SQLBits 2022

Building a robust deployment pipeline in Power BI

Does your organisation need to manage the deployment of Power BI better? Join this session to learn how to shorten the time to deploy new features to your users while ensuring you maintain a standard for high quality using tools such as Azure DevOps and Power BI deployment Pipelines.
The ability to create and distribute content is undoubtedly one of Power BI's greatest strengths. However, this flexibility creates challenges for organisations that need added control, quality and reliability of the artefacts deployed to production.

In this session, attendees will learn how to manage Power BI in the same way, using the same tools as we manage our other business-critical systems. Using the key principles from DevOps, you will see how we add Power BI to source control, where controlled commits execute a series of tests and manual validations before new features get promoted to the next stage in our deployment pipeline.
Attendees will also see how to use some of many of the tools available in the Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure DevOps, Powershell and Power BI Deployment pipelines, to build robust, managed pipelines for high-quality deployments.

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