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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

The SQL Server 2019 Workshop


You may have heard or seen something about SQL Server 2019, but the best way to learn is to try it yourself.  Members of the Microsoft SQL Server engineering team, will lead you through a day long workshop on how to maximize the new capabilities of SQL Server 2019. You will walk away from this workshop knowing “what Microsoft knows” so that you can modernize your skills with SQL Server and teach others in your community or company why SQL Server 2019 is truly a modern data platform.

In this workshop, the engineering team will teach and lead you through SQL Server 2019 scenarios including but not limited to:

How to reduce the time required for complex query performance tuning and maximize database performance

  • How to make your SQL Server is online and highly available
  • How to modernize your skills by extending T-SQL and deploying SQL Server on Linux, Containers, and Kubernetes
  • How to reduce the need for costly ETL programs with data virtualization
  • Understand how to use and manage SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters

This day will be extremely interactive and the engineering team always provide details on “how it works”. All attendees are required to bring their own laptop which at minimum can connect to a Virtual Machine with a Remote Desktop application. At the end of the day you will walk away with all the materials, code, slides, and demos for future use.

Note: This session will run from 1pm to 7:30pm BST (12:00 to 18:30 UTC) to accomodate the Pacific time zone of the Microsoft speakers

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Deploying, Securing, On-prem, Cloud, SQL 2019, Azure SQL Database, Query Store, SQL Linux, sql server 2019, Database engine, Big data analytics, AI and data science, Managing, Optimising