 I've been working in Asia, for an online auction company in Bangkok and currently an online gaming company in Hong Kong.

Manish Kumar

Having done an engineering degree, technology has always been my passion. Its been 20+ years working on different versions of Microsoft SQL Server/Azure SQL DB. In the year 2017, I joined Microsoft and currently work as Cloud Solution Architect.

Manohar Punna

Manohar Punna is a Data Platform Geek and Vice President of DataPlatformGeeks by passion and a Consultant by profession. He is a speaker at various conferences like PASS Summit, SQLBits, DPS. He has authored over 150 blogs and has written a One DMV a Day series which is the longest one day series on any topic on SQL Server to date. Manohar is a product of this community and strongly believes in giving back to the community. So, ask him anything you would like to know and he is happy to answer or learn it with you.

Mantas Umbrasas

Being interested in technological and IT innovations, I have more than 9 years of work experience in the IT field. I started working with process automation projects 5 years ago, and this soon became my new specialization. 4,5 years ago I discovered the new Microsoft tools – MS Flow and Power Apps. These products are perfect for process automation solutions. I'm working fully with Power Platform projects and focusing mostly on the solution based on the Microsoft Dataverse.

Mara Pereira

My mission is to help organisations and individuals creating amazing data experiences with Power BI.

Marc Dunbar

Marc Dunbar is a senior cloud consultant at Coeo with 15 years’ experience in infrastructure, networking and security. During that time, Marc spent several years at Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer and is also a Microsoft certified trainer.

Marc Dunbar

Marc, with more than 15 years of dedicated experience, is a seasoned professional specialising in the areas of Infrastructure, Networking, and Security. Throughout his career, Marc has had the privilege of working in several consulting roles, where he's been fortunate to work for renowned organisations like Microsoft and Coeo.

Marc Lelijveld

Data Platform MVP, FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Power BI enthusiastic, public speaker and passionate for everything which transforms data into action! Working at Macaw in the Netherlands as Data & Analytics Solution Architect. What I like the most? Sharing my thoughts, experience, best-practices and enthusiasm about Microsoft data platform with others. I mostly do this in public speaking at usergroups, conferences, customer presentations and end-user training. Besides that I also have my own blog which you can find at https://data-marc.com/

Marco Englaro

I have 20 years of experience implementing business intelligence projects using Microsoft technology. Startupper

Marco Russo

Marco is a business intelligence consultant and mentor. He wrote several books about Power BI, Analysis Service, and Power Pivot. He also regularly write articles and white papers that are available on sqlbi.com. Marco is a Microsoft MVP and an SSAS Maestro, the highest level of certification on Microsoft Analysis Services. Today, Marco focuses his time with SQLBI customers, traveling extensively to train and consult on DAX and data modeling for Power BI and Analysis Services. Marco also teaches public classes worldwide. Marco is a regular speaker at international conferences. He also enjoys delivering evening sessions at local user groups during his trips.

Marco Schreuder

Runs the consulting firm IN2BI www.in2bi.com dedicated to helping companies get the most out of Microsoft BI. His field of interest ranges from presenting information in dashboards and reports to efficiently collecting data in data warehouses.

Margarita Naumova

Magi Naumova is an SQL Server Architect and Consultant, speaker and trainer, Microsoft Certified Master, MVP, MCT, Founder of SQL Master Academy, and founder and CEO Of Inspirit Data Platform Consulting Company in Bulgaria and Norway, founder, and the leader of Bulgarian SQL & BI User group and Azure Analytics USer Group BG. She has more than 20 years SQL Server training and consulting experience. Magi is a former member of Microsoft Services Worldwide Technical Leadership Team. Currently she speaks, writes, trains and consults people on SQL Server. She is MVP for 11 years in a row. Her unique SQL Master Academy training program has helped hundreds of specialists to feel knowledgeable in their daily work or to find an inspirational career path in the world of SQL Server.

Margie Johnson

Margie Johnson holds a Ph.D. in Education: Organizational Leadership, researching school leadership changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Margie has led conflict resolution and deescalation workshops for K-12 schools, the Safety Summit, the Association of Talent Development, and the Student Leadership Conference at the University of North Georgia. She has also led trainings on student health and well-being as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Margie has been married for 26 years, has three children, one daughter-in-law, and a dog named Max.

Maria Gabriel

Maria's passion for technology and problem-solving led her to pursue a career in the tech industry. Currently she is a BI Specialist, working at DevScope for 3 years, sharing her passion for data and PowerBI with the wonderful team awarded as a Gold Data Analytics Microsoft Partner.

Maria Zakourdaev

Maria has been working with data technologies for more than 20 years. She has extensive hands-on experience managing various data management technologies, including Postgresql, SQL Server, Azure CosmosDB, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, Apache Spark, MySQL, AWS Aurora, Redis, AWS Redshift, Couchbase, and Elasticsearch, Snowflake, Google Big Query. She likes every aspect of data management, infrastructure, query tuning, monitoring, data analysis, and data visualization. She is the main organizer of the Israel annual conference "DATA TLV" datatlv.com. Maria is one of the featured authors at mssqltips.com (mssqltips.com/sqlserverauthor/305/maria-zakourdaev)

Marius Panga

Previously at Microsoft and now at Databricks, I am passionate about helping people and organisations realise the potential of digital transformation through the use of the Data Lakehouse.

Marius-Florin Costin

Experienced Data Engineer, who loves to work with complex business logic, messy technical flows & data. I like building things from the ground up, creating and developing highly performing & scalable BI architectures. A goal is to study other programming languages and integrate them into my work, in order to solve complex problems, that we cannot do with our current stack.

Marjolein Opsteegh

With a background in B-to-B pricing, Marjolein has spent years using her analytical skills to determine the perfect price levels. Her discovery of Power BI marked a turning point in her career, after which she moved into consultancy at Inergy. In recent years she has specialized in developing dashboards that are distinguished by their clear and well-arranged design. Her expertise lies in working with clients to transform raw data into valuable insights, selecting the perfect visuals to present a compelling story ready for action. As a passionate Business Intelligence enthusiast, Marjolein regularly participates in global dashboard challenges. Her skills and dedication have taken her to the finals several times. Her enthusiasm is contagious; she likes to inspire and guide others in their learning process, and helps them to apply the acquired knowledge in their daily work. In recognition of her contribution to the community, she was honorably inducted into Maven's Hall of Fame in 2021.

Mark Broadbent

Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master MCM of SQL Server focusing on Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, SQL Server, Administration, Development, Business Intelligence, Docker, Data Factory, and Cosmos DB.

Mark Hayes

A seasoned data professional with 20+ years of experience in SQL Server/Analysis Services and related technologies. Leader of the Cork SQL and Power Platform User Groups and the Cork SQL Saturday and a regular speaker at user groups in Ireland.

Mark Pratt

I have been a consultant DBA and data professional for almost 20 years and have a wide range of skills and experiences covering SQL Server and Azure databases.

Mark Pryce-Maher

Mark Pryce-Maher s a Data Architect on the Azure Synapse Analytics Customer Success Engineering team at Microsoft, where he his working with customers implementing Azure Synapse Analytics.

Mark Runyon

Mark Runyon works as a director of consulting for Improving. For the past 20 years, he has designed and implemented innovative technology solutions for companies in the finance, logistics, and pharmaceutical space. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and is a contributing writer at InformationWeek and The Enterprisers Project. Mark holds a Masters of Science in Information Systems from Georgia State University.

Mark S. Rasmussen

Mark has worked extensively with SQL Server, primarily focused on performance and internals. As a result of his interest in storage internals, Mark has authored the OrcaMDF open source project, aiming at standalone parsing of SQL Server data files.

Mark Stacey

Mark founded Aphelion Software, specialising in the Microsoft platform. His credentials include publishing the first Sharepoint 2010 BI book and the new Visual Intelligence book.

Mark Whitehorn

Mark Whitehorn specialises in Data Science. On the commercial side he works as a consultant, on the academic side he is the professor of analytics at the University of Dundee where he teaches a Masters course in Data Science.

Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen is the founder of Savory Data and works as a project leader, data engineer and BI architect since 1994. He is an educated software-engineer, graduated business educator and professor for databases and project engineering at HTL Leonding (technical college) and certified as MCSE Data Platform and MCSE Business Intelligence. Markus speaks regularly on international conferences (eg. SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits London, Power Platform Worldtour, SQL Saturdays, SQL Days, SQL PASS Austria, ...) and writes articles for well-known journals. In 2013 he co-founded SQL PASS Austria and in 2016 Power Platform Usergroup Austria (both were merged into Data Community Austria in 2021) and organizes Data Community Austria (fka. SQL Saturdays & Data Saturdays) in Vienna since 2014. For his technical leadership in the community he was awarded repeatedly as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2017.

Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen

Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen worked as a consultant since 1994 and is in charge for DWH and BI for runtastic.com since 2014. He speaks regularly on international conferences and co-founded SQL PASS Austria in 2013 and was awarded as MVP in 2017.

Marthe Moengen

Like Beyonce but in tech. Power BI geek, and Data Governance enthusiast from Oslo!

Martijn Evers

Martijn Evers has been developing information systems for over 20 years using mainly MS technology. The last 15 years as consultant/architect on the SQL Server platform. He focuses on data modeling and model driven data Factories.

Martin Bell

Martin Bell has aged considerably since starting to organise the SQLBits conferences; but is still a dashing and attractive redhead. He's worked on many relational database management systems and since the 1998 has specialized in SQL Server. He was first awarded Microsoft MVP (SQL Server) status in June 2003 proving he is not just a pretty face! As an insight into his masochistic tendancies he currently organises the Scottish Area and Leeds Area SQL Server User Group meetings. He is also a founding organiser of the highly successful SQLBits Community Conferences conclusive proof that he is slightly mad!!

Martin Cairney

Martin has over 15 years’ experience in SQL Server technologies spanning both the Database Engine and Data Warehousing and BI implementations. He's a Data Platform MVP, MCT and a regular conference speaker around the globe.

Martin Catherall

Martin Catherall is a Data Architect working on Microsoft Data Platform technologies. He is currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Martin’s career has expanded from the world of SQL Server Administration and T-SQL development to encompass data engineering and architecture on the Microsoft Azure Platform. He has over 15 years’ experience in the data industry and has been a recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award since 2014 When he is not engaged in data related activities, he can be found exploring the Queensland landscape (he’s recently escaped Melbourne), learning about Minecraft or Super Mario from his kids and learning the guitar – despite being tone deaf! Martin is the co-host of DataPlatform downunder https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/data-platform-downunder-meetup-group/

martin croft

Martin Croft is a time served SQL developer / DBA contractor / Consultant who has worked with SQL Server since SQL 6.5, having attended the user groups for many years he wanted to (try) and give something back for all the things he's have picked up f

Martin Guth

Martin Guth (40) has been a passionate BI developer for more than 14 years. He has also been fascinated by database administration for 8 years. He works at 3C Deutschland GmbH (Experian) in Heilbronn. Highlights from his work as a BI developer are building a data warehouse from scratch and delivering analytic products. As a database administrator, performance tuning is particularly important to him. Martin shares his experiences (deliberately irregular) on his blog at martinguth.de.

Martin Schmidt

Martin has a dream, that one day he will wake up and the whole world will speak in the same language. That language is T-SQL. Martin has extensive experience in regular DBA tasks but making systems run and doing day to day maintanance is just to trivial for a SQL Server rockstar like Martin, thats why he enjoys making things go fast, Martin's specialities includes working with optimizing ETL flows, increasing backup speed and of course statement tuning! Martin works with a wide range of some of the largest coorperations in Denmark with various SQL tasks mostly focused around performance and high availability.

Martin Schoombee

I help people make sense of their data, using Microsoft technologies.

Martin Wild

Martin Wild is a systems consultant at Quest. Based at the European headquarters in the U.K., Martin is responsible for supporting the UK and EMEA sales team for the Toad portfolio, Database Performance Monitoring and Data Movement solutions.

Martine Pieck

Goal-driven data and AI professional. Proactive, creative and dedicated, with an endless thirst for knowledge. Loves sharing expertise and thrives in an international (business) environment. Bilingual (Dutch/English).

Matan Yungman

Matan Yungman is a Data Platform MVP, a senior consultant and the professional manager at Madeira Data Solutions. He's been working with SQL Server since 2002, and today he spends his time consulting, mentoring and speaking about SQL Server.

Mathias Halkjaer

Mathias is a data enthusiast with a great passion for the synergy between data analytics and cloud data platforms. As a Principal Architect at Fellowmind he works with building up clients' data capabilities, implementing data platform technologies and all-in-all maximize the impact of their their data. Being a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, he is very passionate about sharing anything with community, especially something around turning data into impact! With a background in Product Development and Innovation, Mathias brings a unique 'Data Product' perspective to the realm of data architecture, and is obsessed with the bigger picture. With his slightly rebellious attitude, he's not afraid to challenge the status quo and break industry norms to find new and better solutions.

Mathias Thierbach

In 2015, after having spent over ten years as a Software Developer and Architect with Microsoft technologies, Mathias Thierbach moved into the Microsoft BI space. He soon landed on Power BI, but also realized quickly that the development and engineering tools and practices were nothing like the ones well established in software development. This is how pbi-tools started as a project, the only complete source control solution for Power BI. During seven years of leading a data management team at YouGov, he experienced the benefits of those efforts every day. Having open sourced the project in fall of 2021, Mathias spends a lot of his free time bringing source control and DevOps practices to the wider Power BI community now. In addition to his open source engagements, Mathias cares deeply about his role as an enterprise technology leader. Like many, once having started as a single contributor technologist, he had to pivot significantly when he moved into a manager role, responsible for building, stabilizing and growing a team of data engineers, analysts and architects. Mathias is now passionately sharing the many experiences and learnings that came out of that journey with the community.

Mathieson Gordon

Mathieson is passionate about ensuring organisations realise the benefits from their investments. He is a Principal Consultant with Adatis specialising in Power BI, Data Strategy and Governance and previously led the roll out of Power BI at a leading UK university and transformed their use of data.

Matija Lah

An independent consultant in the general and legal information management domains, specialising in data analysis, integration, consolidation, and natural language processing.

Matt Collins

Analytics Consultant with an education in mathematics and have worked in the Data industry supporting and delivering data platform and analytics solutions for customers. Aside from playing with data, I enjoy travelling and studying Japanese.

Matt Feltham

Matt is a Senior Consultant with Altius Consulting - a leading Business Intelligence specialist consultancy. He has developed with SQL Server and .Net technologies for the last 10 years and has recently turned his focus to data visualisation and rich user experience technologies such as Silverlight and Bing Maps.

Matt Gordon

Matt is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and has worked with SQL Server since 2000. He is the leader of the Lexington, KY Data Technology Group and a frequent domestic and international community speaker. He's an IDERA ACE alumnus and Redgate Ambassador. His original data professional role was in database development, which quickly evolved into query tuning work that further evolved into being a DBA in the healthcare realm. He has supported several critical systems utilizing SQL Server and managed dozens of 24/7/365 SQL Server implementations. As a consultant, he works with customers large, medium, and small to migrate to the cloud, make their data estate operate efficiently, and find the right tools and solutions within the Microsoft Data Platform.

