The Agenda

What should you expect to learn at SQLBits?

SQLBits encompasses everything from in-depth technical immersions to the enhancement of valuable soft skills. The full SQLBits agenda will be announced in the late autumn.

Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th March

Full day training sessions, encompassing a deep dive with your chosen trainer into a specific subject.

Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd March

General sessions varying in length from 20 minutes to 50 on Thursday through Saturday.

We’ll be bringing you details of the key 2024 themes soon, as well as details of our exciting new Learning Journeys, a curated set of sessions targeted specifically at enhancing a particular range of skills, or to help you deal with a particular challenge you might be facing in your role.

In the meantime, why not check out our most recent event’s agenda of training days and general sessions, many of which are now on our VOD Watch page.