SQLBits 2023

Lift and Shift with dbatools - Azure SQL Managed Instance edition

Migrating from On-Prem SQL Server to Azure SQL Managed Instance requires a set of pre-requirements that can become much easier if we can validate and repeat the steps needed. No matter if it's an Offline or Online migration, dbatools can make your life easier.
dbatools is always evolving and trying to empower us to embrace new products/features. Azure SQL Managed Instances is the newest kid on the block and claims near 100% compatibility with on-premises SQL Server (Enterprise).
However, it has its particularities. This is where automation is key and can help make your actions repeatable and reduce errors.

Do you know how dbatools can help you to migrate your on-premises SQL Server database to an Azure Managed Instance?
What else can we automate?
Join me in this demo-based session where we will go from pre-requirements validation through the set-up and testing.

Come explore the features, and get ideas, and suggestions to make your life easier!