Matt How

Matt is a Business Intelligence specialist and international speaker with a commitment to staying up to date with the latest tech and delivering solutions that clients want to use.

Matt How

Matt is an international conference speaker, a published author and an accomplished data science practitioner. Currently working as Head of Data Science for Adatis, Matt delivers enterprise-scale advanced analytics platforms through the implementation of bleeding edge technology and innovative techniques and patterns.

Matt Lakin

With a background in both Data Engineering and Visualisation, Matt is an expert in modelling and visualising data, and is enthusiastic about using this to enable insightful storytelling and informed decision making, specifically in Power BI. Matt is currently a Senior Consultant at Avanade, and Co-organizer of the Newcastle Power BI User Group in the UK.

Matt Masson

Matt Masson is a Principal Program Manager on the Power Query team. Matt has worked with multiple products across SQL Server, including SSIS, DQS, MDS, and Power BI. You can find his blog at http://www.mattmasson.com/.

Matt Whitfield

Matt is the director of Atlantis Interactive, a provider of free SQL Tools, and a leading contributor to the Ask SQL Server Central website. He has over 13 years experience of working with SQL Server from versions 6.5 upwards.

Matthew Bean

A Senior Consultant with proven success in all aspects of project lifecycle in a variety of industries, who develops innovative industry-specific products.

Matthew Neilson

I am a Data Consultant with 10 years experience, specialising in visualisation and Power BI.

Matthew Roche

Matthew Roche is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.

Meagan Longoria

Meagan Longoria is a business intelligence consultant with Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting who lives in Denver, Colorado. She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Meagan spends a lot of time thinking about how to use Biml, DAX, and data visualization techniques to make data useful for people. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences at conferences and user group meetings as well as through her blog (DataSavvy.me).

Megan Livadas

Specialising in end-to-end Power BI implementations, and creating a Power BI culture. Using Power BI Governance to encourage adoption and ensure ROI for reporting implementations. Megan has been a Power BI Fangirl since 2018, from deploying analytics to Technology & FMCG clients, to enterprise level implementations and strategies for clients of all industries, particularly the Insurance sector. Originally from Glasgow but now based in London, Megan works at Dufrain - a market-leader in data management services and data analytics consultancy.

Melissa Coates

Melissa Coates is an Analytics Architect with SentryOne. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, she specializes in delivering Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence solutions using on-premises, cloud, and hybrid technologies.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a Business Intelligence architect and Microsoft data platform MVP living in Johannesburg, South Africa where he runs the local SQL User Group.

Michael Makhlevich

Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Defender for Cloud group, working on Defender for databases and alerts framework.

Michael O'Donnell

Michael O’Donnell is a senior analyst in Quest’s Data Operations group. Topics of interest include Database Technology, Resilience, DevOps sub-topics, SRE sub-topics, Data Modelling, and Data Analysis.

Michael Robson

A humble Data Guy with the best job in the world, I get to help people with a passion for data grow technically and professionally, thanks to the team at Advancing Analytics. Previously a veteran of SQL Server turned Data Engineer, a proud member of the Data Community a regular helper at SQLBits, and formally one of the team behind Data Relay. More importantly, i'm a Husband, Dad of 2 people 1 dog and I love running #runhappy

Michael Rys

Michael Rys is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Big Data team at Microsoft, working on Azure Synapse, .NET support for Spark and other big data projects.

Michaela Berndl

Working as Data Consultant at ACP cubido.

Michal Pardej

17 years of expierence working with SQL Server (starting from version 2000), mostly in financial industry for companies like Citibank, Bravura Solutions and Point72 on diffrent positions from junior DBA to DBA manager.

Michal Poreba

Michal Poreba

Michał Poręba

I've done a lot of things with data over the years, but this year is not about this... Some time ago I came to Wales on summer holidays and got stuck. Fifteen years later I am still here, learnt to speak the language and the list of things I want to see, or do before I leave keeps growing rather than shrinking. And so during SQL Bits 2023 I will try to give you a taster of what I have learnt, and who knows, perhaps in-between the sessions tell you what I like about Wales, what is worth exploring.

Michiel Rozema

Former Data Insight Lead at Microsoft in the Netherlands. Founder of the Dutch Power BI User Group, organizer of the Power BI Summer School, data analytics consultant, trainer, and author of multiple books on Power BI, like 'Extreme DAX' published in January 2022. I have a Master's degree in mathematics and a 25+ year career in the IT industry, in both technical and managerial roles. I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP award in the data platform category since 2019.


Miguel Escobar

Born and raised in Panama City, Panama. I’m currently a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for the product that changed my life: Power Query. Before this Program Manager role, I was the Principal Consultant and President of my own company based in Panama called Powered Solutions which was a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics for many years.

Miguel Félix

Lead BI Architect, with a background as business analyst with a 20-year experience, data analysis is one of his daily tasks, with Power BI a world of possibilities opened. Super User in the Power BI community since the start of the program back in 2018 that allowed him to achieve a Microsoft MVP for the first time in 2019. The engagement with the community, went further in 2020 with the first presentation on DAX and the blog https://pbiportugal.com/. In 2021 there was a shift in his career with full time job in data, currently he provides solutions in Power BI and the Microsoft environment for customers in different business areas. Making his own tools in Excel and VBA since University to improve the analysis and ways to show data that allowed users to have quick insights. With Power Query and Power BI, the insights are easier and faster, and takes BI to a different level since removes the dependency on specialized professionals to have data as we need and when we need it.

Miguel Llopis

Miguel Llopis is a Program Manager in the "Data Explorer" team at Microsoft Corp. As part of his responsibilities, he is in charge of community, customer and partner relationships on behalf of the "Data Explorer" product team.

Mihail Mateev

Mihail Mateev is a Technical Consultant, Community enthusiast, PASS RM for CEE, PASS and chapter lead, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP - Microsoft Azure, Ph.D. on Cloud Computing

Mike Byrd

Former rocket scientist and USAF Fighter Pilot--now SQL Server geek (24 years)! Past opportunities include tech writer for PC Magazine, Senior Software Manager for federal munitions committee, and insurance company CTO. Now DB consultant.

Mike Conjoice

Mike's career is marked by exceptional leadership within software engineering teams, where he has consistently achieved remarkable results. Over the years, Mike has effectively led and motivated diverse teams comprising architects, software engineers, data experts, and quality assurance analysts, consistently delivering outstanding outcomes while working within both Agile and Waterfall frameworks. Mike is renowned for his expertise in building and nurturing high-performing Solutions Architecture teams. He skillfully implements Enterprise Architecture principles within these teams, collaborating seamlessly with senior stakeholders to align technology initiatives with overarching strategic goals. Under Mike's guidance, these initiatives have led to the successful execution of transformative technology projects, including complex endeavours like cloud migrations and legacy system replacements. Beyond their technical achievements, these projects have also yielded substantial operational efficiency gains and cost savings. A pivotal aspect of Mike's leadership lies in his deep understanding of software engineering processes. He strategically optimizes resource allocation, streamlines software development lifecycles, and rigorously ensures compliance with industry standards. His unwavering commitment to enhancing software engineering capabilities within organizations has consistently yielded measurable performance improvements. Mike Conjoice's reputation as an innovative and results-driven leader has made him a highly sought-after expert in the field. His impressive track record, combined with his dedication to excellence and ability to drive tangible results, positions him as an indispensable asset to any software engineering team and organization he serves.

Mike Diehl

Mike Diehl is the practice lead for Data Engineering and Business Intelligence at Imaginet Resources, a Microsoft partner with offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and Dallas, Texas. Mike has over 20 years of experience using Microsoft database technologies and is an expert in Agile Analytics and Microsoft Azure DevOps. Mike has spoken many regional, national, and international SQL events over his long career, including the PASS Summit in Seattle Washington, and at various SQL Saturday events across Canada and the USA, and other development conferences in Canada.

Mike Dobing

Mike is an experienced analytics professional with over 20 years experience in delivering analytics solutions for some of the UKs largest and most complex customers.

Mike Flower

Michael has been with Dremio for 3+ years. He has also worked with SQL-based systems, such as Vertica, Actian and Ingres. He has experience of working in presales, post-sales, education in the UK and worldwide.

Mike Taulty

<a href="http://mtaulty.com/bio.html">Mike's Bio</a>

Mikey Bronowski

What I do? I select, I select stars! Dad. Data enthusiast with mathematics background. Dealing with SQL Server for over 10 years. Works as a database administrator (Microsoft SQL Server) responsible for environments upgrades and migrations.

Milos Colic

Milos is a skilled technologist with a passion for using technology to drive positive change in the public sector. As the current Lead Technologist for public sector UK& at Databricks, Milos brings a wealth of experience in working with large government departments to enable them to share data, link information and use geospatial technologies to improve their services. With a background in data science and FSI, Milos has a deep understanding of how data can be used to inform decision-making and drive innovation. In his current role, Milos is focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of the public sector and regulated industries. He is passionate about using technology to drive positive change and is committed to helping government departments to work more efficiently, transparently and effectively.

Milos Radivojevic

Milos Radivojevic is a database developer and consultant, speaker, and trainer located in Vienna, Austria. He is Microsoft SQL Server MVP and MCT and specializes in SQL Server for application developers. He is co-leader of the SQL Server PASS Austria

Miquella de Boer

Program manager on-premises data gateway.

Mladen Andzic

Mladen is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft Azure SQL Database team, working on the SQL Managed Instance and data estate modernization in Azure, with business continuity and service integration as focus areas.

Mladen Prajdic

Mladen Prajdić is a Data Platform MVP from Slovenia and a C# and SQL Server developer for over 20 years. He blogs at http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/mladenp. He develops a popular add-in for SSMS, called SSMS Tools Pack (http://www.ssmstoolspack.com/).

Mohamed Kabiruddin

Mohamed Kabiruddin is a Senior Program Manager in the Azure SQL Product Team and is currently located Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining the Product Team, he was a Cloud Solution Architect working with enterprise customers in Australia on all things Azure Data & AI. He is very passionate about the data community and loves to be a part of events that provide an opportunity to interact with like minded data folks.

Mohammad Ali

As a program manager for the Power BI Create and Consume team, Mohammad owns and leads the team that works on Power BI Desktop, Reports, Apps, dashboards, sharing, real time, natural language, insights and more. He is also responsible for leading the accessibility, performance efforts for Power BI. Mohammad’s real passion is to work and bring teams and cross disciplines together.

Mohammed El Safti


Mohit Batra

Mohit is a Data Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Pluralsight author, and a consultant. Mohit has 16+ years of experience in architecting large-scale Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Big Data solutions with companies like Microsoft and some leading investment banks. Mohit has often shared his knowledge in Azure, Spark and SQL Server at various public forums and as a corporate trainer. Mohit truly loves to teach and enjoys producing high-quality, engaging learning materials for his sessions. In his free time, Mohit loves to read, enjoys photography and music.

Monica Bagga

Monica has worked with several Industries including Financial Services, Facilities Management, Construction, Retail, Health care, Oil and Gas as well as Enterprise Software. Monica is a computer technology and data enthusiast that is always looking for innovative way to solve problems. 13 years of IT exp with 4 yrs. of architecture engagements to design & deliver Microsoft on Premise and Cloud based solutions. She has successfully helped clients in architecting and implementing both cloud computing and on-premises I&D solutions. Monica has a successful track record of building strong relationship with technical and non-technical stakeholders at multiple levels. She has been involved throughout the full development lifecycle from requirements gathering, designing, building, testing and deployment to production. Having worked at one of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing value & discount retailer she was involved in projects where she shared data insights, provided faster reporting and demonstrated key performance indicators that allowed the organisation grow from 400 to 850+ stores.

Monica Rathbun

Monica Rathbun lives in Virginia, is a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and VMWare vExpert. She has nearly two decades of experience working with a wide variety of database platforms with a focus on SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. She is a frequent speaker at IT industry conferences on topics including performance tuning and configuration management. She is the Leader of the Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group, on the Microsoft Azure Data Community Board and the Data Saturdays Board. She is passionate about SQL Server and the SQL Server community, doing anything she can to give back. Monica can always be found on Twitter (@sqlespresso) handing out helpful tips. You can find Monica blogging at sqlespresso.com

Monique Schijff

Working for the Dutch Parliament sinds 2017

Morten Lønskov

Just another BI professional trying to navigate the changing sea of data.

Muazma Zahid

"Muazma Zahid is a Principal PM Manager at Microsoft Azure SQL DB, where she enables customers to deploy the most demanding Data workloads on Azure. She has been a Data Engineer/Architect and Tech Speaker working on several Big Data, Cloud Computing, and AI Technologies. She is a LinkedIn Learning instructor with her course Breaking Bias in Tech and her ML research software is used in EKG machines all around the world. Connect with Muazma at: https://linktr.ee/muazma "

Nagaraj Sengodan

Nagaraj Sengodan, an experienced cloud data professional who specializes in Consulting, Data Strategy, Solution Architecture, and Solution Implementation of Data Management initiatives. With a wealth of expertise, he has a proven track record of engineering large-scale data platforms that enable enterprises to become data-driven institutes and excels in guiding organizations towards leveraging their data assets effectively

Nanda Nainadurai

Nanda has over a decade of work experience in the IT industry and has worked with multiple Fortune 500+ organizations across FMCG, CPG, Insurance, and banking industries contributing to their data strategy and Machine Learning initiatives. Nanda has also led various data-related business initiatives and successfully delivered them. He has a variety of experience working on multiple technologies including SQL Server, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, Azure Databricks, ADF, ADLS, Azure Synapse Analytics, etc. Nanda is passionate about cutting-edge technologies and loves to learn and share his knowledge with everyone. During his free time, he likes to take a walk along the greenways, loves to read books - Sapiens by Yuval is his all-time favorite thus far and aspires to learn new skills every year. He learned to cook in 2022 and learned not to fall in an ice rink in 2023. He occasionally writes on his personal blog https://nanda-naindurai.com and all his other online presence can be found here https://linktr.ee/nanda.nainadurai

Nat Van Gulck

I started my career over twenty years ago as a .NET Software Developer before discovering the joy of Data Visualisation. This led me to work on Qlik and Tableau data projects. Then Power BI became so compelling that I had to join Microsoft. The adventure continues with Microsoft Fabric.

Natalie Mickey

Natalie is a product marketing manager at Microsoft focused on creating skilled professions in the Azure Data and AI space.

Naushad Shaik

A Senior Systems Consultant for Quest, specializing in Foglight Cross Platform Databases, Cloud and Virtualization Monitoring and other database toolset. He has experience working with Software, Banking, Media, Insurance, Government, Councils, MSP's, Retail and Logistics Industries. An exceptional and successful record in business development and consistently improving business processes, analytics, operations roles. Currently lead and manage EMEA wide strategic and enterprise customer segment.

Ned Stratton

The best dater in data. UCOVI: www.ucovi-data.com

Neil Hambly

Neil Hambly is an MVP (Data Platform), MCT, SQL Server & Power Platform consultant, CEO & founder @ Beacon Intelligence, Microsoft Partner Gold Data & Analytics Partner Neil has 20+ years in a variety of SQL Server roles Presented at 350+ events, at numerous user-group and PASS events, PASS Summits & SQL Saturdays & many UK events (SQLBits, SQLRelay), Previous Leader of Data Platform London, SQL Cruise Technical Lead who likes Guinness, Loves whisky and dancing.

