Ask the Experts at the Experts Lounge

Got a problem? Don’t know who to call? Bring it to SQLBits and get it solved by our panel of experts!

New for SQLBits 2024 will be the opportunity to sit down with a variety of expert speakers and discuss the real life work challenges you are facing, along with some recommended solutions.

There will be 4 sessions taking place across the day each day from Wednesday to Saturday with an everchanging panel of some of the best minds in the business.

The way it works:

  • Held in an informal roundtable format in the Experts Lounge, in the SQLBits main exhibition hall.
  • We’ll be splitting the categories, with those under A taking place in one time slot and B in the next time slot. Take a look and note which category your question falls into.
  • Check the Experts Lounge in the agenda for the times we’re holding sessions for your category; there’ll be a morning and an afternoon option every day, and we’ll share details of the experts joining that session in the agenda too wherever possible.
  • No need to pre book, just rock up and we’ll guide you to the relevant expert’s table where you’ll join other delegates and get the chance to discuss.
  • Repeat as often as you like!
01. SQL and Databases:A
02. Microsoft Fabric and Related Technologies:A
03. Power BI and Data Visualization:A
04. Azure and Cloud Technologies:A
05. Data Science and Analytics:B
06. Microsoft Tools and Technologies:B
07. Programming and Development:B
08. Data Management and Governance:B
09. User Experience and Design:B
10. Community and Events: **

This is a safe space to share your challenges and hear those of your fellow data professionals.

We’d love you to share what you’d like to ask in advance for two reasons; firstly so we can ensure we have the right people on the job, and secondly, so you can see what else is being asked. We’ll always anonymise all questions before sharing. Here’s a few questions we’ve received so far!

  • What are the best deployment options for Microsoft Fabric?
  • How do you manage security on ADLS, DataBricks and Power BI?
  • We’re a Power BI premium customer. Does the whole Fabric rebranding affect us?
  • Can you advise on encryption, auditing and distribution of Power BI Reports?

Please let us have your questions HERE !