Jan Mulkens is a Microsoft BI Consultant and the Competence Center Lead for Microsoft Advanced Analytics at Ordina Belgium.
In his spare time, he is a speaker at conferences and user groups in europe and he organizes 2 user groups and a conference in Belgium.
Power BI Days conference (www.powerbidays.com), Belgium Microsoft Advanced Analytics User Group (bit.ly/msaaug), Flemish Power BI User Group (bit.ly/FlemishPowerBI).

Jan Mulkens has submitted 8 sessions for SQLBits 2020, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

When buzzwords like DevOps and Machine Learning collide, you need a demo and talk that shows how to actually increase the delivery speed of Advanced Analytics solutions.
AutoML has already proven itself, MLOps is the next big hype. In this session, you'll be shown how to use which tools in your environment and what is just hype.
Going from DEV to PROD used to take us 6 months. Using cool tooling like Azure DevOps and PowerShell barely helped us speed up. Join this exploration of everything we had to do, so we'd reach PROD in only 5 minutes.
As Power BI gets used more, people notice there's some functionality missing to manage the applications lifecycle. In this session we start with a overview of the tools per stage, then we jump into a usage example.
Automated Machine Learning, "1 button data science", has been with us for a while. As always there's fans and detractors. We'll discuss when and why you'd use AutoML and when it's better to avoid it.
If you're only using Power BI Desktop for your Power BI development work, you're missing out. There's heaps of tools to help you create better models, craft more amazing reports and help you manage it all.
Business Intelligence projects, and nowadays Machine Learning projects too, still keep failing at an alarmingly high rate. Making them succeed is easy enough tho, I'll work through a case with you.
If you've ever wondered how people become conference speakers and how it changed their life, this is the session you want. By the end of this session, you'll probably be yearning to become a speaker too.


Previous Sessions

Monitoring for Power BI is one of the things that tends to be an afterthought. Apart from some standard reports, there's nothing that actually has an impact or helps you drive automation one step further. This session shows you the way.