Niall Langley

Niall has been building data solutions on the Microsoft platform for 12 years. In the past few years Niall has been focused on helping clients with data engineering in Azure. Niall is active in the data community, helping run the Bristol user group.

Nick Baladi

Nick Baladi is an Account Director for Adatis with over 20 years’ experience of applying Microsoft technologies to support a wide variety of clients with their digital transformation journey. In his current role, Nick concentrates specifically on the Retail/ and Travel and Transport sectors. Adatis are a leading Microsoft- specialist Data Analytics and Business Intelligence consultancy who help organisations unlock the power and value from their data.

Nicky van Vroenhoven

Nicky van Vroenhoven is a BI professional focused at the Microsoft stack and a Data Platform MVP. He mainly works with Power BI, Power Platform and T-SQL. Nicky started working with SQL Server and SSIS in 2005 in the DWH space, and later moved from Power Pivot to Power BI. After working 10 years in BI-consultancy jobs in several industries and companies, he worked for 5 years as a Power BI Administrator at a wealth management bank, and he is currently working as Unit Lead Fabric/Power BI at Powerdobs in The Netherlands. Nicky has spoken at several User Groups, SQL Saturday Events, the Power BI World Tour and SQLBits. In addition he enjoys tweeting and blogging about topics like Power BI and Power Platform at https://nickyvv.com. In his spare time Nicky likes to go running, play chess or try to improve his Rubik's cube record. He is also a husband, father of 3 and a (former) ballroom dancer!

Nico Jacobs

Dr. Nico Jacobs is a SQL Server trainer and consultant at U2U since 2004. Nico creates and delivers courses on SQL Server, Power BI and the Azure Big Data & AI stack

Niels Berglund

Niels is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and works as Software Architect at Derivco in Durban South Africa. Niels has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 4.2. He is a presenter at technology conferences, such as: SQL PASS, DevWeek, etc.

Niels Nagle

Niels Naglé is a Data Solutions Consultant - Architect,trainer and public speaker at Info Support. As a consultant he specializes in data solutions, BI, DWH, data management and Analytics. With main focus on Microsoft Technology(on premise and cloud)

Nigel Ellis

Nigel Ellis is a Distinguished Engineer in the Database Systems Group at Microsoft. He leads development for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server relational database technologies.

Nigel Foulkes-Nock

SQL Server Experiences in the real world Nigel Foulkes-Nock is a SQL Server DBA who supports and embraces technology, recognising the need to provide true Business value while maintaining technical stability.

Nigel Sammy

Nigel Peter Sammy is the MessageCentral Operations Manager at Teleios Systems Limited and is a Data Platform Architect at SolidQ. He is the President and Founder of the Trinidad and Tobago SQL Server User Group (TTSSUG) and is one of the office bearers of the PASS SQL Azure Virtual Chapter. Nigel has been working in the IT field since 2002 and has been working with SQL Server as a Database Administrator/ Developer since 2004. He is also a regular SQL Server presenter at Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago events.

Niko Neugebauer

A Senior Program Manager for SQLMI at Microsoft, in his previous roles for over 20 years he helped customers successfully build, migrate and optimize Microsoft Data solutions in OLTP & OLAP markets. A community leader, he is leading Portuguese Data Platform User Group for over 11 years and he organized the first international SQLSaturday (#78 Lisbon). A regular speaker at major events, such as SQLBits, PASS Summit, etc.

Nikola Ilic

I'm making music from the data! Power BI and SQL Server addict, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Pluralsight Author, blogger, speaker...Interested in everything related to data - always eager to extract valuable info from raw data in the most effective way. Multi-year experience working with (predominantly) Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and Power BI). Father of 2 and true football (and Barca) fan!

Nuno Silva

Nuno Silva Business Intelligence Consultant at DevScope Nuno Silva is a highly accomplished Business Intelligence Consultant at DevScope, with a wealth of experience in the realm of software development. Nuno's journey in the technology landscape has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, a dedication to honing his craft, and a deep passion for optimizing software performance. Nuno's experience spans several domains in the software development area, with particular emphasis on data engineering and BI architectures. His unwavering commitment to learning and evolving in the ever-evolving technology industry has positioned him as a professional with extensive experience and knowledge in the aforementioned areas.

Odeta Jankaitienė

For the past 10 years, I've been working in the data field. Initially, I started my data journey with Excel and later transitioned to Tableau and, after a few years, to Power BI, which I've been using for 6 years. But that's not all — I've also been sharing my data love with others, teaching them how to use these awesome tools during trainings and this year, I started sharing in conferences. I'm super passionate about data, and nothing makes me happier than passing on my knowledge to kindred spirits so that they can rock the data world too!

Ola Hallengren

Ola Hallengren is a DBA and database developer living in Sweden. Currently he's a Principal Database Architect for an investment bank. Ola is the author of the popular maintenance solution at https://ola.hallengren.com and a Microsoft MVP.

Ole Rand-Hendriksen

Having spent his entire childhood playing with computers, it was natural for Ole to start working with them. Now he's got well over a decade of experience with IT operations and just wants to automate everything.

Oliver Engels

Oliver Engels is CEO of oh22data AG, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Germany specializing in Analytics and Cloud Technology. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and a Microsoft pTSP for Data and AI

Olivia Wise

Since I was a child I always loved puzzles, this naturally progressed into a love of maths and statistics until I finally ventured into the land of all things data. Worked in the Renewable and E-Commerce industries but now a proud member of the Data and AI Team at Quorum Network Resources Ltd and loving every minute of it. My love of puzzles never died so when I'm not working you'll find me pilling through sudokus, jigsaws and more recently chess surrounded by my jungle of house plants.

Olivier Van Steenlandt

Olivier Van Steenlandt is a Business Intelligence Professional who spent most of his early career assisting retail companies to get more value of their data using the Microsoft BI Stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI). As his first experience in the field (in Business Intelligence), Olivier worked as a Big Data Analyst using tools such as Hadoop and Spark. In 2015 the focus changed to traditional data warehousing & reporting using SSIS, SSRS & MicroStrategy. A bit later, around June 2019, the opportunity arose to fill the position of BI Teamlead. In this function he was able to set up a hybrid BI Team (team members in Belgium and Belarus). Early 2020, Olivier joined the dataMinds crew as a core member, assisting to organise several events. Around April 2021, Olivier started a new position as BI Teamlead in another Retail Company to support business growth. Besides the challenge to help the BI Team grow and deliver projects on time, he started to use SSAS & Power BI. When Olivier is not working there is a high chance that you find him on a football field, studying (BI Related), playing music (Saxophone / Piano) or cooking.

Owen Murphy

Owen works as a Senior Product Marketing Manager for SolarWinds and is responsible for the Database Performance Management portfolio. The products he manages include Database Performance Analyzer and SQL Sentry.

Owen Murphy


Pablo Doval

I've been 'playing' with computers since I was a kid, so I've got a lot of background here: I've worked as a freelance, for my university, in several research projects, etc. Then I had the chance of join Microsoft's Premier GTSC, as SQL Server Support Engineer, where I learned to love SQL Server and a little tool called WinDbg ;) Afterwards I joined Plain Concepts, where I served as Development Advisor and, currently, as the Team Lead of the Debugging &amp; Optimization Team, where I'm happy hunting bugs, underperformant applications and performing post-mortem analysis of applications. Sounds cool, doesn't it? ;)

Pálmi Símonarson

Pálmi has developed into a data engineer after working for years in software development. Working on everything data related Reykjavik Energy, from Data Architecture to DBA activities, building Tableau dashboards and lecturing on data literacy and SQL.

Pam Lahoud

Pam Lahoud is a Program Manager in Azure Data, based in Redmond, WA, USA. She has been with Microsoft since 2006 and is currently responsible for Program Management of database engine features for in-market and vNext versions of SQL Server.

Pamela Paterson

Pamela Paterson, BJ, MS, CBAP, LSSGB, APO, is an international best-selling author and a senior IT business analyst consultant, having worked with +50 organizations including Red Cross, KPMG, PwC, Hewlett-Packard, and the federal government. She has presented at +200 events in the U.S, Europe, Canada, and Asia, and has written six books, two of them international best-sellers, including Creating Requirements for Software Projects: A Business Analyst’s Guide to Requirements Management and Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search. Pamela also taught project management at a Toronto college. Pamela speaks about stakeholder management, business analysis, and communications. She can be reached at www.pamelapaterson.com.

Patrick LeBlanc

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Patrick O'Beirne

Patrick is Managing Director of Systems Modelling Limited (sysmod.com). His current focus is spreadsheet data analysis and auditing services as well as training and development. He is chair of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG), previously a committee member of SoftTest Ireland, and a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. He has advised two certification bodies on the content of a syllabus for a new certification in good spreadsheet practices. He is the author of the "Spreadsheet Check and Control" book and the developer of the XLTest spreadsheet auditing Excel addin.

Patryk Kowalski

Patryk Kowalski has over 20 years of professional experience in data, machine learning, IoT and distributed computing.

Paul Andrew

Microsoft Data Platform MVP. 10+ years’ experience working with the complete on premises SQL Server stack. Now working as a principal consultant and solution architect dealing with data platform deliveries in Azure.

Paul Kennedy

Hue Holleran and Paul Kennedy are professional consultants with a long background in hyperscale cloud solutions. After decades as consultants 100s of the largest global brands in various industries with a proven reputation for developing innovative and practical solutions.

Paul Mestemaker

Paul Mestemaker is one of the original founding members and now a Sr. Program Manager on the System Center Advisor team at Microsoft. In his 6+ years at Microsoft, he has focused mainly on server manageability and supportability tools. He has co-authored a book on SQL Server performance tuning. He has been a top speaker at TechEd, PASS, Connections, and other Microsoft and industry conferences. He is also a guest lecturer at Colleges and Universities across the U.S. He is the co-host of Ping, a weekly tech news show on Microsoft's Channel 9.

Paul Wehland

I have been working with SQL Server for a VERY LONG time and have supported customers on every version of SQL Server going all the way back to v1 (16bit). At Avanade, I’m a Director in the Global CoE for Data Platform Modernization. I’m one of only 130 SQL Server Microsoft Certified Masters (SQL-MCM) worldwide. Before Avanade, I worked at Microsoft in the SQL Server Product Group in many different areas (Clustering Team, QA Performance, PSS). While in PSS, I co-founded the SQL MVP program. I am currently based in Germany, but originally from the USA.

Paulien van Eijk

Paulien is a Data Analytics expert who loves to combine her knowledge of Power BI and Data Science to deliver value for her clients. It is important to her that she builds the solution in strong cooperation with the client in order to deliver not only a scalable and performant solution, but also a solution that reflects the clients' needs.

Paulina Jędrzejewska

Paulina specializes in data modeling and automation in Power BI. She also has experience with data warehousing, SQL, and ETL. "I got to know Power BI during my studies and it was love at first sight. I'm amazed how powerfull this tool is and that it is becoming better every month. As a consultant and trainer, I have the opportunity to inspire my clients and show them that Power BI is more than just colorful reports."

Pawel Potasinski

Member of the Microsoft Fabric Community team, focused on community management and engagements. In his professional career Pawel has always been associated with data engineering and analytics (SQL, BI, Big Data). Founder of the Polish SQL Server Users Group (PLSSUG), today known as Data Community Poland. Regular speaker at conferences, community events and user groups. Former Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Data SQL Server team, focusing on the Relational Engine for SQL Server and Azure SQL (Query Processor, Query Performance, Programmability).

Pedro Reis

Pedro is passionate about Leading Teams and turning data, technology, and people together into value. During the last 15 years, Pedro has managed multiple teams in Banking, Supply Chain, and Operations, and also planned and coordinated the construction and migration of thousands of Reports to Power BI, SSRS, and other BI tools. Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Co-Founder and Leader of the Power BI Portugal Meetup group

Pete Harris

Pete is a Learning Product Planner in MSL focusing on SQL Server courseware. Pete joined Microsoft in 1995 to build the Mastering Series developer training products. He occasionally meets people who thinks he looks familiar - because they used one of the Mastering titles in which he appeared in various videos. Since then he&amp;rsquo;s done a variety of work around Microsoft but almost always focused on content in some way.

Peter Avenant

Prior to joining Varigence Australia, I was an early adopter of Biml and has given numerous community talks and training sessions on Biml in Australia and New Zealand. I’m an BI Developer, Trainer and Consultant, and SQL Server data warehouse specialist. My background includes developing a cloud metadata framework that integrates with BimlScript to create dimensional data warehouses. I have been working with SQL Server for over a decade, focusing primarily in ETL/SSIS, database development, reporting, and data quality.

Peter Avenant

Prior to joining Varigence Australia, I was an early adopter of Biml and has given numerous community talks and training sessions on Biml in Australia and New Zealand. I’m an BI Developer, Trainer and Consultant, and SQL Server data warehouse specialist. My background includes developing a cloud metadata framework that integrates with BimlScript to create dimensional data warehouses. I have been working with SQL Server for over a decade, focusing primarily in ETL/SSIS, database development, reporting, and data quality.

Peter Doyle

I have been an independent contractor for over 20 years and before that I worked for Software House for 5 years. I am a SQL Server Developer and my area of interest is SQL Optimisation.

Peter Kruis

Working and learning in SQL Server.

Peter O’Connell

Peter O'Connell is a senior product manager responsible for the Quest software database performance management portfolio. His mission is to create tools that liberate users from the daily grind and help them explore emerging platforms and technologies.

Peter ter Braake

Peter ter Braake is SQL Server MVP and MCT. He works as an independent contracter alternating his time between teaching SQL Server related courses and doing projects at customers.

Petr Pařík

I've been working with Microsoft SQL server and .NET for almost 20 years. My specialization is data warehousing and especially automation of all related processes.

Petyo Dimitrov

For 16 years Petyo has been developing Java Enterprise Applications, Integrations, and SOA & Microservices solutions. As the leading architect of Musala Soft, a software engineering company with 700+ experts, he is helping teams reliably deliver large-scale multi-year projects for demanding clients like IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, banks, FinTech unicorns, and startups. Petyo is also a Ph.D. in Computer Systems and loves sharing and gaining knowledge at conferences and community events.

Phil Austin

Phil has spent over 20 years down the data mines, working for household names and total unknowns. He knows a fair bit about BI and data warehousing using SQL Server and Azure. He also takes an interest in testing, query tuning, automation, development lifecycle and what is now known as DevOps, but don’t hold that against him. Outside of that you might see him hacking around Bristol on a bike, sometimes for charity. If you buy him a drink he might tell you about the time a Nokia executive told him Apple don’t know anything about phones.

Phil Quinn

Phil Quinn an avid interest in SQL XML and other obscure sql that often has no practical application.

Phil Winstanley

Phil Winstanley provides solutions to situations which have complex technical requirements involving data manipulation. His expertise is internationally acclaimed and he is prominent in the network of specialists in this field, being a member of the Microsoft MVP programme since 2002 and a member of the ASP Insiders since its inception. Now he works at Microsoft and advises techies throughout all markets on best practice and patterns.

