SQLBits 2020

Using Azure DevOps for Azure Data Factory

DevOps as a concept does not always translate to the technology when implemented. In this session we'll explore that problem when working with Azure Data Factory and what the different cloud only CI/CD options are.

DevOps as a process is here to stay and is typically a must have requirement for any data platform solution. But how does the concept translate to the technology when implemented? Sadly, the answer isn’t always straight forward. In this short session I’ll introduce how we can continuously integrate and deliver our cloud orchestration resource Azure Data Factory (ADF). We’ll discuss three options for getting our service JSON deployed to production using the popular Azure DevOps environment, previously known as VSTS, and think about the suitability of the Microsoft provided ARM templates for our highly dynamic orchestrator. Does the ADF portal UI really support the DevOps methodology? Can we confidently publish our pipelines? How should we handle the branching of our source code for ADF developers? The answers to all these questions and more in this lightning session. All based on real world experience with the products.