Lindsey is Director of Program Managers in Azure AI Platform, leading AI Customer Engineering (ACE). We partner with AI research organizations worldwide, work directly with strategic industry customers and partners on joined AI innovations, and modernizing business systems by infusing AI technologies. Prior to Azure AI, Lindsey was PM Director for Azure SQL Database Services, SQL Server 2016, SQL core engine (SE, RE, EE, In-Memory OLTP, Columnstore), Security capabilities, and data privacy/compliance for Azure Data Service including SQL Server. Lindsey started working at Microsoft 25 years ago as Lead Architect in MCS, then 9 years as Manager of SQLCAT & Azure Data CAT, Software architect and development manager of Commerce Insight for our Commerce platform, leading our fraud analytics and business analytics platform;

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AI and data is at the center of the digital feedback loops. At AI engineering team we partner with our customer to democratize AI. you will get an update on Azure AI and customer scenarios.


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Lindsey Allen will peel back the curtain on SQL Server 2016 new feature Operational Analytics. We continue to invest heavily in in-memory technology and have now introduced one of the more important features we are releasing as part of SQL Server.