SQLBits 2019

Extending your use of Extended Events

If you've been using Extended Events the same way you used to use Trace, you might be wondering if there's more to it. There is! In this session we will explore what else you can do with XE besides capture long-running queries.

If you have made the leap to using Extended Events instead of Trace, chances are you’re using Extended Events to do the exact same thing you used to do in Trace. Maybe you use it to capture query performance over time, or find queries that exceed a specific duration, I/O, or CPU.  Maybe you want to find what login executed a query, or from what workstation or application the query originated.  But Extended Events is so much more than a replacement for trace; it is a whole new way to think about troubleshooting.

In this session we will discuss the targets, actions, and predicates available in Extended Events and see how you can leverage them to look at problems in SQL Server in ways that you never could before. We will step through as many demos as possible in the time available so you can see why joining Team XE was one of the best decisions you ever made.  You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of Extended Events along with a new methodology for approaching and solving issues in SQL Server.