Brynn is a Azure Data Platform Architect and Principal Consultant with over 20 years’ experience working for various Microsoft gold partners.  After initially starting his career building enterprise .Net solutions Brynn decided to focus on building Microsoft data platforms around 10 years ago. 


Brynn consults for Altius Ltd and currently works with a number of clients in the Hospitality and Retail Sector.   Being very early adopters in helping clients move their data to the Azure cloud, Brynn has over 5 years hands on experience implementing what we would describe as the Azure Modern Data Platform.


Find out how a major UK hotel chain unified their wildly different sources of data to build a supercharged analytics and pricing engine to power their business. Find out how Cosmos and Databricks helped them get to know their customers, how best to retain them, and how best to keep them happy, all while ensuring GDPR compliance and the right to be forgotten.