Luis Cabrera is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Data Group at Microsoft. Currently he is focused on processes to get insights from unstructured content and data. He is responsible for “the cognitive” in Azure Cognitive Search. Luis has several years of experience in the ML / AI space, from working on real time classification models to detect touch input to launching solutions like the Recommendations Solution Template and products like the current Text Analytics Cognitive Service. Passionate about interaction design and creating software development platforms that are accessible and exciting to use, Luis has worked for over 15 years at Microsoft. Earlier in his career he was the program manager lead in charge of the Bing Maps development platform and the PM in charge of the Microsoft Surface developer platform. Luis started his career as a developer in the Windows Mobile team. He holds an MS degree in Software Engineering from UW and a BS in Computer Engineering from BYU.


Come learn how you can convert you data into structured formats, apply machine learning skills and index it to make it easy to find information and relationships that can save you time and money.