Jonathan is a Business Intelligence consultant who has worked with SQL Server since 6.5.  His experience ranges from BI architecture, data modeling, data warehousing, database architecture, database administration and strategic IT planning for Fortune 100 companies.   He sees data in everything and is constantly looking for ways to organize, read and analyze what ever data set he can get his hands on.  In his free time, he enjoys helping build communities through youth education and social policy.
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Visualization is the most powerful way to disseminate information. Mistakes can be both intentional and unintentional and go unnoticed. Come learn how to avoid visual fallacies and tell a truthful, stimulating and meaningful story with your data.
We have more information available to us today than ever before. How are you presenting it? Does it convey what you think? Is there a better way? Come find out!
One of the best new features of SQL Server 2017 is the Graph Database! It brings us the best of both worlds in one easy platform! Come learn about the history of graph databases, how they work and why you should be using it!


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Come learn how to make your BI projects perform at their max!!