SQLBits 2020

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Join John as he introduces Terraform as a cloud agnostic management interface for taking a code first approach to cloud infrastrucutre deployments.

Building reliable and repeatable infrastructure deployments thatcan be transitioned through Development, Test, and into production is becoming increasingly essential. There are many options including PowerShell, ARM, Cloud Formation and many more that you can use depending on your cloud of choice. But what if you want vendor lock in? Enter Terraform. An open source Infrastructure as code platform that works with Azure, AWS, and others as well as on-premises environments.

Together we will work through the what, why, and how of infrastructure automation with Terraform for building solutions. We will build a data platform solution and look at how we can transition through environments with VSTS and integrate this into development and operations processes that will let you concentrate on delivering more value to your users.