SQLBits 2023

The accidental administrator's guide Power BI

If not properly planned and managed, your Power BI environment quickly becomes a mess., making it hard to use and improve. Join this session where we will look at 6 key areas that you as a Power BI administrator will need to look at.
More often than not, Power BI in the enterprise begins with users' creating reports in a self-service approach with little to no thought about the long-term management of the environment. Furthermore organisations often only think about the governance and administration of these environments when it becomes prohibitively difficult to modify reports or huge monthly costs due to over-provisioning of licences.

If that is you, then this is the session for you. During this talk, you will learn about the 6 key areas that you will need to focus on:

-The Power BI tenant
-User and security
-Power BI artefacts

During this talk, you will learn how to manage these elements, using the Power BI admin portal or how to automate these tasks using Power Shell and the Power BI APIs

Attendees will leave with an understanding of the most critical tasks that need to manage and the steps they can take to control them.