About me: I've been building developer tools since I graduated from university, first in the NLP space and for the last five years in the SQL Server team at Microsoft. Over that time I've been involved in client tools (mostly Visual Studio), the Azure Portal, command line tools, and building the public extensibility APIs for DacFx.

About SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT):
  • We've been releasing regularly since 2012 for multiple Visual Studio versions, with full backwards compatibility for all the supported SQL Server versions (2005 and up). 
  • Recently we moved to a monthly release cadence to ship bug fixes and improvements to you more rapidly, included the BI tools (SSAS, SSRS and SSIS) to make it easy to get all the SQL tools into Visual Studio easily
  • We'll be GA'ing the new an improved SSDT alongside SQL Server 2016, with full back compat support in both DB and BI project types, and continuing to ship monthly after that

You can contact me on Twitter @kevcunnane


Join us in this session to learn about recent improvements and the ongoing work made to SSDT. This session gives you a chance to directly connect with the product team and get their insights.