One of the most highly anticipated new features in the SQL Server 2016 release was Query Store. It's referred to as the "flight data recorder" for SQL Server because it tracks query information over time – including the text, the plan, and execution statistics - and it allows you to force a plan for a query. When you include the new Automatic Plan Correction feature in SQL Server 2017, suddenly it seems like you might spend less time fighting fires and more time enjoying a lunch break that’s not at your desk. In this session, we'll walk through how to stabilize query performance with a series of demos designed to help you understand how you can immediately start to use plan forcing once you’ve upgraded to SQL Server 2016 or higher. We'll review how to force a plan, discuss the pitfalls you need to be aware of, and then dive into how you can leverage Automatic Plan Correction and reduce the time you spend on Severity 1 calls fighting fires. It’s time to embrace the future and learn how to make troubleshooting easier using the plethora of intelligent data natively captured in SQL Server and SQL Azure Database.
Presented by Erin Stellato at SQLBits 2019
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