SQLBits 2022

Data Governance with Azure Purview - Theory, Customer Insights and Demos

This data governance session guides you through the organization processes, policies and roles that are required for a successful data governance adoption. In addition to demos showing the possibilities of Azure Purview (the MS data governance service), we will share about experiences from our data governance workshops and adoption projects with our customers.
Many of us think that Data Governance is a technical problem to solve, but it takes more than just tools to make your Data Governance initiative effective. Only with well defined processes, a set of policies and people with defined roles the solving technology can lead to success.

Join this session to
* learn about the data governance definition, the processes involved, people and their roles as well as policies to define the interaction with your data.
* hear about the experiences from our customer data governance workshops and projects
* see one of the possible technologies - Azure Purview - in action: Data Catalog, classification, business glossary, central policy definition as well as data lineage browsing.

After this session, you should know more about the data governance theory, you've seen Azure Purview in action and heard about the steps we've already solved together with our customers.

feedback link: https://sqlb.it/?7031