SQLBits 2022

Power BI Governance: 6 steps to success

Learn how to deploy Power BI at scale within a large Enterprise. The mantra behind this is “discipline at the core, flexibility at the edge” - we will cover deploying appropriate guardrails/controls whilst still retaining the notion of “self-service” within the organization.
So you’ve had Power BI in your organisation for a few years now, and it’s grown rapidly at a grassroots level, but you have little or no central oversight of what’s been developed, what content is being consumed and who its been shared with. How do you get a handle of your Power BI environment so that you can drive adoption in the right way, provide appropriate training/support and manage licensing? In this session, Rishi will outline a 6 step approach for putting your arms around your Power BI estate and bringing it under control whilst retaining the power of self-service and allowing people to get on with their jobs!

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