Gabi Münster is a BI consultant at oh22data AG since 2010. With SQL Server experience since version 2000 her main topics are SSAS, SSRS and MDS. She is regional chapter lead at PASS Germany and speaker at national and international events since 2012.


RMan and Reporting Girl join forces to fight the crimes in data visualization. By building a common ground (based on the IBCS standards) they improve their weapons (R and SSRS) that help them in their fight.
Continuous Integration has not yet been fully integrated into our BI standards and methods. Tool support is still somewhat unsatisfactory. Let’s look into requirements for a SSAS solution and on ways to approach your self-made solution.
With increasing speed in relational query execution classical analytical solutions get challenged more and more. Why loose time for processing data into multi-dimensional databases? Why analyze outdated data if you can have fresh data instead?