Philip Seamark

Member of the Power BI CAT team. Focused on helping people learn data modelling and DAX on the MSFT BI Stack

Phillip Burton

Phillip has been teaching online since 2015, starting with his best-selling "Querying Microsoft SQL Server with T-SQL" course. He has over 700,000 students and 40 courses, including Power BI, Tableau, SQL Server, Power Platform, Azure, Microsoft Office. I have been a Computing Consultant providing expert services in the development of computer systems and data analysis. I am one of 9 award winning Experts for Experts Exchange's 11th Annual Expert Awards.

Pieter Vanhove

Pieter Vanhove is a Program Manager in the Security & Governance Azure Database Platform team at Microsoft. He is the feature PM for ledger and Always Encrypted which is all about bringing the power of Blockchain to SQL Server and data encryption. He has been working with SQL Server since 2000. Pieter has a profound knowledge in data security and loves the new Azure stuff. He is also a regular speaker at Belgian and international events.

Piotr Mucha

Data Analyst Consultant – joined Adatis in 2019 where he builds Modern Data Warehouses using Azure platform. Main areas of expertise: Azure Databricks

Popoola Isiaka Olamilekan

Mr. Popoola Isiaka Olamilekan has a master’s degree in Information Production and Management. As an Information Technology specialist, he has more than 10 years of working experience in training and consulting services in areas related to Geographical Information Systems (GIS), statistical data analysis, Business Intelligence (BI), and Microsoft Office Suites. Professionally, he is a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate (MCDA) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He is also certified by International Computer Driving License (ICDL) as an international trainer. As a consultant, he is currently consulting for Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), Abuja, the training arm of Nigeria’s National Communications Commission (NCC), as a Subject Matter Expert on Data Analytics, through the ADAPTI project being sponsored by NCC and facilitated in higher institutions in Nigeria. Likewise, he also handles ICDL courses on digital skill literacy through the ICT Support Intervention projects at public higher institutions in Nigeria, being sponsored by Nigeria’s Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND). Through these two projects, he has facilitated quite a number of technical training sessions for higher institutions’ managers, academic (professors, Ph.D. holders, etc), and non-academic staff in several higher institutions of learning across Nigeria. He is passionate in learning, teaching, and research.

Pragati Jain

Pragati is a Data Platform MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional). Currently, she is working as a Manager at Avanade in UK and works towards generating and delivering data insights to various customers. She holds a Master’s degree in Data Science and Analytics from Royal Holloway University of London. She is skilled in various tools and technologies like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Azure ML Studio, Azure Databricks Pyspark and SQL. She has been using Power BI for few years now and is recognised as a Superuser on the Microsoft Power BI Community. Outside work she enjoys photography, loves hiking, she is a trained Indian classical singer and has a passion for painting. She even has her Instagram page dedicated to painting. Microsoft MVP: https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/PublicProfile/5004163?fullName=Pragati%20Jain

Prashant Bhargava

Prashant has more than twenty years of experience in development and database technologies, managing dispersed technical teams responsible for about thousand database instance. Predominantly building and managing high availability, mission critical databases for customers like London City Airport, Oxford University Press, PRS for Music, River & Mercantile Group and large number of NHS Trusts and local government. With emphases on planning, process and people Prashant is a well experienced technical operations manager

Prathyusha(Prathy) Kamasani

Prathy is a director at Avanade who specialises in Power BI and Azure data solutions. She loves working with Microsoft Fabric, a cutting-edge technology that lets her create custom and high-quality BI systems with the Microsoft BI platform. She cares about design and user experience, which makes her BI solutions look great and easy to use. She works with clients from various sectors and industries, helping them to make smarter decisions based on data. Prathy is also a keen BI community member, writing regularly at prathy.com about Power BI and other BI topics. She likes to share what she knows and learns with other BI fans through her participation in the London Fabric User Group, and her talks at events like SQLBits, Microsoft Business Applications Summit, SQL Saturdays and Local User groups. She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, a prestigious award that acknowledges her contributions to the BI field.

Predrag Bosnic

Predrag Bosnic started his IT journey in 1979 using UNIVAC 1100, Fortran and Mapper. For the next 20 years he visited the world of PC, dBase, Clipper and Fox. During the last 14 years he has been working with SQL Serverand .Net maintaining his passion for databases and software development. He is a Software Development Manager, conference speaker and author of a dozen technical articles.

Puneet Vijwani

Work as Data and AI engineer and love solving problem as a data analytics engineer , Leading the Fabrics Data Engineering Explorers User Group in Norway, I create an environment for like-minded professionals to explore, learn and network around Microsoft Fabric's and Synapse data engineering . In addition to my work I also runs a youtube channel named "Puneet Vijwani" where i talk about the most recent information and developments in the fields of business intelligence, statistics, and data analysis I believe that my experience and knowledge can provide valuable insights to fellow professionals

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid delivers a BI platform that provides the tools users need to gain business insight in a way that is natural, does not require any particular technical skills while allowing a depth of analysis comparable to the best applications available.


R Meyyappan

R Meyyappan is a SQL Server specialist with expertise in Performance Tuning. Ramesh worked at Microsoft Corporation from 1994 to 2004. Nearly half of that time he worked in Redmond in the development teams - specifically as Program Manager in the SQL Server Development Team responsible for optimizing SQL Server product for SAP. Ramesh now offers onsite and offsite consulting and workshops independently as well as by partnering with various Microsoft Subsidiaries. You can find webcasts from Ramesh at http://webcasts.sqlworkshops.com. You can contact Ramesh at rmeyyappan@sqlworkshops.com. To register for the upcoming workshops click

Rae Ellingham

Rae Ellingham is a senior data consultant with Red Olive, where she specialises in data engineering. She has over 18 years of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server.

Rainer Stropek

Rainer Stropek is co-founder and CEO of the company software architects and has been serving this role since 2008. At software architects Rainer and his team are developing the award-winning SaaS time tracking solution “time cockpit”. Previously, Rainer founded and led two IT consulting firms that worked in the area of developing software solution based on the Microsoft technology stack. Rainer is recognized as an expert concerning .NET development, software architecture and databases. He has written numerous books and articles on C#, database development, Microsoft Azure, XAML, and web development. Additionally he regularly speaks at conferences, workshops and trainings in Europe and the US. In 2010 Rainer has become one of the first MVPs for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. In 2015, Rainer also became a Microsoft Regional Director. 2016, Rainer also got the MVP award for Visual Studio and Developer Technologies. Rainer graduated the Higher Technical School Leonding (AT) for MIS with honors and holds a BSc (Hons) Computer Studies of the University of Derby (UK).

Rajendra Ongole

I am Rajendra, BI Specialist and Power BI Trainer. I’m sharing my knowledge on different Microsoft technologies like Power Platform – Power BI,Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. With 13 Years of Experience in Software Development in different domains (Telecom, Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Project Management office.

Ralph Attard

Ralph is an enterprise and data platform architect with over 15 years of hands-on and leading positions. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who regularly speaks at a local user-group and at conferences from time to time.

Raoul Illyés

Raoul Illyés is an internationally acclaimed SQL Server expert and has 16 years' experience in the IT industry. Raoul is an internationally recognized lecturer and teacher, known for his passion and dedication to detail.  Many customers have had good reason to value his high energy level and enthusiasm over the years, including Microsoft both locally and abroad.

Rashi Aggarwal

Result oriented Data Engineer with 6 years of experience in building and maintaining data pipelines and integrations on high-volume datasets. Passionate about acquiring, analysing and transforming data to generate insight.

Raul Barrue

Advanced Analytics Specialist

Raul Gonzalez

I like pushing SQL Server to its limits. When I am not at work you can find me with my family or at the gym.

Ravichander Rajendran

11+ years of experience in different roles and responsibilities associated with data. Currently leading the Data Analysis & Data Modeling capability for R& Function in a leading Biopharmaceutical organisation.

Red Gate

Régis Baccaro

BI Guy, C# Dude, SharePoint Fellow and accidental DBA

Reid Havens

Reid is the Founder of Havens Consulting Inc, Microsoft MVP, and an avid Business Intelligence evangelist.

Reitse Eskens

Reitse began his computer days with GW Basic and quickly followed with Windows 3.11. After that many computers followed and, interrupted by human resource and psychology studies, he got into the IT work field around 2007. There he met Oracle 9. With a command line from 1980. At his current job he met SQL Server. And loved it. Now he’s working with SQL 2008 to SQL 2019 on-premises and a number of Azure SQL Databases, supporting customers and tuning databases. New projects focus more on the Azure data platform as an architect, security advisor and data engineer.

Renato Lira

Renato is a data analyst based in Brazil that is fascinated with DAX and M.

Rex de Koning

In IT for over 25 years now, started as developer, switched to system/network admin and now automation consultant and MCT. Primarily working on Azure and Powershell, to help our customers automate their processes and focus on their core-business

Ricardo Linhares

BI Developer @ DevScope. 20 Years working on Healthcare, clinical analysis. Working with SQL since Sql 2000. I Love data, and get data very fast. Last year working full time with BI.

Ricardo Lopez

Metadata-driven solutions and Code Accelerator SME at Avanade UK. 10+ years of experience in BI/MS/Azure, MSc Business Systems Analysis and Design, BSc Systems Engineer. Worked on: retail, oil & gas, education, construction, insurance, banking, government. Solutions delivered in: Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Romania and Serbia.

Ricardo Santos

Data is his passion, with many years working in the field, and experience in large architectural projects for BI and Big Data Solutions. More than 15 years working with BI solutions, Big Data and Cloud.

Rich Benner

I love everything about performance tuning and making databases running faster.

Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell wrote his first line of code in 1977. His career has spanned the computing industry both on the hardware and software sides, development and operations. He was a co-founder of Strangeloop Networks, acquired by Radware in 2013 and was on the board of directors of Telerik which was acquired by Progress Software in 2014. Today he is a consultant and advisor to a number of successful technology firms and is the founder and chairman of Humanitarian Toolbox (www.htbox.org), a public charity that builds open source software for disaster relief. Richard is also the host of two podcasts: .NET Rocks! (www.dotnetrocks.com) for .NET developers and RunAs Radio (www.runasradio.com) for IT Professionals.

Richard Conway

Director at Elastacloud, Microsoft Azure MVP, Microsoft Regional Director

Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas is the Principal Solutions Engineer for SentryOne where he specialises in providing Microsoft Data Platform monitoring solutions and system health checks to organisations across the globe.

Richard Fennell

Richard is the Engineering Director of Black Marble Ltd a Microsoft Gold Partner based in the North of England. Black Marble specialises in BizTalk &amp; SharePoint based business automation. As Engineering Director Richard is responsible for the delivery of systems and tools to allow the company, and their clients, to deliver solutions efficiently. All Black Marble's development activity is underpinned by TFS using Agile process models. Richard is a MVP for Visual Studio ALM and a Certified Scrum master. Richard is a regular presenter at community events in the UK (and the rest of the world given a chance) where his most common subject is software testing and development process.

Richard Munn

A SQLServer DBA for nearly 20 years. Can be seen in the wild at community events on the South West of the UK.

Richard Siddaway

Richard Siddaway is Microsoft Practice Leader for Centiq Ltd. With over 20 years experience in various aspects of IT Richard is currently concentrating on the Microsoft environment at an architectural level especially around Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and Infrastructure Optimisation much of his recent experience has involved migrating enterprises from Windows NT\Exchange 5.5 to Windows 2003\Exchange 2003. Richard has administration experience with several database systemsespecially SQL Server. His initial programming background is still usefulas Richard is a very experienced scripter always looking for the opportunity to automate a process. Having discovered PowerShell 18 months ago he has enthusiastically adopted it in preference to VBScript. Richard founded and currently leads the UK PowerShell User Group. Richard has presented on PowerShell to the Directory Experts Conference 2007, at various events at Microsoft UK, including the last Community Day, and for other UK User Groups.

Richard Swinbank

Independent DW/BI consultant specialising in the SQL Server stack, with particular interest in using metadata to inform process control, drive code generation, automate documentation and reduce human error.

Richard Tkachuk

Richard Tkachuk is a Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse team. Richard has been with the PDW team since shortly after the acquisition of DATAllegro and helped ship the SQL Server PDW appliance. Richard has been a part of SQL Server with a focus on data warehousing for over ten years.

Richie Lee

Richie is a man of many hats (and shoes), both literally and figuratively: he has worked in many different roles from software tester, developer, DBA and TFS Administrator. When not running to and from work he can be found at home, probably playing Pokémon Go.

Rie Merritt

Rie Merritt has been working with SQL Server since 1999, starting as a data analyst for a non-profit. She's worked in many industries over the years including pharmaceutical, e-commerce, legal, financial, education and government. She is currently the Elite Influencers Lead (MVP, RD, Super Users) and as liaison between the product group and the data community. She is based out of Redmond but works remotely from her home near Atlanta. Rie was an MVP in the Data Platform for three years before joining Microsoft. She speaks frequently at conferences and moderates webinars, WIT panels and career panels. Over the years, she's been co-leader of the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group, Executive Director of SQL Saturday Atlanta and helps run the Atlanta Azure Data User Group.

Rishi Sapra

Rishi is a speaker, trainer, consultant and technology evangelist specialising in Power BI, and has presented at several global conferences over the past few years. He works with a number of large Enterprise customers on self-serve BI Architecture an

Rita Maia

With a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communication and a postgraduate degree in Big Data and Data Science, I have not only prepared myself for how to properly communicate with different stakeholders, but also established a passion for data-driven insights. I consider myself an enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge. My journey into the world of data science began as a self-taught endeavor, driven by a genuine curiosity to explore the multifaceted aspects of this dynamic field through online courses and continuous self-improvement. For the past two years, I have been a Power BI developer at DevScope, where we harness the power of data to drive informed decision-making and facilitate meaningful insights for clients. One of my most memorable experience was my collaboration with CERN, where I had the privilege of working alongside their experts, showcasing how their cutting-edge technology could be used to address challenges related to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, while furtherering my capacities of public speaking and presentation.

Rob Carrol

I have been working with SQL Server since 1999, firstly as a web developer, but primarily in a DBA and consultancy capacity. I joined Microsoft in 2008 as a SQL Server Premier Field Engineer, working with some of Microsoft's largest clients in the UK and Europe, specialising in SQL Server performance tuning and Business Intelligence. I'm based in Scotland and I'm married with 2 daughters. When I'm not working with SQL Server you'll usually find me playing on Xbox Live !

Rob Carrol

I've been working with SQL Server for over 20 years, firstly as a DBA and now as a consultant. I joined Coeo as a Data Platform Consultant in 2021 providing advice and guidance to customers modernising their SQL Server estates. I previously worked for Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) and as an independent database consultant, working across various sectors including financial services, retail and defence. When I'm not working with SQL Server, I'm a keen runner and enjoy spending time with my family.

Rob Farley

Rob Farley runs LobsterPot Solutions in Australia, and is known for his slide-free presentations that will challenge your thinking.

Rob Litjens

Using SQL since version 6.5 and since then worked with lots of Microsoft Server products to support SQL Server. Main focus on security and Infrastructure. Working with Azure. Like to travel, mountainbike, snowboard, judo and walk with my dog.

Rob Mandeville

A life-long learner and technologist with a passion for all things database. Deep knowledge with PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, GIS extensions, performance tuning, and design. 20+ years of experience with a variety of companies from government to aerospace to startups in technical operations, support, and technical sales.

