SQLBits 2020

Why You Need Query Store

If you have heard about Query Store but don't know what it can offer, or why you really need it, this session will answer those questions and demonstrate the value of this feature that continues to evolve.

Whether you run SQL Server in house, in the cloud on a VM, or use Azure SQL Database, Query Store is a tool you can leverage for troubleshooting and monitoring, as well as stabilizing query performance.  This session will show you why Query Store is essential, whether you have prior experience with query tuning or not.  We'll use demos based on problems encountered in production environments over the last three years to provide an understanding of what this feature has to offer, and why you want to start using it.

3:19 Setting the stage for troubleshooting query performance in SQL Server
5:25 Demo of how to use Query Store to find problems
23:57 Fundamentals of Query Store
30:35 Traditional options for fixing bad queries
34:56 Demo of plan forcing (manual and automatic plan correction)
49:08 How to use Query Store for testing changes
50:34 Recommendations for using Query Store
52:05 Ad-hoc vs. parameterized workloads and Query Store
54:27 Summary and takeaways