SQLBits 2020

The art and skill of listening

We all want to be listened to. In our busy world sometimes we forget how to listen, often to other people. There are advantages to listening, and its a skill we can learn.

We all know when someone is really listening to what we are saying.  On the other hand we also know when someone is not paying attention to what we are saying.  Listening to people has many advantages, other people feel more valued.  People are often more willing to see your point of view when you listen to them for example.  By listening you often hear things that others miss, often giving you the advantage.  Some people are able to make people feel listened to effortlessly.  If you want to learn improve your ability to listen, or discover what being a better listener can do for.  This is the session for you.

Like many soft skills there some practical things you can do to help improve your listening skills.  During this session we will look what you can do to become a better listener.  From this session you have some practical, simple hints and tips that you can put into practice as soon leave this session.