Rob Sewell

I’m a database automation expert and DBA with a passion for helping my peers increase their data’s performance through automation. I'm told I have a fabulous beard.

Rob Volk

Rob Volk is a DBA in the Atlanta, Georgia area since 2001. He started using SQL Server with version 6.5 and is very glad to have upgraded since then. In his spare time he accomplishes more than he does on the job, just don't tell his boss.

Robbin Vernooij

My professional journey has taken me from the Netherlands to Australia, and presently to the United Kingdom. Throughout this journey, my focus has consistently been on the collection, processing, and meaningful interpretation of data. Early on in my career, I discovered my passion for simplifying and presenting complex datasets in an accessible manner. I made the decision to join the Data School in Feb 2018, which proved to be a pivotal step in my career. This move introduced me to powerful data manipulation tools like Alteryx and Tableau, providing me with the means to streamline data processing and craft compelling narratives using data. Since then, I have been actively involved in consulting, training, and training both clients and consultants at the Data School. My expertise covers a wide range of data applications, spanning the realms of Statistics, Servers, and Automation.

Robert Edgson

Just a regular SQL pro who also likes to present.because there is nothing better to validate the depth of your knowledge.

Robert Edgson

Rob has been working in IT since 1995 ; Found the Gift of dyslexia has been a core benefit to the excitement of IT constant change. Troubleshooting and thinking out the box to find solutions.

Robert French

Roberts primary passion to help others to achieve more by sharing some of the knowledge he has been privileged to receive from others.

Robert Hartskeerl

Robert Hartskeerl has over a decade worth of experience developing and maintaining database solutions with SQL Server, .NET and Azure. Working for Microsoft Services has made him a true expert in troubleshooting, performance tuning, database security and high availability solutions. In 2018 he left Microsoft to focus more on building solutions. Today he has helped several customers move their workloads Azure.

Robert Hawker

Robert Hawker has worked in Data and Analytics within household name end user organisations such as Vodafone, Nationwide Building Society, CSL and Warner Bros Discovery since 2007. Rob has worked in a range of industries in both hands on and leadership roles, covering areas such as master data management, data quality, metadata management and more recently data visualisation. After starting with Power BI in early 2019, Rob changed his focus from data leadership roles to hands on Power BI work, culminating in starting consulting in 2023. Rob is working with a UK public sector organisation at the moment and recently published a book called "Practical Data Quality" through Packt. Rob is PL-300 certified and an ICAEW qualified chartered accountant. Rob has spoken at large data events such as the Gartner Data and Analytics conference in London, IRM UK conferences, Data Scotland and DataMinds Connect in Belgium.

Robert Hogg

Robert Hogg is the Managing Director of Black Marble Ltd, a Microsoft Gold Partner based in the North of England, specialising in Microsoft BizTalk and SharePoint based business automation and collaboration solutions, as well as Application Lifecycle Management. Robert is in his fourth year as an MVP, currently for the Connected Systems Division, and is also a Fellow of the British Computer Society and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Hull. He speaks throughout the UK, as well as internationally. Robert writes, contributes and edits books, white papers and articles on SOA, Modelling and Enterprise Service Bus.

Robert Sonders

Microsoft Certified with 25+ years of real-life workload focused experience, developing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions with an intense database focus. Results-driven, consultative and strategic Dell Technologies Technical Staff – Engineering Technologist, offering a strong balance between business savvy and technical capabilities. Aligning with Microsoft workloads of database, multicloud storage software, hybrid and collaboration executing on the Dell Technologies product stack.

Robin Lester

Cloud / Data Solutions Architect with Microsoft in the UK. Focusing on all areas of the data and AI stack.

Rodrigo Lemmi

Rodrigo is a Senior Manager at BMO, celebrated for his role as the Program Office Analytics Lead for one of the largest banking acquisition in North America to date, 16 Billion Dollars. With over 5 years in the banking industry, his expertise in M&A analytics was recognized as world-class by M&A Partners, surpassing all commercial products in the field. A proud Boston University alumni, he majored in finance and accounting, establishing a strong foundation for his stellar banking career. Beyond his professional achievements, Rodrigo possesses a deep passion for both classical and contemporary piano. His dedication to discipline is further evidenced by his title as the Olympic Lifting National Club Champion in 2010.

Rohit Nayak

Rohit Nayak is a Senior Program Manager in the SQL Server product team at Microsoft, with a focus on the Security and Connectivity for Azure SQL Database.

Roland Szirmai

Roland Szirmai is an Analyst with 10+ years of experience in Financial, Commercial, and Operational reporting. Roland creates reports to express the true meaning behind numbers in an understandable way using modern tools such as Microsoft Power BI. He uses his skill, knowledge, and expertise in Excel, Power Query, DAX, and Data Visualisation to help organizations transform from assumptions and guesswork to more informed, data-driven decisions making. Roland is the creator of BI-Lingual Analytics a YouTube channel and blog dedicated to helping non-technical people learn more about and master Power BI. People can find useful guides and videos on how to use this tool and sometimes just fun data-related articles. It’s all about helping business users to master Power BI and analytics – without too much IT involved.

Roman Tesolkin

Data Adventurer, Power BI geek, Enthusiast and Workshop Leader from Ukraine based in Frankfurt am Main. Empowering Through Data: A Journey of Insights and Workshops!

Ron Matchoro

Ron Matchoro is a Senior Program Manager at the SQL Azure Data Security group. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/threat-detection-public-preview/

Rony Chatterjee

Rony is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SmartApps. At SmartApps we make Generative AI work for enterprises. SmartApps application operates in cloud scale enterprise secure environment and provides hallucination free insights over the data. Prior to this role, Rony was the General Manager in Amazon Ads delivering Sponsored Products recommendation outside of Amazon on third-party sites which included first party integrations like Pinterest and Brave. Rony was the Head of Product for blended thematic widgets on the Amazon Search Page. His team partnered with several retail teams (Softlines, Hardlines, Consumables, Climate Pledge Friendly)across Amazon to launch blended thematic widget experiences on Amazon search page. Prior to joining Amazon, Rony was the Sr. Director of the Center of Innovation and Transformation at Microsoft, driving Digital Transformation of the top Azure customers. The Center of Innovation and Transformation led the way in exploring and helping Azure's top customers adopt new technologies, techniques, best practices to digitally transform expand and create value for their businesses. The center of innovation team supported and governed the execution of the Digital Transformation strategy and focused on forward looking opportunities.

Roseanne Levasseur

Senior product manager focused on creator experiences - driving onboarding, growth, and engagement.

Rosie Djurovic

I am a BI Developer with experience of developing solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI, Python and SQL. I am hugely grateful to the Data and BI community and hope that by sharing my experiences I can help others who are on similar journeys.

Ross Mistry

Ross Mistry is a best-selling author, former SQL Server MVP and enterprise architect with Microsoft. Ross designs technology solutions for Microsoft&amp;rsquo;s largest customers at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Silicon Valley. His recent books include; Introducing SQL Server 2008 R2 (MSPress), Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed (SAMS) and SQL Server 2008 Management and Administration (SAMS). You can follow him on twitter @RossMistry

Rudi Bruchez

Paris based SQL Server expert with 20 years experience.

Rui Carvalho

All my academic background was in program languages like C, C++, and C# but my professional path started in Business Intelligence where I developed a good relationship with Data. I started by building Reports and Tabular Models on PowerBI and then I gave my attention mainly to ETL processes, SQL Server technologies like SSIS and SSAS, and Azure. I love optimization, performance, and time management, so those are the soft skills that I´m currently improving. Recently I´ve found joy in helping and teaching others so I´ve started writing some blog posts on Medium about SQL (tips and daily challenges) and about time management, productivity, and things I´ve learned. Currently, my goal is to learn more and more and help people along the way.

Rui Romano

Rui Romano is a Data Platform MVP with more than 15 years of experience on the Microsoft BI Platform.

Rune Ovlien Rakeie

Rune have been working with databases for over 20 years, primarily in those years with Microsoft SQL Server. Active in the #sqlcommunity and together with his excellent team of volunteers has run SQLSaturday Oslo for the past 3 years.

Russ Loski

Russ has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5. He has focused primarily on moving data from one source to another, beginning with DTS and moving on to SSIS and now learning Azure Data Factory. Russ has worked in a variety of industries from healthcare to insurance as well as sports. He is currently working for a managed database service provider Navisite. Russ lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas USA with his wife. He enjoys time with his daughters and two grandchildren.

Ruth Pearson

Support Consultant focusing on Microsoft Bi Stack (On-prem and Azure) @Simpson Associates

Ryan Booz

Ryan is an Advocate at Redgate focusing on PostgreSQL. Ryan has been working as a PostgreSQL advocate, developer, DBA and product manager for more than 20 years, primarily working with time-series data on PostgreSQL and the Microsoft Data Platform. Ryan is a long-time DBA, starting with MySQL and Postgres in the late 90s. He spent more than 15 years working with SQL Server before returning to PostgreSQL full-time in 2018. He’s at the top of his game when he's learning something new about the data platform or teaching others about the technology he loves.

Ryan Dawson

A technologist passionate about data, Ryan works with clients on large-scale data and AI initiatives. Ryan helps organizations get more value from data. His work includes strategies to productionize machine learning, organizing the way data is captured and shared, selecting the right data technologies and optimal team structures. He has over 15 years of experience and is author of the Thoughtworks Guide to Evaluating MLOps Platforms, as well as many widely read articles about MLOps, software design and delivery.

Sagar Lad

Azure Data & AI Platform Evangelist

Sam Nasr

Sam Nasr has been a software developer since 1995, focusing mostly on Microsoft technologies. Having achieved multiple certifications from Microsoft (MCSA, MCAD, MCTS, and MCT), Sam develops, teaches, and tours the country to present various topics in .Net. He’s involved with the Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group, where he has been the group leader since 2003. In addition, he’s the leader of the .Net Study Group, an author for Visual Studio Magazine, and a Microsoft MVP since 2013. When not coding, Sam loves spending time with his family and friends or volunteering at his local church.

Sammy Deprez

Sammy is senior consultant and Managing Partner at Arinti (a company focused on the Microsoft Data & AI Platform) . He is passionate about everything that has to do with data and anything connecting to that, from reporting till data science & AI. Worked on projects locally & abroad and in industries from healthcare to finance & banking. And most importantly he loves to share his knowledge with others. That is why he is also board member of the Global AI Community.

Sandeep Mehta

Sandeep is a seasoned professional in the field of Data Platform Engineering. As the Data Platform Engineering Lead at Dojo, he plays a pivotal role in designing and building self-serve data platforms within a data mesh architecture. With a rich background in developing real-time distributed data processing solutions at esteemed organisations like Babylon, Funding Circle, and Worldpay, Sandeep brings a wealth of practical experience to his work. Beyond his professional achievements, Sandeep possesses an insatiable curiosity for emerging technologies. He dedicates his spare time to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest advancements in the industry. With a genuine passion for knowledge sharing, Sandeep enjoys writing about new technologies, contributing to the collective growth and understanding of the community.

Sander Stad

Sander is a SQL Server DBA with over 20 years of experience in IT. He has worked with SQL Server since version 2000 and is a Cloud and Datacenter Management (CDM) MVP. He is a huge PowerShell enthusiast and will try to automate processes as much as he can.

Sander van der Hoeff

With over 20 years of experience in automation Sander van der Hoeff knows his way around the ICT business. Since 2000 Sander is specialized in business intelligence and data warehousing using the full SQLServer Stack. In 2012 Sander founded his own BI-company: Du Sabot. Nowadays Sander spends his time on several BI- and DWH-projects as an independent professional. Sander combines deep technical knowledge with the capability to explain difficult BI- and DWH-concepts to non-technical people. In the last years he shifted towards Data platform testing

Sandip Pani

Sandip Pani is a data architect, an eminent speaker, blogger from Bangalore, India. He has been working on various data platform over 15 years and is MCITP Certified. He specializes in data modeling, data pipeline, data preparation, query tuning and performance troubleshooting. Currently working as Principal Engineer for NextGen Healthcare and is quite active in Data community world. He shares and enhance his knowledge of Data, database, AI/ML by spending time at newsgroups and forums, speaking at conferences. He was a Speaker at SQLBits XI – Nottingham, SQLBits XIV – London, SQLBits XX and SSGAG 16, DPS 17, DPS (2018, 2019) , DPVS 2021. He is a regular speaker at DataPlatformGeeks (formerly known as SQLServerGeeks) Meet-Up and Data Platform Day events. He also leads the User Group in DataplatformGeeks and Regional mentor of DPG. He believes 90% of the problem can be solved in this world if correct data is available. His goal is to understand different data related issues in depth, utilize that knowledge in his job and share the experience with the data community.

Sandra Chant

"Every person is a diamond. In order to shine, some need to be polished!!!" Sandra Chant has worked as a Social Worker / counsellor all around the world. Over the years she has guided many people in their integration (back) into society. Which they are either a part or they want to be a part of. Through methods that she has developed over the years. Furthermore, she has initiated various plans within various aid organizations worldwide with the aim of optimizing the amount of aid given by this organization. Which included presenting methods and/or methodologies to aid workers to setup and coordinate projects. Based in the Netherlands, she is well-known in various communities for being an enthusiastic, curious, positive and enterprising individual. Who is always willing to help and is now sharing her experience to help others.

Sandra Marin

I am passionate about how technology enables people and organizations, and my professional motivation is to apply my knowledge and experience to create innovative ways to promote technology adoption and use. I bring a strong background in the technology industry, with experience across sales and marketing strategy, technology projects delivery, and project management.

Sandy Winarko

Sandy is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, currently driving the efforts to modernize SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) on premises and in the cloud as part of ADF (Azure Data Factory).

Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra is the Group PM Manager in the Azure Data product team at Microsoft. Sanjay and his team are responsible for the Azure SQL Database product.

Sarah Francis

Sarah fell in love with product back in 2014, where she created the UK’s first social network for parents of autistic children, winning three awards and making a positive difference for thousands of families. Sarah joined YouGov in 2021 after nearly a decade in senior product roles across hospitality, housing, social care, sport and fitness. She leads the team that builds engaging and rewarding experiences for YouGov’s 15 million panellists in 55 countries, working daily with data scientists, analysts and engineers. She’s passionate about changing the world with technology and believes the best way to do this is through brilliantly diverse teams focused on a compelling mission.

Sarah Lean

With a diverse career that spans over fifteen years, Sarah has been a part of every aspect of the IT world. She began at the bottom of the industry, working hard at the small jobs until she earned her way to her current position. With determination, Sarah accomplished her goals, getting things done in a timely, intelligent way. This led her to see things on a bigger scope as her passion for technology deepened. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Scotland, Sarah holds true to her heritage by embracing the natural world through her appreciation for technology. For Sarah, technology is a way to see life as it grows and adapts, ever-changing, just like the natural world of farming. Sarah is proud to give back to her community. As a STEM Ambassador, Sarah helps others learn how IT can impact and change their lives for the better. Most specifically, she enjoys teaching the next generation of young women how they too can rise in a male-oriented field and succeed in their own careers. Sarah also founded the Glasgow Azure User Group, a community collective who meets bimonthly to network and discuss the latest in technology. Sarah’s enthusiasm in the field of technology has given her the opportunity to speak at public events, most notably, Microsoft Ignite.

