Ewald has spent the last ten years as a database developer, taking his interest in SQL Server to the next level by getting rather obsessive about a narrow area of internals. In a previous life he was a cruise ship musician, but exchanged that for the alternative joys of a superficially respectable life.
Ewald Cress has submitted 2 sessions for SQLBits 2019, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

The SQLOS scheduling model gives us some oft-quoted concepts: Schedulers, Workers, Tasks, and Threads. We'll puts those in proper context, extending into areas like the SystemThreadDispatcher and the true lifecycle of a SQL Server thread.
Sometimes we have a valid reason for accepting database writes at multiple sites, which brings the pain of managing write conflicts. This session looks at Conflict-free Replicated Data Types, which - within certain bounds - can help relieve the pain.