SQLBits 2019

The Microsoft Power Platform-What is it?

Building solutions based on powerful platforms is a key requirement for success. Join this session to see the PowerPlatform and its members (PowerApps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow) in action and how they can improve your daily work.

May I introduce you to the Microsoft Power Platform!?

This new term was introduced by Satya Nadella and James Philips as the serving foundation for building powerful (cloud-baked) applications. PowerApps as the data manipulation part, Microsoft Flow as the connecting workflow engine and Power BI for analysis and reporting. In addition, the Common Data Service (CDS) and the Common Data Model (CDM) provide a solid framework for data storage and modelling.

Join me in this session if you want to get an overview about the involved technologies, how they work together, see them live & working together in many demos and how they will definitely change the way of building powerful solutions in the future!