Sarath Sasidharan

As a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, I leverage my expertise in Fabric, Azure, and data architecture to help some of the largest Synapse customers in the EMEA region overcome critical challenges and achieve their business goals. I have over 14 years of experience in designing, building, and monitoring data solutions that span integration, preparation, analytics, and reporting layers for various industries and domains. I am passionate about enabling organizations to generate value from their data and empowering them with next-generation data and AI capabilities. I work closely with the product engineering group to provide feedback and best practices for improving the Synapse user experience and product development. I also contribute to the community by speaking at internal and external events and sharing insights and guidance on data strategy, governance, and architecture.

Sasa Popovic

Sasa Popovic has 12 years of professional experience in Microsoft. Over time, he has worked as a software engineer in SQL Server and Azure Data teams. Since 2020, Sasa has been Product Manager in Azure SQL Managed Instance team with a focus on data mobility, user scenarios in mixed environments, distributed transactions and replication.

Sascha Giese

Giese holds various technical certifications, including being a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP), AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, and Network Performance Monitor and Server & Application Monitor SolarWinds Certified Professional® (SCP). He has more than 15 years of technical IT experience, four of which have been as a senior pre-sales engineer at SolarWinds. As a senior pre-sales engineer, Sascha was responsible for product training SolarWinds channel partners and customers, regularly participated in the annual SolarWinds Partner Summit EMEA, and contributed in the company’s professional certification program, SolarWinds Certified Professional.

Sascha Götz

I am working as Senior Data Engineer at scieneers GmbH. Bringing more then 15 years of tech consulting experience to the table. I am focused on designing and building modern data warehouse architectures using Azure data services such as Power BI, Synapse, Fabric and many more. I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for Power BI and Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate and Systems Expert (MCSE) für SQL Server BI.

Sascha Lorenz

Sascha has been working with Microsoft SQL Server and the efficient automation of database-related tasks for several decades. Still having a developer soul, he is now responsible for the development of the PSG tool stack, which his colleagues and customers use to analyze and optimize database servers around the world. Furthermore, he still shares his experience and knowledge in numerous workshops and training as well as at community events.

Satya Jayanty

Enterprise Architect specialised in the data platform and cloud computing, with considerable leadership & delivery management experience in dealing multiple transformation & digitalisation projects (end-to-end B2B, B2C) with a strategy.

Satya Shyam K Jayanty

Knowledge is the power and you will gain by sharing it; I'm an Independent Database expert, with over 16 years of experience in application designing, developing and managing database technologies using industry famous technologies &amp; software. I have been working with SQL Server since version 4.2 (1996) and active member &amp; moderator in Technet, MSDN, SQL-Server-Performance.com forums/websites and also writing for http://www.sql-server-performance.com website. I'm a regular speaker and volunteer (Ask The Experts) at SQL Server events such as SQLPASS, Tech-ed etc. and I was awarded as SQL Server MVP since the year 2006. I also update content &amp; manage the website http://www.sqlserver-qa.net.

Sawyer Nyquist

Sawyer Nyquist is a consultant based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. His work focuses on business intelligence, data analytics engineering, and data platform architecture. He holds these certifications from Microsoft: MCSA BI Reporting, Data Analyst Associate, and Azure Data Engineer Associate; and holds the Associate Developer certification for Apache Spark 3.0. Over his career, he worked with dozens of companies to strategize and implement data, analytics, and technology to drive growth. He is passionate about delivering enterprise data analytics solutions by building ETL pipelines, designing SQL data warehouses, and deploying modern cloud technologies for custom dashboards and reporting. He currently works as a senior consultant at Microsoft.

Scott Bell

Scott is currently a principal consultant with RapidData focusing on the Azure Data Platform, Integration Engineering and Analytics. Previously, he was a a senior consultant and UK&I Databricks SME at Avanade. He has a master degree in Computer Science with a specialism on Secure Machine Learning in the Cloud. He is passionate about all things data, Rugby League, Beer, R, Azure and Power BI.

Scott Hudson

Presented by Donna (Senior L&D partner) and Scott (Head of Delivery Excellence) from Adatis. For the last 7 years Donna has been responsible for Career Developement and Engagement processes internally at Adatis. For the last 12 years Scott has been delivering client projects and changing the culture of data teams on the client side. With a shared passion of realising the benefits of a positive culture, they love to share their expiernece and knowledge with others.

Scott Klein

CTO of Cloud And Devices, author, speaker, and seeker of all things extraordinary. Loves data of all sizes, and the bleeding edge of technology up until the point he has to repave his laptop. Thinks the word phenomenal is super phenomenal..

Scott Klein

Scott Klein is a senior consultant with SQL Solutions Group, with nearly three decades of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server. Prior to SQL Solutions Group, Scott spent nearly 8 years at Microsoft, traveling the globe as a technical evangelist training and speaking about SQL Server and Microsoft’s Azure data services. Scott’s recent focus has been on advanced analytics, including big data and IoT, providing real-world training to help bring intelligence to your data. Scott has authored several books, his latest which focuses on using Microsoft’s IoT suite to process and analyze data. Scott is continuously striving and looking for ways to help developers and companies grok the wonderful world of data.

Scott Sewell

As a Principal Product Manager within the Power BI team and a former Dynamics 365 Black Belt at Microsoft - I've seen firsthand how valuable the data in Dataverse can be for the decision-makers. I've also worked through the challenges that are commonly faced by makers when bringing Power BI to Dataverse or vice versa. I'm passionate about how valuable these two tools are when used together and I'm always excited to share and learn with other makers on the Power Platform.

Scott Stauffer

Scott has spend the better part of the last 25 years moving data around. Mostly with the help of Microsoft SQL Server, and now a bit of Power BI and Azure Data Factory. Scott's new "passion work", is being a volunteer puppy raises for the BC & Alberta Guide Dogs. Scott's a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and SQLSaturday organizer.

Sean McCown

Sean McCown is a Certified Master in SQL Server and a SQL Server MVP with 20 years of experience in high-end databases. He is also founder and co-owner of the MidnightDBA.com and MinionWare Software.


Serena Samra

I am a Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft specialised in Power BI and Data Visualisation. I am passionate about diversity & inclusion across the tech industry and advocate it across my customer base.

Sergei Petrosian

I was working as Technical Writer with Red Hat Satellite 4 years. Since January 2021 I am working as a Software Engineer on RHEL System Roles.

Sergès Goma

Sergès Goma is a Paris-based software developer specialized in JavaScript. When she's not fixing codebases, she gives motivational speeches mostly aimed at junior and would-be developers as well as participating in the tech women's empowerment online community Motiv'Her.

Sergey Olontsev

I have been working with SQL Server for about 10 years as a DBA, developer, consultant and trainer, focusing on high availability and disaster recovery solutions, ETL, troubleshooting and performance tuning, developing high performance solutions.

Sergiy Lunyakin

I'm a Data Platform MVP and a DWH/BI Consultant at ITMagination Inc. Responsible for designing and developing on-premise and cloud Datawarehouse/BI solutions.Community enthusiast, SQLSaturdays speaker and leader of Lviv SQL Server user Group.

Shannon Lindsay

Shannon is a Microsoft Certified data and analytics professional with a background in global public health, specializing in Business Intelligence training and consulting. Her focus is on enabling non-profit and government decision makers who rely on complex and disparate data systems to gain insights and drive strategic decision making. Shannon is passionate about using data to improve the lives of those who need it the most. Shannon leads the Washington, DC Power BI User Group and really enjoys watching people connect and lead each other to their lightbulb moments! When she’s not wrangling data, Shannon enjoys anything outdoors, including her latest hobby, flying trapeze!

Shinduri Srinatha Reddy

Shinduri is a Solutions Architect, she has been designing and developing SAP Business warehouse, SAP HANA and big data on AWS solutions for 14 years. She worked in all the different stages of building scaling and performant big data architectures. She has deep knowledge of big data and analytics solutions on AWS cloud.

Silvano Coriani

Working on SQL and other data technologies since 25 years. Specialized in data access, query optimization and tuning, distributed system design. Author and speaker in industry conferences, now in SQL Customer Success Engineering, Azure Data team.

Simon Binder

As a Workplace & Security Architect, as well as an Enterprise Mobility MVP, Simons goal is to compose an enjoyable, powerful and purpose driven workplace experience with IT. He have a talent of translating organizational needs into technology and always emphasize "The Human Side of IT".

Simon D'Morias

Simon is a database consultant who specialises in all areas of the Microsoft Data Platform, he runs datathirst.net - a data platform consultancy focused on modern cloud solutions.

Simon Munro

Simon Munro is a Senior Practice Consultant with EMC Consulting. Currently doing solution architecture on the Microsoft stack, Simon has spent more than fifteen years straddling the line between application and database development. Over the years he has worked on a wide range of database solutions from transactional to data warehouse and various volumes and loads.

Simon Pease

After an early career in teaching languages and soft skills, I worked as a full stack developer, consultant and trainer focusing on Microsoft technologies, before specialising in SQL Server and SQL Azure development, administration and dev-ops.

Simon Sabin

Simon has worked with data for all his career. He works with companies on, 1. Data platform strategy 2. Data platform optimisation 3. Data development practices He founded SQLBits, is a SQL MCM and an Microsoft MVP since 2005

Simon Whiteley

Director of Engineering for Advancing Analytics Ltd, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Databricks Beacon. Simon is a seasoned solution architect & technical lead with well over a decade of Microsoft Analytics experience, who spends an inordinate amount of time running the Advancing Spark YouTube series. A deep techie with a focus on emerging cloud technologies and applying "big data" thinking to traditional analytics problems, Simon also has a passion for bringing it back to the high level and making sense of the bigger picture. When not tinkering with tech, Simon is a death-dodging London cyclist, a sampler of craft beers, an avid chef and a generally nerdy person.


For more than a decade, SIOS solutions have been protecting thousands of mission-critical applications and countless volumes of data for customers of all sizes, across every industry, in all parts of the world. Our innovative high availability and data protection software solutions for Linux and Windows deliver superior RTO and RPO at a lower cost of ownership, whether they are deployed on physical machines or in virtualized or cloud environments.

Sónia Cruz

Sónia Cruz is a Portuguese/German BI Specialist (Data & BI Solutions) that has been working @DevScope, a Gold Data Analytics Microsoft Partner, for the last 3.5 years. She is enthusiastic about anything data related - from programming to data visualization.

SQL Server Community

Bringing together 16 SQL Server user groups in Great Britain, covering Exeter to Edinburgh and Cardiff to Cambridge. The groups are all run voluntarily, to help build the SQL Server community, sharing knowledge and hopefully having a bit of fun.


The SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) manages all customer activity out of the SQL Server engineering organization. The goal is simple: Engage with the most interesting SQL Server customer projects and learn how the product behaves.

Srdan Bozovic

Srdan Bozovic is a Program Manager in the Azure SQL team at Microsoft, that drives Security for the SQL Managed Instance.

Stacia Varga

Stacia Varga has over 25 years of experience with improving business practices through technology and has been providing consulting and education services for Microsoft data platform technologies since 2000.

Stefan Kirner

Stefan Kirner is Director Business Intelligence at scieneers GmbH and works since SQL Server 2000 with the Microsoft Data Platform. Stefan is certified as Azure Data Engineer & Power BI Associate and Azure Solution Architect Expert. He is also a local chapter leader of PASS in Karlsruhe since 2006.

Štěpán Rešl

I am a data lover, especially in the ecosystem of Microsoft tools. I primarily focus on Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure SQL. In general, I follow a very simple motto. "Don´t say it cannot be done, or someone who doesn´t know it will come and do it." I am a co-founder and a Lead Technical Consultant at DataBrothers. We are Power BI experts and consultants with a focus on data analysis, reporting, and training in Power BI. We work with our clients across the globe on developing custom solutions and training their users on all levels (from business to development).

Steph Locke

Steph is the founder of a consultancy in the UK. Her talks, blog posts, conferences, and business all have one thing in common – they help people get started with data science. Steph holds the Microsoft MVP award for her community contributions.

Steph Martin

Steph Martin

Self-taught data professional with over 20 years experience as developer, DBA, and architect. Giving back to the community that gave me great opportunities in my career.

Stephan Stoltze

Stephan has more than 19 years experience with MSBI and works as a Principal Consultant at Stoltze IT. He is the founder and coordinator of the Danish Microsoft BI Community and has been a speaker at various events like SQLBits and SQL PASS Summit.

Stephanie Bruno

Stephanie Bruno is a Business Analyst at Microsoft using her passions for data wrangling, modeling, visualization, and analysis to help improve customer's experiences with the products you know and love like Power BI and the Power Platform. Formerly she was a Data Platform MVP and a director of Informatics at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF). In the pre-pandemic days she enjoyed travelling, making friends, and speaking at user groups and conferences and is very excited to start doing that again!

Stephanie Pancoast

A data leader with 8 years of experience, Steph leads the data team at TrainingPeaks. In the past she led the core product data team at Strava, focused on supply growth as Senior Data Scientist at Airbnb, and obtained her PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Outside of work, Steph is a passionate endurance athlete and competed in the 2020 Marathon Olympic Trials.

Stephen Connell

Over 20 years working with databases and data analysis for Private, Public and 3rd Sector organisations. As a Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate Stephen is currently providing data engineer services using Sword's Tillit Framework built on Microsoft Azure Synapse to deliver Modern Data Warehouse solutions.

Steve Campbell

I’m Steve Campbell, a Data Platform MVP and an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). For my job, I lead the Power BI team for Cognizant MBG in the UK. Outside of this, I love to blog on PowerBI.tips, present at conferences and webinars, and co-run the Brew City Power Platform user group. It’s a fantastic community and I recommend being a part of it!

Steve Jones

Steve Jones has been working with databases and computers for over two decades. He has worked with SQL Server since 1991, from v4.2 through SQL Server 2016. He has been a DBA, developer, and manager in a variety of large and small companies across multiple industries. In 2001 Steve founded SQLServerCentral with two partners and has been publishing technical articles and facilitating discussions among SQL Server professionals ever since. He currently is the full time editor of SQLServerCentral, as well as an evangelist for Redgate Software. Steve is a 10 year Microsoft Data Platform MVP and lives on a horse ranch in Colorado.

Steve Morgan

Having trained initially as a SQL Server DBA with a global FSI I spent the next 20 years working as a Database Engineer and Architect coving most platforms (including MPP & Big Data) but my focus has always been Data Warehousing & Analytics. After spending 5 years at Microsoft working as a Snr Data Platform Architect I recently moved Starburst Data helping customers make the most

Steve Powell

Steve has been working with SQL server for longer than he likes to admit. He works as a BI trouble shooter for a Law firm no one has ever heard of. He's an MCSA and speaks now and again at SQL user groups.

Steve Tramack

Sr. Engineering Manager, ESSN Alliances, Performance and Solutions (APS)

Steven Wright

Steve has over eighteen years of tenure with SentryOne/SolarWinds in roles with Solutions Engineering, Quality Assurance, Product Management, and Advanced Analytics. He has over twenty years of experience working with the Microsoft Data Platform with multiple certifications including, Microsoft Professional Program, Data Science Certification and Azure Certified Data Engineer Associate.

