Raúl Jiménez Aguilera is InnoGames’ expert BI Developer. Before joining Germany’s biggest games developer, he accumulated more than 12 years’ experience with Microsoft BI systems.

Most of this time, he worked as BI freelancer implementing solutions in many industries, also as Head of BI for a Microsoft BI Consultancy in Germany. During this time, he supported Microsoft with presales activities.


Raul loves to share his passion for Microsoft BI. He has spoken at many BI Conferences (sqlbits, BARC Kongress, BI Kongress and TDWI Konferenz) and at the Regional PASS Chapter in Hamburg.


How does Big Data with Hadoop, Cloud Computing in Azure, Self Service BI and “classic” BI with SQL 2016 interact with each other to build a modern enterprise BI architecture at InnoGames? Watch my talk and you will know!
How does a Modern Enterprise BI Architecture with Power BI, SQL Server, Hadoop and Azure look like? Visit my talk and I will show you how we at InnoGames put all these components together to simply make better decisions.