Ed Elliott is a database developer who has spent the past ten years trying his hardest to break code in development rather than code in production.  Ed focuses his time on working with tools like SSDT, tSQLt and Azure DevOps to build automated pipelines to deploy code into production with the single goal of trying to provide the best possible service for the business.

Ed is passionate about automated testing and improving code quality and DevOps in general. He is part of the Microsoft ALM Rangers team as an external contributor.

Ed enjoys writing (Simpletalk, SQLServer central), blogging (https://the.agilesql.club) and writing tools such as the SSDT Dev Pack ( 14k installs) and SQLCover (included with Redgate SQL Test) to help developers get the most out of their development time.


Deploying untested code to production isn't ideal, manual testing can be slow and unreliable. In this talk we will look at the different types of automated testing we can use for our databases to give us confidence in the quality of the code.