Mike is a Senior Program Manager, for Azure Customer Advisory Team, in Data and AI. He works with Microsoft's top customer transforming there Data, Advanced Analytics and AI across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

During his time, in Microsoft, he has worked with customers across the EMEA region in Finance, Utilities, Healthcare Public Sector and Retail. He was one EMEA Data Platform leads, where he has worked with others to with engineer’s knowledge, product launches, IP and career development.

Some of his current projects are focussed around enabling modern data warehouses, using IOT, for healthcare. Architecting data centre migrations to Azure Data Services and training clients on Azure.


SQL Server 2016 is a class leading Tier One product but how do you get customers to upgrade and migrate? How can you address the "so what" SQL does everything I need to do now?
If you have 100's SQL Servers, some legacy applications, running on older versions and no cloud subscription? Then the path is to cloud very different from a single click. We focus on the key steps needed for a cloud SQL data migration.