SQLBits 2020

Rebooting your SME Data Analysis Strategy

A review of how the Power Platform can be adopted by an organization to successfully meet their data needs. Based on real-world implementations with customers.

For many businesses out there, adopting a progressive data analysis strategy is the domain of the big players. You need a budget, you need investment and with only a small number of users, the costs are off-putting. Hard to justify some costs when your user base may only be a few or a few dozen users. This is no longer the case with the Power Platform.

This session is based on real-life customer implementations where they were taken away from their Excel and Microsoft Access and LOB based reporting solutions towards the Power Platform. We show how we started with Power BI and evolved into a comprehensive solution that combines SharePoint Online with PowerBI to provide an end to end reporting solution. Further phases of these projects introduced Power Apps and Flow to further enhance the analytical capabilities of the company.