Seasoned professional with 30+ years of industry experience in databases. Sunil has worked as a Developer/Lead in database engine technology, as a tool Designer/Lead building backup/restore tools, as an application Developer/Manager enabling B2B commerce and e-learning, and now as a Principal Program Manager in SQL Server Product Team (Tiger) for the last 15+ years. In his role as a Program Manager, Sunil has led the team to deliver Column Store Index, Real-Time Operational Analytics, In-Memory OLTP, AlwaysON Readable Secondary, Data Compression, Snapshot Isolation, Vardecimal Storage Format, Enhancements to TempDB, Bulk Import/Export, and Supportability. Experienced in leading teams both for in-house and offshore development. Equally at ease with drill-down discussion with engineers and working with customers and partners. Have authored many technical white papers/blogs and two books in SQL Server. Popular SQL Server presenter in numerous national/international conferences. Enjoys teaching and have taught introductory programming courses at University of Rhode Island and University of Colorado.


Common performance issues with clustered columnstore index experienced by customers and strategies to address them.