Daniel is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, employed as Principal Architect at Kapacity A/S, a consulting firm based in Denmark, dealing primarily with Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics.

He has worked with SQL Server and the Microsoft BI stack since 2008, and is seasoned with every aspect of traditional ETL and DWH, both on-premises and in Azure. As a .NET hobby programmer, he started developing a little tool called Tabular Editor in 2016, meant as an alternative to Visual Studio / SSDT for authoring Analysis Services Tabular model. The tool has become very popular and is still under active development. Daniels interests range broadly - from anything SQL Server and .NET related, to boardgames, space exploration, glider flying and outdoor experiences.

Daniel just celebrated his 11th anniversary with his wife Tina, and their girls Maya (4 years) and Frida (2,5 years).


Tabular Editor is an open source offline editor experience for SSAS Tabular, which offers lots of features in a simple UI that can vastly improve your productivity when developing Tabular Models at compatibility level 1200+
Tabular Editor, an open source tool for authoring Tabular Models, makes it easier for teams of developers to work on the same model simultaneously. It also provides functionality for automated build and deployment. In short, DevOps for SSAS Tabular.
If you're not afraid of a little bit of C# and LINQ, Tabular Editor can take your productivity to a whole new level. This session will teach you how to use Tabular Editor's scripting and Best Practice Analyzer features.
Continuous Integration and Delivery can be a pickle for Analysis Services Tabular Models when using the standard tools. With Azure DevOps, GIT and Tabular Editor, there's a better way...