Stijn Wynants

Stijn is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer on Data & AI and a DataMinds core member. He is also one of the organizers of the local user group sessions & the yearly event called DataMinds Connect (SQL Server Days).

Strahinja Rodic

Strahinja is a Product Manager working on Azure SQL Managed Instance in Microsoft Development Center Serbia. His primary focus is business continuity and disaster recovery area. Prior joining Managed Instance, he worked as a PM on Azure Synapse Analytics. Before becoming a PM in Microsoft, Strahinja less than 2 years in gaming industry, working as a gameplay programmer on AAA games.

Stuart Moore

Stuart has been working with data since 1998 across a wide range of platforms Currently buildimg and designing hybrid solutions tying on premise and cloud systems together Stuart is a major contributor to the dbatools project and other open source projects, he also runs 2 usergoups (East Midlands SQL Server group and Nottingham PowerShell Usergroup) and is a member of the team that runs the annual SQL Relay series of 5 one day conferences around the UK. Was given the Data Platform MVP award by Microsoft in 2018

Subhojit Basak

Product Manager for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), GitHub Copilot in SQL, SSAS and SSRS Visual Studio Extensions

Sumakshi Chauhan

Sumakshi Chauhan is a seasoned Data Architect with a comprehensive background in data science, data solutions and business intelligence. With many years of industry experience, Sumakshi has established herself as a trusted expert in designing and implementing robust data solutions that drive business success. She has successfully leveraged her expertise to extract meaningful insights from complex data sets, enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions and optimise their operations. Sumakshi’s ability to architect robust data infrastructures, combined with her expertise in SQL, data modelling and strategy, has enabled organisations to efficiently store, manage, and retrieve large volumes of data for actionable insights. She is passionate about the edge cutting technology of Business Intelligence, Statistical and AI techniques. Expert in articulating and translating business questions to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Surbhi Pokharna

Surbhi is a data professional with over two decades of architectural/administration experience in the financial domain. Architecting the operationalization aspect in a client-facing role, delivering relational and advanced analytics solutions for large scale Operational and Data Warehouse implementations with focus on learning and innovation remained a constant part of her data journey. Currently she is leading enterprise scale cloud data migrations in SQL Server/Snowflake/Azure SQL/Managed Instance and involved with designing next generation Data Analytics solutions using Snowflake. Surbhi is board member of the New England SQL Server User Group, member of PASS, speaker in PAAS Summit/Snowflake User Group/Azure Data User Groups/Data Saturdays/SQLBits.

Susan Bayes

Sue Bayes Microsoft Certified: Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate Over 5 years successfully working as an independent Power BI developer and data analyst within the public and private sector. Reporting solutions range from project management, planning , financial reporting, specific service sector reporting, bespoke data cleansing and sentiment analysis. 15 years of lecturing in Business and Computing before starting my own business. I am passionate about data in general and how we can harness information to grow business. Knowledge of R, Python, SQL and C# but main love is M and DAX. When not in front of the screen, I love to run and walk my dog and be outside.

Susan Price

Susan Price joined the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine team in 2008. She is currently a Senior Program Manager with a focus on data warehousing. Susan was the program manager for Project Apollo, which introduced columnstore indexes to the SQL Server database engine.

Sutha Thiru

I have been working with SQL Server for last 12 years. Predominantly I spent most of my carrier building data warehouses and loading the data using various ETL Tools such as SSIS, Ab-Initio and Informatica. I specialise in financial services sector.

Syangprova Sinha

My Name is Syangprova, aka Swayam. I have recently joined Microsoft as Program manager with Power BI Customer Advisory Team. I have more than 13 years of experience working with MS business Intelligence suite mostly working with database migration projects. Prior to MS I was one of the leads with Power BI Center of excellence team in a MNC which had one of the largest implementations of Power BI platform. There, I was involved in setting up the Power BI CoE & adoption program globally. I consider myself Power BI adoption evangelist, which means I have the privilege of helping people learn how to use technology to transform their professional lives. During my time in my previous organization, I have seen first-hand how a technology like Power BI can revolutionize an organization's way of looking into data. With my current role, I'm excited to continue the same journey on a larger scale as I help organization's & its people on their own tech journey!

Taiob Ali

Taiob Ali, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, is an accomplished technical leader with a proven record of success. During his last 16 years, he has worked with the Microsoft Data Platform and MongoDB, both on-premises and cloud. His experience includes all three major business sectors: finance, e-commerce, and healthcare. Taiob is currently working at “GMO LLC” as Database Solutions Manager, focusing on cloud migration, automation, improving, and streamlining operational workflow. He is a regular speaker at local and virtual chapters, Data Saturdays, and Azure conferences. He is a board member of New England SQL Server User Group, founder of 'Database Professionals Virtual Meetup Group', and organizer of Boston SQL Saturday.

Taylor George

After obtaining a degree for Actuarial Science, Taylor decided to make a career change and leaped into the world of data with experience as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer. Taylor currently resides as a Data Engineer within the Data & AI Team at Quorum Network Resources Ltd. In a short period of time, Taylor has experienced a number of coding languages such as SQL, Python, R, DAX, PowerShell, and more. His current role involves solving traditional data problems using up-to-date Best Practice methods with the help of Azure services. When he is not knee deep in data, he spends his time wielding Mjolnir and Caps Shield, and just generally being a complete nerd.

Ted Orme

Ted Orme, EMEA Technical and Alliances Director, Attunity.

Ted Pattison

Ted Pattison is a developer that works on the Power BI team as a Principal Program Manager.

Terry McCann

Microsoft MVP. Principal consultant & Owner of Advancing Analytics. A consultancy who help businesses advance their analytics and better understand their data. Frequent speaker at events across the globe. Organiser of the Data Science user group in Exeter, UK and previous co-organiser of SQL Saturday Exeter, UK. 

Theo van Kraay

Senior Program Manager @ Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft

Thimantha Vidanagamage

Thimantha has over 5 years of experience in Data and Analytics. Currently, he is working as a Data Engineer at OMERS, Canada. He is passionate about technologies such as Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, and Azure Data Factory. As a data and analytics enthusiast, he enjoys speaking and contributing to data communities around the world. Thimantha is also a co-organizer of the Toronto Data Professionals Community.

Thomas Grohser

Thomas Grohser has spent most of the past 26+ years exploring the deeper inner workings of SQL Server and its features while working for entertainment, pharmaceutical, and financial services industries. His primary focus is to architect, plan, build, and operate reliable, highly available, secure, and scalable infrastructures for SQL Server. Over the years he has managed thousands of SQL Server instances, processing trillions of rows, taking up petabytes of storage. Thomas has been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for 10 years and has spoken regularly at conferences, SQL Saturdays, and user groups for 13 years.

Thomas Hütter

Developer, consultant, accidental DBA, author and speaker at SQL conferences around Europe.

Thomas Kejser

Thomas specializes in high scale performance tuning and data modeling and has built some of the largest SQL Server database in the world.

Thomas Kuster

I have worked in the data industry for 6 years, starting out as a data analyst and working my way up to the position of Senior Data Engineer.

Thomas LaRock

Thomas LaRock is a Head Geek at SolarWinds and a Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft MVP, a VMware vExpert. He has over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry in roles including programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator.

Thomas Pullen

Tom has been a DBA since 1998, he started out using SQL Server 4.2 and 6.5. He currently works for Aris Technologies, a small casino gaming company. He has previously worked for RM Education and Oxfam. He is a Senior DBA, with responsibility for system design, maintenance, database design, performance tuning, scalability and platform architecture. He has written several articles for sql-server-performance.com. He presented at SQL Bits 2, 4 and 6 (he only likes even numbers).

Tiago Costa

Tiago Costa is an IT Consulta and MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer. For the past 14 years he has been architecting and developing solutions for clients using Office 365, SharePoint, .Net and SQL Server.

Tillmann Eitelberg

Tillmann Eitelberg is CEO and co-founder of oh22information services GmbH, which specializes in data management and data governance and offers its own cloud born data quality solution, HEDDA.IO. Tillmann is a regular speaker at international conferences and an active blogger and podcaster at DECOMPOSE.IO. He has open sourced several SSIS components and is Co-Author of Power BI for Dummies (German Edition). Since 2013 is Tillmann is awarded as Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He is a user group leader for the PASS Germany RG Rheinland (Cologne) and a member of the Microsoft Azure Data Community Advisory Board.

Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, where he has worked for over 10 years. Tim's area of technical expertise focuses on performance tuning, high availability, T-TSQL and PowerShell development, and customer training. Before coming to Microsoft, Tim was a contributor to the SQL MVP community for three years and has had the privilege of speaking at many SQL Server events such as SQL Intersection, the PASS Summit, SQL Connections, SQL Saturdays, SQL Rally, SQL Nexus and SQL Server Days Belgium. Tim has over 20 years of database architecture, programming, and administration experience. Tim has contributed to the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2 book as well as the SQL Server 2012 Bible.

Tim Ford

Tim leads SQL Agent Man Consultancy. Twice yearly he also takes 25 students and a cadre of MCMs and MVPs as trainers aboard SQL Cruise events for SQL, Powershell, BI, and Profession Development training. He's an Author, Blogger and Community Leader

Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby Tim Huckaby is an industry luminary focused on AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, Data Visualization, & Edge computing. Mr. Huckaby has over 35 years of technology experience including serving on a server product team as a development lead on an architecture team at Microsoft. Mr. Huckaby worked on some famous and not so famous Microsoft Server products in the late nineties where, as a young man he learned how scalable enterprise software is built. Mr. Huckaby is a Microsoft Global RD, a Microsoft AI MVP and serves on many councils and boards like the Microsoft Application Development Partner Advisory Council. Having worked for or with Microsoft for over 25 years, Mr. Huckaby has been on stage with and done numerous keynote demos for many Microsoft executives including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer and many other Microsoft and other technology executives over a 20+ year speaking career. Mr. Huckaby has been awarded many times for the highest rated technical & industry presentations and keynotes for Microsoft and many other vertical (retail, hospitality, healthcare, etc.) & technology conferences like CES and events all around the world. Mr. Huckaby is consistently rated in the top 10% of all speakers at these events and is frequently the top-rated speaker. Mr. Huckaby is an accomplished writer having been published thousands of times including authoring 3 books, hundreds of magazine articles and hundreds of internet publications. Mr. Huckaby frequently works directly with the Technology Press and financial analyst community on technical messaging and industry comprehension. Mr. Huckaby’s expertise encompasses Emerging Experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision on MSFT and Intel (OpenVino), Machine Learning, Touch, Gesture, Voice Recognition, AR&VR, Holographic, Neural, Demographic, Emotional, demographic & Face and Object Recognition and other futuristic interfaces as applied by a number of compelling software technologies on many hardware platforms on a broad spectrum of devices. Mr. Huckaby was deemed a “Pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution” by the press. Mr. Huckaby’s uncanny prediction of locally installed, native application dominance (ie: Apps on smartphones) in spite of a significant trend towards web application popularity became true. This prediction of “The Smart Client Revolution” was the predecessor to the app store phenomena we see today where applications are downloaded from an application store and installed natively on a smart phone device or tablet as contrasted to using web applications in a browser. In 1999 Mr. Huckaby founded InterKnowlogy (IK), a worldwide leader in custom application development. InterKnowlogy builds enterprise software for companies large and small all over the world. IK has delivered countless consumer quality desktop, web & mobile experiences with enterprise grade scalability earning customers 100’s of millions in revenue. With expertise in AI, Computer Vision, 3D, data visualization, & AR/MR InterKnowlogy is uniquely positioned to build v1 product with emerging technology. Mr. Huckaby served as InterKnowlogy’s board chair and chief technical strategist before he sold his membership interest in the Company in December of 2021. In 2011 Mr. Huckaby founded Actus Interactive Software, which licensed a suite of computer vision-based software products. In 2015 Actus was transformed into VSBLTY which went public in 2019. VSBLTY has a suite of retail & security products distributed worldwide that does analytics by audience measurement, sentiment analysis and object recognition through computer vision within interactive digital signage solutions. VSBLTY also offers a SAAS licensable, scalable, performant security suite products with features including facial recognition / person identification with precision in cloud and edge modalities. Mr. Huckaby served as VSBLTY’s CTO before he sold his interest & resigned from Company in December of 2021. Currently Mr. Huckaby is serving at CTO for Lucihub, a software company that uses software automation and AI to automate the professional video production industry. Email: Tim@TimHuckaby.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/timhuckaby Blog: www.TimHuckaby.com Twitter: @TimHuckaby

Tim Kent

Tim is the joint owner of Adatis, a specialist Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultancy based in the UK. He has been working with SQL Server and in particular the BI stack for more than 10 years. He specialises in Analytics, Reporting and data visualisation techniques and campaigns frequently against the use of pie charts! Tim was first awarded the MVP for SQL server in 2009

Tim Leung

I am a software developer based in Reading and currently work for a Microsoft Partner. I specialise in VB.Net and SQL Server and have achieved MCSD.Net and MCDBA Microsoft certifications for both products. A large part of my work involves developing .Net solutions for public sector bodies including Police, Customs and Immigration departments I am currently the Vice Chairman of VBUG (the UK Visual Basic User Group) and actively involved in the UK developer community. I regularly organise, attend and help out at various developer events throughout the UK.

Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence architect, author, and speaker based in the Dallas, Texas area. He is coauthor of the book SSIS Design Patterns, contributing author on MVP Deep Dives Vol. 2, and has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2010.

Timothy Spann

Tim Spann is a Developer Advocate @ StreamNative where he works with Apache Pulsar, Apache Flink, Apache NiFi, Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, big data, the IoT, machine learning, and deep learning. Tim has over a decade of experience with the IoT, big data, distributed computing, streaming technologies, and Java programming. Previously, he was a Principal Field Engineer at Cloudera, a Senior Solutions Architect at AirisData and a senior field engineer at Pivotal. He blogs for DZone, where he is the Big Data Zone leader, and runs a popular meetup in Princeton on big data, the IoT, deep learning, streaming, NiFi, the blockchain, and Spark. Tim is a frequent speaker at conferences such as IoT Fusion, Strata, ApacheCon, Data Works Summit Berlin, DataWorks Summit Sydney, and Oracle Code NYC. He holds a BS and MS in computer science. https://www.datainmotion.dev/p/about-me.html https://dzone.com/users/297029/bunkertor.html https://conferences.oreilly.com/strata/strata-ny-2018/public/schedule/speaker/185963

Tino Zishiri

A Certified Senior Azure Data Consultant working with cutting edge Azure based cloud technologies. Contributes to the data community through technical blogs and internal knowledge sharing.

Tiphfennie Yao

In their current role as a System Database Administrator at UW Medicine, Tiphfennie manages databases and implements automated solutions. However, Tiphfennie's dedication extends beyond the confines of their DBA role. They possess a passion for acquiring new skills and expertise. Their commitment to personal growth and their enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge extends to sharing their experiences and insights with others. Tiphfennie is a strong advocate for the importance of continuous learning, and they are dedicated to helping others thrive in their pursuit of knowledge and professional excellence.

