SQLBits 2017

SQL Server Internals and Configuration for R

Learn how to configure SQL Server 2016 for running R. The individual components and executables installed with R on SQL Server will be explored to understand the internal interactions and processes involved.
When R is installed on SQL Server 2016 there are new settings and configurations the DBA needs to know to ensure that SQL Server is not adversely impacted when R is run on the server.  This session will show what settings need to be changed to monitor R and provide tools to assist in the process.  The components installed and their interaction with SQL Server will be explored to provide a better understanding of what processes are running when and what their impact is on performance. Attendees will learn what R code needs to include to run not only in memory but also to use the ScaleR processes of R Server to swap to disk when all memory is in use.  The maintenance requirements for implementing R code are reviewed so that DBAs will know what steps are involved to support R running on SQL Server.  By default SQL Server allows R users to utilize server resources at will without having any R code installed on the server.  Learn about this process and how to restrict it. If  you are planning on running R on your SQL Server 2016 instance you need this session to configure the server to ensure optimal performance for SQL Server and R.