SQLBits 2022

How to avoid the most common junior mistakes

Junior makes mistakes. That's part of being junior. But we don't have to make the SAME mistakes over and over again - let's talk about how to make starting life in the tech lane a bit easier.
Everyone will start their career as a junior - that is the very definition of someone new in the field. As juniors, we have a clear tendency to make the same mistakes as other juniors all around the world.

Imposter syndrome - check.

Working too much - yep.

No clear skill development plan - that too.

The list could go on. I sure have made my share of "junior mistakes" and would like to spare others from at least some of the agony.

Let's try to steer clear of unnecessary agony and learn from those who came before us. Let's try to make the world of data a healthier place to work in.

It's hard enough to keep up with fast-changing technology as it is - we really don't need to make things even more difficult for ourselves by making the same mistakes over and over again.

This session will discuss some (way too) common mistakes, and share some possible solutions to make starting life in the tech lane a bit easier.

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