Tobias Ternstrom

Works in the SQL Server Engine team as a Lead Program Manager

Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski

Independent Consultant and founder of Shadowland Consulting. Community leader focused on SQL Server, SharePoint, security, collaboration, and ITIL, DR, BCM and SLA. Love licensing stuff. MCT, Freelancer.

Tomas Tucek

More than 15 years in tech, last 10 in data. Founder and leader of company Joyful Craftsmen = Microsoft Data Platform Competence Center. Many years of experience with development and management of various data projects. Cofounder of Czech PASS user group. Coorganizer and presenter on many meetups and SQL Saturdays. Agile geek. Father of 3.

Tomáš Zíka

I'm a Database developer based in the Czech Republic. I love to help people with their SQL problems and sometimes I blog or make memes. My favourite areas are Performance tuning, Extended Events, Query Store and Database versioning.

Tomaž Kaštrun

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BI/DEV with 20+ years of background with statistics and math and more than 15+ years of MS SQL experience. Frequent speaker at SQL Saturday events and local user groups and Microsoft related events (PASS, 24HOP).

Tomislav Piasevoli

Tomislav Piasevoli is a Business Intelligence Specialist with years of experience with SQL Server Analysis Services. He successfully implemented many still-in-use BI solutions and now specializes in dimensional modeling, cube design and MDX consulting worldwide. Tomislav has been honored with Microsoft's MVP award three times for his contribution to the SSAS community. Besides solving MDX, cube design and dimensional modeling puzzles, he occasionally presents at conferences, writes articles for magazines and maintains his blog at http://tomislav.piasevoli.com. His recent experience includes writing a book named "MDX with SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services Cookbook&amp;ldquo; published by Packt Publishing Ltd.

Tommy Puglia

Tommy is Power BI Consultant focused on advisory for Adoption & Process, Training, and Development around Power BI at organizations. He leads the Chicago Power BI User Group & co-hosts the Explicit Measures Podcast, releasing new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Tommy is constantly focused on how any report, application, or solution can change and drive behavior. Tommy has been working in Power BI since it was known as Power BI Designer, and responsible for the implementation, adoption, and enhancements of Power BI and the impact it should have. He leads his organization on how data should be integrated, automated, and analyzed in a way that drives business and culture. Connect with Tommy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommypuglia/ Subscribe to the Explicit Measures Podcast: https://anchor.fm/explicitmeasures Watch the Explicit Measures Podcast live: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn1m_aBmgsbHr83c1P6uqaWF5PLdFzOjj

Tonie Huizer

My name is Tonie, with 20+ years of experience in IT I like to read, experiment, talk and write about software. The fun I experience in my job is the combination of people and technology. To be honest I'm not the greatest DBA, Developer or SysAdmin, but I like to follow up and combine a lot of the things those people do. in 2021 I started to write small stories on Medium, because talking about software is one thing... In my stories I explain Azure, SQL and other Microsoft technologies with (if possible) one central topic Whisky!

Tony Davis

I am an editor with Redgate Software, based in Cambridge (UK). I spend most of my time helping others express what they know about databases (esp. SQL Server). I also write about them too, for redgate.com and simple-talk.com. I’m the editor behind most of the books published by Redgate and countless articles. I work with developers and DBAs, renowned and otherwise, from all over the world and from all sectors of the IT industry, who somehow find time and energy, among work and family, to help others benefit from what they know. 

Tony Rogerson

Over three decades of experience in delivering Data driven solutions across multiple industry sectors – Financial Services, Housing Associations, Heavy Engineering and Consultancy across many more. Very strong Technical, Data Analytics and Consultancy skills - Azure Analysis Services, Azure SQL Database/Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Runbooks, SQL, DAX, F#, C#, Python, R, Power BI, SSRS. Spent over two decades supporting the SQL Server community, blogging, presenting on many topics around SQL Server, Big Data and Analytics for which I received the Microsoft Most Valued Professional for SQL Server / Data Platform for 19 consecutive years. Founding member of SQL Bits, SQL Relay, UK SQL Server User Group and Developer Developer Developer. Most recently performing a multi-disciplined role at Clarion Housing Group as a Business Analyst, BI Developer, Team Leader, Trouble-shooter and Data Scientist.

Tori Tompkins

Tori is a Senior Data Science Consultant at Advancing Analytics. Specialising in MLOps, Tori has worked on many ML and data science projects with Azure, Databricks and graph technologies and all stages of the ML Lifecycle. She is a co-presenter of the Data & AI podcast, Totally Skewed, founder of Girls Code Too UK and regular contributor with Girls in Data.

Traci Sewell

Psychotherapist with a passion for DE&I and increasing opportunities and equality for underrepresented groups, particularly in IT

Traci Sewell

Tracy Boggiano

Tracy, a Database Architect with Sound Physicians, juggles SQL queries and civic responsibilities with the flair of a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. When she isn't busy exchanging banter with databases, Tracy amplifies her impact in the real world. Her dedication to the NC Guardian ad Litem program since 2003 has been louder than any keynote speech, providing a voice for the voiceless foster children. SQL Server might be her day job, but it's clear that her heart beats for these kids. She's not just a member but an active voice on several councils and boards, defending those with mental illness and foster families. A Day in the Life of Tracy: from data architect to architect of change!

Tutu Hamid

Power BI Enthusiast and Analytics Consultant for Iteration Insights based in Calgary, Canada. Moving away from the dark cold basement carrying out engineering research, I found new light and heat in the Data Analytics industry. With over 5 years of various experience in development, deployment, governance and training in Microsoft Power BI, I know that the learning journey is never-ending.

Ulrich Christ

Ulrich has worked on data warehousing and data integration for almost 20 years. After many years with SAP, in various roles across engineering and product management, he joined Microsoft's data integration PM team in 2022.


Uros Milanovic

Uros Milanovic is Product Manager for Azure SQL Managed Instance at Microsoft. He is part of the product group based in Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS). Uros is focused on SQL Managed Instance platform capabilities including service patching (maintenance), instance management (CRUD), continuous availability of the service, and platform elasticity.

User Group Leaders

All over the country, sql based user groups are run. Together there is over 100 years of collective sqlserver use and knowledge

Ust Oldfield

I help others unlock value in data through consulting, mentoring and knowledge sharing. I love learning new technology and new ways of implementation - whether that's driven by people, process, or technology; and sharing those learnings with the wider community. When not learning, working or knowledge sharing , I love spending time with my family and cooking up delicious storms in the kitchen.

Uwe Ricken

Uwe Ricken is working with IT systems since the 90’s. The start of experiences with Microsoft SQL Server came with the assignment for development of membership administration software for the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany. The software has been distributed to five additional European countries. The primary passion for developments with Microsoft SQL Server expanded in 2007 with his engagement as a DBA for Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt am Main. After 6 years of operational experiences as a DBA and over 14 years as a developer of complex database models he achieved the “Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server 2008” certification which “was” the highest technical certification. The year 2013 finished with the first MVP award for his support to the Microsoft SQL Server community in Germany and Europe. To provide his deep knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server to the interested community Uwe Ricken is blogging since 2010 at http://www.sqlmaster.de about his daily experiences with Microsoft SQL Server. His blog posts are in German language only to provide the German speaking SQL community inside views into the technology of Microsoft SQL Server. Uwe Ricken is a speaker on many international conferences and events and preferred topics are “Database Internals”, “Indexing” and “Development”.

Vahid Farahmandian

MSc graduated in Medical Informatics from Tarbiat Modares University(2015) and BSc graduated in Computer Software Engineering (2012). I am currently working as CTO and Software Development Consultant.

Valerie Junk

Creating insights from data and designing dashboards using Power BI is my passion. Originally from Germany, I moved to the Netherlands to study Cognitive Psychology (MSc. Psychology). During my studies, I realized that I am not only interested in human behavior but also the numbers & statistics trying to explain it. I combine my knowledge about the mind with my passion for data (visualization), process improvement, and innovation.

Vanessa Araújo

Vanessa Araújo is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect in CSU organisation at Microsoft, specialized in Data & AI solutions. Passionate technology advocate, Vanessa has over 15 years’ experience helping large organisations by making data flow across multiple and disparate systems, developing close partnerships to continually improve their Data Strategy through best practices and innovation. Vanessa brings a vast variety of experience on complex businesses to her customers, which she developed from her tenure in consulting (design, development, project mgmt, change mgmt, stakeholders mgmt) and technology (well architected solutions, customer success, industry patterns).


Varigence provides tools, frameworks, and services that advance the state of the art in business intelligence by building abstraction and productivity capabilities to extend the Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies. Varigence was founded as a privately held company in 2008 with headquarters in Greenville, SC and offices in Seattle, WA. Employing a mix of deep experience in developer tools, business intelligence, and consumer software products, Varigence applies the best innovations from application development to enterprise business intelligence while offering an unprecedented level of accessibility to the end-user. Varigence currently offers two tools: Mist/Biml and Vivid. Mist/Biml is about accelerating business intelligence development. Vivid is an Excel addin that will make anyone using PowerPivot or cubes in Excel more productive. Varigence also provides consulting, contracting, and training services. We have delivered state-of-the-art business intelligence solutions to companies of all sizes, from internet startups and Fortune 100 companies.

Various Speakers

Vedran Kesegić

Vedran Kesegic is a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server with 17+ years enjoying SQL Server depths, optimizing performance of intensive OLTP and DWH workloads. He is the author of XDetails Addin.

Vicky Harp

Vicky is passionate about open source and about making databases easier and more delightful to use. She has been working on database tooling and experiences since 2004 and is presently the product lead for Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for MariaDB at Microsoft.

Vincent Goris

Vincent Goris builds bridges between IT and Business. As a consultant he has experience in BI, Data Science and Data exchange, predominantly in the healthcare field. Vincent is always on the lookout for new ways to help data make an impact in an organisation, while carefully considering unwanted side effects, which are of great concern for healthcare.

Vincent Rainardi

Vincent is a data architect and data scientist specilising in banking and investment. He wrote a book on SQL Server data warehousing &amp; BI, and many articles on www.datawarehouse.org.uk. He works on big data and machine learning.

Viorel-Felix Ciucu

I'm a SQL Server DBA focusing on automating the infrastructure for databases. I architect and implement HA and DR for SQL Server. Have been working in telecommunications, healthcare or fintech industries. Contributor for dbatools PowerShell module.

Vitor Costa

Portuguese speaker, dedicated data analyst with 10+ years of experience, fueled by an unwavering passion for data-driven insights and problem-solving

Vladimir Ivanovic

Part of Microsoft SQL Server team for 12 years, now in Azure SQL Managed Instance engineering team. Primary focus on cloud platform aspects of SQL MI (compute, storage and Service Fabric)

Vladislav Gankov

I'm an Azure Data Consultant at Adatis, the data analytics company (hopefully) most admired for its people, culture and innovation. I help develop, design and run analytics systems using Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks and pretty much everything else part of the Microsoft data stack. Previously I've had a similar role at DXC Technology, as well as a few years as a Windows/Virtualisation support engineer. I am passionate about aviation and drift towards projects in that or adjacent verticals. In my spare time you can find me spending time with my family, reading a fantasy book or playing video games.

Vuong Nguyen

A Senior Solutions Architect at Databricks with a strong passion to help customers with their data governance and data sharing needs.

Warren Rocchi

Commonly described as the boy next door (although next door to whom has never been quite defined), Warren fell in love with SQL when he was accidentally thrust into it after going to see a girl at a tech company. He liked it so he put a ring on it. That was the girl, and as for SQL and Data the affair continues. Warren consults as a Data Goblin for Cobalt Analytics and loves volunteering at his local usergroup.

Warwick Rudd

Warwick Rudd is the founder and principal consultant at SQL Masters Consulting.A Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server 2008 and Data Platform MVP who likes to get away to the snow when not working with technology.

Wesley Backelant

In his role as a Technology Advisor at Microsoft, Wesley is responsible for helping customers understand the capabilities of SQL Server and the Microsoft BI stack.

Will List

Will has worked with many industries in the Public and Private sector overcoming the challenges of data interoperability at scale.

Will Needham

Will is the creator of the 'Learn Microsoft Fabric with Will' YouTube channel (1300 subscribers), and reguarly posts educational content simplying the sometimes complex world of Microsoft Fabric. Will has spent the last 7 years working as a consultant, helping clients get more value from the Microsoft data stack (including Azure and now Fabric too). At various points in his career, he has focused on Data Engineering, Data Science and Business Intelligence. Will has a particular passion for and expertise in building robust data validation systems that ensure end users can rely on analytics and visualisations.

Will Velida

Software Engineer at ASB Bank, New Zealand. I build cool things using .NET and Azure Cosmos DB!

William Durkin

William Durkin is Co-Founder / Data Platform Architect @ Data Masterminds originally from the UK but now in Germany. He has worked with SQL Server for over a decade as a DBA and Dev and now supports multinationals with their SQL Server installations.

Wolfgang Strasser

Wolfgang Strasser creates solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform tools in his day-to-day job as Business Intelligence consultant. Either using SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS, reporting with SSAS and SSRS, implementing Power BI solutions or cloud tools for data analysis - the data-tools-landscape is broadening every day! Based on his professional careers as a software developer he likes to work on structured development processes. Wolfgang shares his knowledge with the community at many national and international events. For his community work, Wolfgang has been awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for Data Platform in October 2015.

Wyn Hopkins

Director at Access Analytic Microsoft MVP since 2017 Wyn qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and then went on to work as a Financial Analyst with HBOS and the Barclays Group in the UK. Now providing "Amazing Excel and Power BI Solutions" for leading companies in Perth, Western Australia.

X-IO Storage

XIO is the leader in performance-driven storage with the best price/performance/capacity ratios of any solution on the market.


For over a decade XLCubed have helped Enterprise to SME customers get the best from Microsoft’s BI platform. Users can do more in less time, with a richer design environment and faster query time. See www.xlcubed.com for more information.

Ye Xu

Ye, the Senior Program Manager, has been working for Microsoft Data Integration team for 8 years. He has been experienced with deep domain knowledge around big data integration, and helped big amounts of enterprise customers to ingest data for analytics at scale via Microsoft data integration portfolio.

Yuki Hata John Morehouse

Yuki is a Junior Consultant at Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting. He began his IT career with DCAC, immersing himself in the world of SQL Server. After joining as an intern, Yuki continued to expand his knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL. He was promoted to Junior Consultant and currently services active clients. Prior to his life altering career change, Yuki played professional soccer in Japan and was pursuing a career in physical therapy. When he's not immersed in client issues, he enjoys spending time surfing, playing soccer, and being with his wife and friends.

Zach Stagers

Zach has well over a decade of experience across a range of industries, currently working as Principal Consultant with Advancing Analytics. Throughout his career, he has implemented a range of analytical platforms from traditional Microsoft Business Intelligence to cutting edge Data Lakehouse platforms, tackling a huge variety of complicated problems. One of Zach's main passions is digging into the hype of new technology to find out what helps to make analytics easier and faster to implement.

Zoran Rilak

Zoran is a Program Manager in Azure SQL Managed Instance. He has been deeply involved with big data since 2010 on bioinformatics data flows, data availability and discoverability to fulfil the promise of precision medicine at petabyte scale. At Microsoft, he drives the connectivity with and within SQL Managed Instance and the modernization of traditional SQL Server farms.