Borko Novakovic is a Principal PM Manager in Azure Databases Group, joined Microsoft 11 years ago. He is currently leading product development of Azure SQL Managed Instance, a service deployment option in Azure SQL product portfolio. Azure SQL Managed Instance is designed to enable customers modernize their existing SQL Server and database-centric applications by moving from on-premises to Microsoft Azure at minimum migration cost. Prior to Managed Instance, Borko worked on major programmability and query troubleshooting improvements in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, such as Temporal Tables, Query Store and Automatic Tuning. During his career in Microsoft, Borko had been engaged in product improvements for Microsoft Analytics Platform System and HDInsight. Before joined Microsoft, Borko had opportunity to build Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions and flexible data integration pipelines within Asseco SEE, European ISV that offers software solutions for financial industry vertical.


If you have 100's SQL Servers, some legacy applications, running on older versions and no cloud subscription? Then the path is to cloud very different from a single click. We focus on the key steps needed for a cloud SQL data migration.
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