SQLBits 2023

Azure Data Studio and the Surprises Inside

If you're not sure whether you're leverating Azure Data Studio to it's full capability, then attend to this session to discover the bits you might be missing.
Kinder Eggs and the toys within may be banned in the United States, but that's not the case in the UK, or in Azure Data Studio!  You might have heard that we recently added a table designer and the ability to view query plans to Azure Data Studio.  And sure, you know all about Notebooks and the database DevOps capabilities in ADS.  But...did you also know that you can use ADS for simple schema comparison, tracking the history of your changes to a query, comparing changes to saved query files you've been writing, and more?

We'll explore what Azure Data Studio has to offer in a session bursting with demos.  Recent improvements, including connection options, will also be covered so you can be certain you're leveraging every bit of ADS that's relevant and available to you.