Peter has been writing software for over 30 years and has worked extensively in many areas of the software industry including solution architecture, design, development and training. He has extensive skills and experience with .Net, C# and MS SQL Server and has excellent verbal and written (English) communication skills. Peter's first MS SQL project was based on ver 4.2 in the mid-1990s, so he has worked - in depth - with SQL Server for quite a while. He was an MVP for SQL Server and Architecture for many years, is a past MSDN Regional Director and is a regular speaker at industry events.
Peter Willmot has submitted 4 sessions for SQLBits 2019, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

If you are comfortable with developing basic SQL Server Database and T-SQL solutions and want to explore the "next level" then this session is for you
Developing effective IoT back-end services with SQL Server
Learn how to extend your Windows MS SQL and .Net development skills and experience into the world of Linux and beyond. If you are a develop and want to extend your application's reach to new, lower-cost platforms, this is for you
Comparing the MS SQL Database Engine and Tools with the open source ELK stack