SQLBits 2023

Govern your self-service integration processes

Gain insight into how data can be loaded, processed, and uploaded to other environments in a self-service process from a wide variety of environments in a fully controlled and audited manner. Whether SQL Server, Data Lake, Delta Lake, SAP HANA or many other data sources and targets, WOODY.IO helps you implement clear governance processes into your self-service integration processes.
In many business analytics projects, users need to be empowered to load data into their environment on their own. This is often master data, market research data or self-curated mappings. We refer to this process as self-service data integration. But even or especially when users manually load this data into systems, special processes are needed to control this loading. Special business rules must take effect, 4 eyes principles must apply and loading processes must be auditable.

In this session we will show how WOODY.IO can be used to load, process and upload data from systems such as Data Lake, Delta Lake, SQL Server, SAP HANA. And all this in self-service and in a fully controlled and auditable environment.