Kimberly L. Tripp works as a Speaker, Writer, Trainer and Consultant for, which she founded in 1995 after leaving Microsoft, and currently runs with her husband, Paul Randal. Working together Kimberly and Paul enjoy the ability to work on different types of projects. With focus on internals and design, Kimberly helps customers tackle their availability and performance problems by architecting appropriate solutions. Kimberly has presented lectures and workshops at numerous technical

Microsoft events, SQLintersection, Pass, and other SQL Server-related events since 1996 and is consistently top-rated both on quality of technical content and presentation style. When Kimberly and Paul aren't working with customers or presenting on SQL Server, they're usually searching the seas for frogfish and other odd-shaped bottom dwellers.  


One of the most common “false positives” that people see when troubleshooting query plans is that updating statistics “fixes” a problem. In this first session, we'll decipher the ACTUAL problem - caching or statistics?
In this second session, we'll talk about problems that are NOT caching related but in fact, actually statistics problems? More importantly, I'll give you ways to help solve them!