SQLBits 2023

Building trust in your data. Why data governance is the key to success.

Join us to learn why data governance is increasing in popularity and what you need to know about what data governance really is.
Data governance is seen as boring and something you don't really need. But it is in fact the key to success for your data platform. As the amount of data sources, as well as the size of the data from the various sources increases - how can your users know what data is available? Or where to find it and what state it is in? When your users trust the data you deliver, they will use what you develop.
Another aspect to that trust is personal identifiable information - can citizens trust that you keep their data safe and respect their privacy?
This session will show you how to establish both kinds of trust, using Azure native tooling as well as third-party tools. But most importantly - tips on methodology, routines and people!