Randolph West is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and has worked with SQL Server since the late 1990s. When not consulting, Randolph can be seen acting on the stage and screen, or doing voices for independent video games.

Randolph is available for talks on SQL Server, and technology in general, and offers training for junior DBAs.
Randolph West has submitted 3 sessions for SQLBits 2019, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Take a dive into dates and times in a way that's easy to understand. First, we go over how time is measured, and then we look at how to use that information to build better databases and applications.
This session will take a look at better Unicode support, query processing improvements for row store tables, secure enclaves, and other neat things you'll find useful as a modern database administrator or developer.
We've all been there with sqlcmd and arcane command-line switches. Let's look at a better way with the mssql-cli command line tool. Syntax highlighting? Check. Autocomplete? Check. Better formatting? Check. Cross-platform support? Check.


Previous Sessions

Back to the Future is the greatest time travel movie ever. I'll show you how temporal tables work, in both SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, without needing a DeLorean.